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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Manmohan Singh chooses Nuclear Deal over Terror Victims

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BHAY HO! भय हो! Phir bhi Congress ki Jai Ho! फिर भी कांग्रेस की जय हो!
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Gujarat and Bharat's best Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi after exposing the Anti-Hindu jaundiced opinion of media about Hindutva, questions the immorality of Dhimmi Sardar who thinks his farcical Nuclear Deal is far bigger than unprecedented Islamic Terrorist attack in Mumbai on 11/26/2009 about which he was given precise information one year before the attack by Mr. Modi himself. May be that's why Antonia Maino's Government is forcing Indians to pay pension to the terrorists but they have no money for the Armed Forces and Veterans.

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Modi flays PM for his statement on N-deal by Daily Pioneer
Criticising Manmohan Singh for saying that the "toughest" moment as Prime Minister was when he was attempting to push through the India-US nuclear deal, BJP firebrand leader Narendra Modi on Saturday asked him whether he was not worried during the Mumbai terror attack.

"I want to ask him that when hundreds were killed in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack for seven days was he not worried?" asked Modi, addressing an election rally here.

He also said the Prime Minister's reported statement that Muslims have the first right to India's resources was a case of vote bank politics.

"The Prime Minister in a written statement has said that Muslims have the first right to India's resources. Is this not vote bank politics? Is it not an insult to the Constitution?"

"This is a most despicable statement of vote bank politics. Do you feel the Prime Minister is your representative? He has failed to provide security and basic amenities to the people of Assam that he represents in Parliament," the Gujarat Chief Minister said.

"Our prime ministerial candidate LK Advani says it's the poor of the country irrespective of religion, caste, language or region have the first right to the nation's wealth. This is the language of development," Modi said, adding,"Our leader clubs all Indians together, but Congress sees them as groups."
BJP for Article 370 abrogation by Daily Pioneer
"Though some of our partners in NDA are not in favour of its removal, we stick to our stand. It can be scrapped only with two-thirds majority in Parliament."

To those opposing the Article's abrogation, he said, "they should go for an introspection whether this article has helped in integration of the State or improved situation in Kashmir."

"I feel, it has not. But (it has) only done damage,"

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