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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Terror Email: Possible 5 blasts during elections

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'Terror email' warns of 5 blasts during elections
A Mumbai-based private news channel has received an email threat warning of at least five bomb blasts across the country during the Lok Sabha elections. The email, which was sent on Friday afternoon, has been traced to Lahore, police said.

"The email has been traced to the same person who had earlier threatened to blow up a five-star hotel in south Mumbai and one of its properties in Chennai,'' said an investigator.

The email was sent from indian.agentshubham@yahoo.com.

The sender had earlier sent two emails, one on March 30 and other on March 31, to the south Mumbai hotel. Following the email, security was beefed up at all hotels in the city.

While investigating the email received by the hotel, the officials discovered that the sender had, on March 31, also sent an email to the Islamabad International Airport on its official address, infoiiap@caapakistan.com.pk. The sender claimed to be an "officer'' of the terrorist group that had attacked the Lahore Police Academy on March 30. At least 20 policemen were killed in the attack.

The Internet Service Provider of the ID is Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. The sender, through another ID, indian.agentshubham@rocketmail.com, had sent an email on April 5, threatening to blow up the Mumbai airport, police said.
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