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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Political will required to fight terror: Modi writes to PM

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Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi wrote his mind out to the spineless puppet Prime Minister who came on national television and incuriously read out, as usual, the parroted statements:
  1. Oh they can't suppress us.
  2. This is attack on our nation.
  3. This is attack on our Secularism.
  4. This is attack on our freedom.
  5. They are trying to harass the minorities.
  6. It is the Intelligence failure.
  7. It is the State police failure.
  8. It is people's fault that they don't pay attention.
BU*L SH*T! People, people, people, if this despot monarch controlled Government didn't change after 37 major terrorist attacks in past 4 years, do you really believe they will change now. Even if they do, what the *#&$ were they waiting for up till now. Oh, this time round they have the Assembly and General elections hanging on their head. Hmm... they don't want to loose their extra-constitutional power in this Demonarchy. Selfish apathetic pricks!

Anyways, Mr. Modi wrote to the PM,
“There is a need to exhibit political will and national resolve to fight against terrorists who have put the internal security of the country in jeopardy,” he said in the letter.
“The time is ripe to chalk out a coordinated strategy to maintain internal security by cooperation between all Central and state agencies,” he said.

“I request the Prime Minister to call a meeting of all the Chief Ministers to firm up a coordinated strategy to root out terrorism from the country,” he further said. Referring to the Mumbai strikes, Modi said this is for the first time that sea route has been used by terrorists.

“The terrorists are targeting our economic establishments which is a proxy war unleashed by our enemies.” Modi requested the Prime Minister to also call a separate meeting of western coastal states, especially those near Pakistan, with Indian Navy and Coast Guard to devise a strategy to counter terror coming from the sea.

The Gujarat CM, in the letter, has described the Mumbai strikes as “an attack on the faith of people of India”.

Political will required to fight terror: Modi writes to PM

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