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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Narendra Modi on Inconsiderate Manmohan Singh

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Please also read, "Manmohan Singh agrees with Indian Mujahideen terrorists?".

BHAY HO! भय हो! Phir bhi Congress bole uski ki Jai Ho! फिर भी कांग्रेस बोले उसकी जय हो!
In the following video, Gujarat and Bharat's best Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi gives various reasons on why he thinks Regent Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh is a weak Prime Minister.

Soon after his hectic nation wide campaign for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections, 2009, Mr. Narendra Modi started Gujarat campaign from Balasinor and then addressed a rally in Dehgam near Karnavati (misnomer: Ahmedabad).

He questions the immorality of Dhimmi Sardar who thinks his farcical Nuclear Deal is far bigger than unprecedented Islamic Terrorist attack in Mumbai on 11/26/2009 about which he was given precise information one year before the attack by Mr. Modi himself. May be that's why Antonia Maino's Government is forcing Indians to pay pension to the terrorists but they have no money for the Armed Forces and Veterans.

Please also read, "Manmohan Singh chooses Nuclear Deal over Terrorist Attack".

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