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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anti-Hindu Congress and ATS Bogus Journey - Part १

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Very nice articles by Swapan Dasgupta and Chandan Mitra unmasking the collusion between the Anti-Hindu Congress led Utterly Pathetic Alliance (UPA) government, its stooges in ATS, and Pseudo-Secular media to defame Hindus.

Who’s the new Mogambo? by Swapan Dasgupta, Daily Pioneer

There are seasons when the media’s perception of national priorities bear little relation to the average middle-class (I cannot presume to speak for the much-invoked aam aadmi) concerns. The media perception is markedly different. Its main focus is on the Mumbai ATS’ sensational unearthing of a “Hindu terror” conspiracy. The Delhi edition of The Times of India on Saturday, for example, had 10 reports on the subject and another three on the miscarriage of justice in cases involving alleged jihadi terrorists. If all goes according to plan, this is a story that will run till the last round of voting for the Lok Sabha election.

Equally enthralling is the plot that the ATS has supposedly unearthed through extensive drugging and narco-analysis.

It would seem that a group of extreme Hindu nationalists, exasperated by the Government’s failure to control jihadi terror decided that the Muslims must get a taste of their own medicine. The inspirational shankaracharya supposedly requisitioned the services of the like-minded Purohit who he had got to know during his own missions in J&K. Using the Military Intelligence network and, may be, funds, he contacted jihadi groups to persuade them to engage in friendly fire, i.e. bomb their own community. This filmi plot did not succeed and Purohit had to settle for buying RDX from the “enemy”. With the assistance of a retired Territorial Army officer, a collector of antique arms and, of course, Pragya’s bike, the group killed six innocent Muslims in Malegaon.

The ATS now believes the group could have also triggered earlier blasts in Nanded, Kanpur, the first Malegaon blasts in 2006 and even the Samjhauta Express bombing. The net is being cast far and wide. The official spokesman of the Congress has even gone to the extent of suggesting that even the other bombings were outsourced by the RSS to the SIMI and Indian Mujahideen! It would also not be surprising if in the coming weeks some bright secular spark or ridiculous tabloid comes to the startling conclusion that the D-company is actually a covert RSS cell.

Before there is a formal request to the Obama Administration to reopen the 9/11 inquiries in the light of the Mumbai ATS unofficial disclosures to the media, it is pertinent to note a few features of the Hindu terrorist case. First, in its submission to the courts, the Mumbai ATS has pointed to 18 traces of RDX in Malegaon. Yet, it is curious that the Central forensic teams that were despatched to the spot immediately found no RDX. Obviously, both can’t be right.

Second, is it the normal custom of authorities to arrest anyone who has been remotely associated or had telephone links with the accused, subject them to narco-tests casually and then rush to the media? When nothing incriminating is unearthed, it is attributed to yogic skills. In most countries narco-tests are sparingly used to fill in missing links (usually the search for the murder weapon) after the bulk of the investigations are complete. In this investigation, it has become the first act of an otherwise clueless ATS.

Second, in its internal inquiry submitted to the Defence Ministry submitted some 10 days ago, the Army ruled out the involvement of any other officers. It has also refrained from dismissing Purohit from service — a revealing piece of non-action.

Does the ATS and its political mentors in the UPA have any idea of what they are casually implying? Are the media stenographers who are faithfully reproducing every unattributable briefing aware of the long-term costs of trying to establish a moral equivalence between jihadi terror and Hindu terror?

Beleaguered Governments have made a habit of trying to bolster their electoral prospects through dirty tricks. In 1989, there was the elaborate attempt to discredit V P Singh through the discovery of fictitious accounts in St Kitts. Both the agencies and senior journalists were part of the plot. In 1996, there was the Jain hawala case which neither secured convictions nor won the Congress the election. Let us see how far the invocation of Hindu terror takes those who can’t bear the idea of being out of power. Meanwhile, the jihadis are sitting pretty, plotting their next move.

Politics of 'Hindu terror': The cutting Ed by Chandan Mitra, Daily Pioneer

Ab Tak Chhappan! The title of this Ram Gopal Varma film easily comes to mind observing the manner in which the Maharashtra ATS is going about picking up people all over India and slapping them into the cooler on a daily basis, ostensibly in a bid to unearth dimensions of "Hindu terror".

We have lost count of the number of persons interrogated, sent on police or judicial remand, their brains penetrated with narcotic substances to induce confession to their "crimes". But not a day has passed, since Sadhvi Pragya was nabbed some 25 days ago, without somebody or the other being arrested, allegedly in connection with a fantastic plot conjured up by the Maharashtra Police.

Those arrested included serving and retired Army officers, school and college teachers, political activists and now even a resourceful sadhu. Every evening at the news meeting in our office, the first question asked is, "What's the score today? Ab tak ...?"

Buoyed by enthusiastic endorsement from the "secular" media, which is gleefully eating out of the ATS' hands, the so-called Hindu terror plot keeps assuming an ever-growing magnitude. Not content with pinning the blame for the minor bomb blasts in Malegaon and Modasa, then Nanded and later Kanpur, the ATS' ambitions have increased manifold. Currently, it is busy trying to implicate....
....With investigating agencies dragging their feet (could it be under orders from above?), failing to convict any terror accused so far, this is a clever ploy to divert attention from the real danger jihadi terror poses to India. Determined to thwart efforts by BJP-ruled States to introduce tough anti-terror laws, the Government has directed the President to return Narendra Modi's proposed GUJCOC, drafted on the lines of MCOCA, which is operational in UPA-ruled Maharashtra. And the Centre is equally determined not to execute Afzal Guru despite the Supreme Court sentencing him to death several years back. Incidentally, Muslim-majority Indonesia has fewer qualms: It executed three Islamic radicals last week, soon after they were convicted for the Bali bombings.

I wonder if the Maharashtra ATS will soon "unearth" global linkages of Hindu terror and accuse some sadhvi, swami or an Army officer of having plotted 9/11 too!

What the Congress-led Government is failing to recognise is that public anger against a regime increasingly seen as decidedly anti-Hindu, is rising. In the process, the Congress may actually be helping to create a Hindu vote for the first time in India's history. Pyromaniacs often end up being consumed by the very fire they light.

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