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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Video: Varun Gandhi's aggressive speech in Pilibhit

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A Question for Barkha Dutt of NDTV & Indian Media from worried Citizen of India. Dare to Answer:

Is Varun Hardy or a Demagogue? You decide!
Watch video and Read speech transcript below then decide yourself.

All those BJP supporters out there who are flabbergasted by this incident, please read allegedly three times college dropout Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi parties while the nation mourns Mumbai Terrorist Attack and Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi's party pictures after Mumbai Terrorist attacks.

Please also read, "A Letter to Varun Gandhi", "Congress's Fatwa against Muslims joining BJP", "Proofs of Congress's Anti-Hindu Pro-Christian Pro-Muslim biased communal politics" and watch Varun Gandhi's rebuttal.

Personally, I dislike those who come into politics with unethical dynastic or nepotistic advantage because of which they have an unfair head start over others who work ground up, but after watching his speech it just spontaneously comes to mind that at least there is some Nehru-Gandhi-Feroz scion who has balls to say what is on his mind. And he has no qualms in proudly saying that he is an Indian Hindu unlike his Italian Christian cousin Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi who is allegedly a 3 times college dropout and failed in his Hindi exam.

We may not agree with his aggressive and violent overtones but certainly agree with his Unapologetically Proud to be Hindu attitude and standing up for Hindu Rights & Security. How can that be being Anti-Muslim? Bharat is not an Islamic state ruled under Sharia (Thank God for that!) that you are either Muslim or Kafir as suggested by Imran Kidwai, Chairman of the All India Congress Minority Cell during his divisive inflamatory religious statements while seeking votes for Congress Party in Chandigarh? (Source: Congress Imran Kidwai's hate speech) Pseudo-Secular extremists can't deny Hindu's their Democratic Right to stand up for other Hindu's Rights and Civil Liberties. If there can be a Minority Commission then why not a Majority Commission also? Just because Hindus are the so-called Majority in Bharat then as per these Pseudo-Secular extremists they forfeit the right to have any representation and can't have anyone talk about their Rights, Liberties and Security. If some Varun's concern and talk about Hindu's Rights and Security is not considered being Secular then these Pseudo-Secular fundamentalists should also get this British Muslim MP arrested for talking about only Muslim rights and plan to take over British Parliament.

Since no channel is showing the complete speech uncensored and without their usual Anti-Hindu hate mongering commentary in the background/foreground, below are some of the video clips with Great-Grandson of Jawahar Lal Nehru, Grandson of Indira Nehru (who declared emergency, THE black day of contemporary Indian politics) & Feroz Parsi Khan (do you really think his last name just happened to be Gandhi, coincidentally... really?), Son of Sanjay & Meneka, Mr. Varun Gandhi speaking on the plight of Hindus. Please ignore the usual biased commentary by reporters and make your own judgments. Before that, let me clear the air that I don't endorse any violence or hate speech to target any community of any sort. I think it is downright pathetic and decay of Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) society's Dharmic (ethical/moral) values. I detest such people who divide a nation and cause such communal violence. Such people are Anti-Hindu, hence, Anti-Humanity. However, other than the supposed remark that he makes against Muslims, frankly speaking there doesn't seem to be anything wrong in what he said about protecting the rights and civil liberties of Hindus. He sounds too violent and aggressive which I don't agree with but I think Indian politicians tend to get carried away and do that in their speeches to attract voters.

As far as his statement to supposedly cut the throats of Muslims is concerned, I think it is unquestionably unacceptable and condemnable but another question which arises is that why is Media not discussing what was the topic of that whole public meeting?, what was his whole speech about?, why was he talking about democratic constitutional rights of Hindus being under attack?, what compelled him to talk about persecution of Hindus?, what is media's problem if he was talking about democratic constitutional rights of Hindus being under attack?, why isn't the whole speech aired?, etc. I read on some newspaper that at least 4 Hindu girls have been raped in that area and that's what he says is the reason why he was talking about Hindu's rights and what he will do to protect Hindus.

So what exactly did he say? He are a few excerpts of the speech allegedly to be said by him as seen in the videos posted below in this post:
As a prelude to his election campaign — he is yet to file his nomination papers — he visited the constituency, till now represented by Ms Maneka Gandhi, for what is known as ‘jan sampark’, or mass contact, meetings to familiarise himself with the voters and vice-versa. This is a legitimate exercise. Over March 6 and 8, he addressed a series of meetings.

On March 16th, a CD mysteriously surfaced in the offices of news channels, which was promptly aired without any effort being made to verify the authenticity of its contents. The CD contained audio-visual snippets of what Mr Gandhi is alleged to have said during a community meeting (as opposed to an ‘election rally’) at Barkheda on March 7. The aired version of the recording showed Mr Gandhi as saying:

“This is not the (Congress’s election symbol) ‘hand’, this is the hand of the ‘lotus’ (the BJP’s symbol). It will cut the throat of (derogatory reference to Muslims) after the elections… Varun Gandhi will cut… Cut that hand, cut it… cut it… Go to your villages and give the call that all Hindus must unite to save this area from becoming Pakistan… Is it not true… that if (a woman) is asked her name and she says Bimla Devi, she is told we’ll see, we’ll think (about giving Government aid), give us Rs 5,000 first… But if her name is Saira Bano or whatever begum Hukum Begum… I don't even know… These people have such scary-sounding names… Karimullah, Mazharullah… If you ever encountered them at night, you’d be scared… I have a sister… there was a pamphlet with pictures of all the candidates… so this child told me, ‘I didn't know that Osama bin Laden is contesting from your area’. I told her, ‘America couldn’t get Osama, but Varun Gandhi is going to get a lot of people after the elections’.”

There were subsequent reports in media that at an earlier public meeting, on March 6 at Dalchand, Mr Gandhi was equally ‘communal’. He was accused of telling his audience, “Agar kisi galat tatv ke aadmi ne kisi Hindu pe haath uthaaya ya Hindu’on ke upar yeh samajh key ki yeh kamzor hain, unke peechey koi nahi hai... Hindu’on ke upar haath uthaaya, main Gita ki kasam khaake kehta hoon ki main us haath ko kaat daaloong (If some wrong elements lift a hand against Hindus, or think Hindus are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the Bhagavad Gita that I will cut off that hand).” He ended his speeches with “Jai Sri Ram” and to thunderous applause.

But did Mr Gandhi really say all this? Yes, by his own admission, he did say most of it. But not quite the way it has been presented by the media, and definitely not the way the alleged recording purports it to be. A simple analysis of the recording contained in the CD, which was strangely circulated after more than a week, shows that it has 17 ‘cuts’; that the sound level dips to low resolution, and there is heavy echo at the crucial point where he allegedly makes a derogatory reference to Muslims. Each of the quotes have been clearly taken out of context.

As for his call that “all Hindus must unite to save this area from becoming Pakistan”, that a Hindu woman would find it difficult to get Government aid, his reference to Osama bin Laden look-alikes, his pledge to stand by Hindus against ‘galat tatv ke aadmi’, and his swearing by the Bhagavad Gita, there is really little to cavil against. ‘Secular’ State Governments have been prompt in taking their cue from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s ‘Muslims first’ policy. Newspapers in the forefront of the bash Varun campaign have reported how Muslim victims of last year’s flood were lavished with aid while others were left to fend for themselves. Mr Ram Vilas Paswan would address election meetings accompanied by an Osama bin Laden look-alike till the man, Maulana Meraj Khalid Noor, dumped him for Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav for reasons that do not merit elaboration. Mr Gandhi was addressing a community gathering, not an election rally; he felt the people of Barkheda and Dalchand needed to be reassured that he would protect their interests; and, he spoke the truth rather bluntly, perhaps too harshly.

Before we go into the reason why he said what he is now being pilloried for, here are two questions for you to ponder over: Are we now living in such dreadful times that we cannot mention the Bhagavad Gita in public discourse lest we be condemned as ‘communal’ by newspapers and news channels which couldn’t stop pointing out, ever so admiringly and approvingly — some would say ecstatically — that Mr Barack Hussein Obama took his oath of office by placing his left hand on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible? And, is it now an unpardonable offence to say ‘Jai Sri Ram’?
Source: Varun was harsh, but so is truth by Kanchan Gupta

Now how come talking about retaliation to attack on Hindus is considered 'communal' is beyond me.

CD tampered, claims Varun, but admits: ‘rousing speech’
Varun said: “If you ask me, I would say yes, it was a rousing speech, a strong speech. May be I should not have been so aggressive; may be, I should not have used the words which I did. However, certain expressions attributed to me have been distorted from what I spoke and one of the two CDs containing my speech has been doctored.”

“What people should realize is that I was speaking at a village where four girls had been raped. When I spoke, I wanted to instil confidence among victims, I wanted to offer hope to the hopeless. I don’t care about a warrant (for arrest) but what bothers me is that I should not be hurting anyone and, believe me, my intent was not to hurt anybody,” Varun said.

“You must appreciate the fact that in my area, there has been persecution of Hindus in a particular belt. There have been 11 cases of rape in the last one year. People have been thrashed and threatened. There has been communal tension in this belt for one year. While I don’t want to cement it (tension), I cannot wish it away either.”

“What I referred to was ‘galat tatva’ (wrong elements) and not any community in one of the lines that has been described as inflammatory. How does it have any communal overtone? The second CD in circulation is doctored,”

In a press release issued later, he said: “In the instance, where I have taken oath in the name of the Gita (which is standard court procedure), I have sworn to protect Hindus against any ‘galat tatva’ or bad elements. This was said in the context of two young Hindu girls having been recently raped in a village. The object of the speech was to instil confidence in a badly-scarred and shaken community. I never mentioned a word against or said anything derogatory against any community.”
Even he himself thinks that he was too aggressive, so unless we see the whole speech instead of few parts joined here and there, how will we be able to make an educated judgment as to why he made that supposed inflammatory statement?

Unsurprisingly, so overtly sensitive and apologist, as usual, is the biased section of media towards one particular community, comparatively not so much to the sentiments of Hindus, that they diligently beep when Varun Gandhi supposedly uses the word "Muslim" (once) but no such self-censor is applied in the very same video when he says Hindu (many times) or especially when he refers to holy Hindu scripture (Shrimad Bhagwad) Gita (once), keeping in mind the assumed & alleged communal overtone during which he may have (mis)used the name of holy scripture.

If media has so much problem with Varun Gandhi's speech then why were they quiet and did nothing to protect the rights and civil liberties of Indian citizens from Northern states when they were racially discriminated, literally physically attacked, mentally tortured and hounded out of Mumbai, Maharashtr in supposedly Independent and Democratic India by divisive Raj Thackery and his MNS goons? Or when celebrated woman Author Tasleema Nasreen was physically attacked by sitting muslim MP Owasi and goons of religion based political party MIM? Ain't all that Talibanization? Varun Gandhi has merely threatened to respond in retaliation to those who attack sovereignty of Bharat and freedom of Hindus while Thackery actually resorted to violence and his party workers committed hate crimes against other Indians whom they derogatorily call "Bhaiya". Standing up for Marathi Manoos (Indian citizens of Marathi origin) is one thing but hate crimes against other Indian citizens of different origin is another. Such crimes are a disgrace and it's unbecoming of any leader to do that.

As far as Congress and it's stooges in media demanding arrest and ban of Varun Gandhi are concerned, they should first look in their own closet for skeletons and wash their own dirty linen first because they haven't taken any action against Congress's sitting MP Rajesh Mishra from Varanasi who was caught on tape distributing money to radical Muslim extremists who viciously attacked Hindus for celebrating Holi. See how quick the media was to get the opinion and quotes of their "experts panel" like Javed Akhter in Varun Gandhi's case but these experts or media persons were no where to be found to comment on violation of election model and moral code of conduct by their act of communal bribing to the Muslim rioters in Varanasi. Just like their new law to force Indians to pay pension to terrorists. Ask them why was Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi partying while the nation was mourning 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack by Islamic fundamentalists? What about Anti-Hindu AR Antulay? Where was the tag of hate speech when Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh made a communal speech that Muslims have first right on national resources? This is secularism of India!

If Varun Gandhi has made offensive speech with an intention to cause communal disharmony, violence and hurt any Indian, he should be arrested and law of the land should take it's course. Until then media should stop it's opinionated commentary and show the news unfiltered and unbiased.
In recent months, there have been instances of Hindu women being molested and raped. This point has been disputed by the Indian Express which says there are no police records to prove it. Yet, on umpteen occasions the newspaper has, as have others, pointed out how the police in rural India refuse to register cases of rape, how families are terrorised into not pressing charges, and how the fear of social stigma forces victims of rape and their families to keep silent.

The ‘secular’ media hasn’t heard of Sonu Kashyap who was murdered on October 21 last year. “Five unidentified Muslims” were accused of murdering him. The administration did nothing. On October 23, anger turned into street protests, led by a former BJP legislator and Minister, Mr Ram Saran Verma. He was promptly arrested and since then has been detained under the National Security Act. Beesalpur police station in-charge Pervez Miyan brazenly defends the continued detention of Mr Verma.

The Indian Express, however, is not alone. The Times of India’s online edition had two ads promoting itimes, its social networking group: ‘Snub Varun Gandhi’ and ‘Join Sanjay Dutt fan club’. It would appear that in this wondrous land of ours, where rules are being increasingly set by a dissolute media, it is now politically correct to be a fan of a man who has been held guilty of aiding the terrorists who bombed Mumbai in 1993. NDTV began by referring to Mr Gandhi’s “speech”, and then switched over to “hate speech”. Who’s to tell our ‘secular’ media it is horribly wrong? Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Source: Varun was harsh, but so is truth by Kanchan Gupta

Also, instead of getting carried away with the fact that Mr. Varun Gandhi seems to be talking about what he will do about Hindu's rights if elected, which we all appreciate as at least someone has unapologetic guts to say so, but we should not forget that he is a descendant of the same overrated Nehru-Gandhi-Feroz family which has dominated and (mis)ruled at least 47 out of 60 years after 1947. So there is a sense of mistrust and skepticism plus Varun has come to politics & shot to heights because of he was born with proverbial silver spoon just like his inexperienced cousin Raul Vinci. May be not so much in case of Varun Gandhi since BJP is a democratic structured party as compared to the dynastic monarchic nepotist Congress where only a so-called Gandhi can be King. Dynastic politics is a threat to India's democratic freedom and should be discouraged. He should take some lesson's in controlling his emotions, work his way up through the party proving his mettle, may be join nationalist organizations like be RSS's pracharak for at least two-three years to work among the people and taste the real dirt of India. He should learn from Mr. Narendra Modi who was RSS pracharak for 10 years and is the best Chief Minister of India today. Mr. Modi's voice and claims carry weight because he comes from the lowest strata of society and he worked his way up without any nepotistic favors or corruption. Varun sounds like he has guts to do something but no vision as to how? Unless he works his way up in his party without misusing his last name like his aunt & cousins, he is just another demagogue like them.

Following are the clips and parts of Varun Gandhi's so-called hate speech (as per the pseudo-secular media and Anti-Hindu biased politicians) with usual biased commentary by some news channels, so please watch them without any preconceived notions, take them with a grain of salt and viewers discretion is advised. Please make your own judgments about this whole Varun Gandhi episode or God forbid any such incident in future. Peace!

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

‘Badey daraawne naam hotey hain inke... Karimullah, Mazharullah... Varun Gandhi kaat daalega...’. This is the supposed transcript of the alleged speech of Varun Gandhi published in pro-Congress Indian Express newspaper. It's from a newspaper which seems to think that saving national honor is terrorism.

Varun Gandhi's rebuttal

वरुण फ़िरोज़ गाँधी का प्रत्युत्तर / जवाब भाषण हिन्दी में:

His rebuttal in English:

Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel and suppresses Freedom of Speech, viewer discretion is advised.

It s**ks no one covered his statement in Hindi right after his statement in English. That shows how much media respects Hindi!

Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

Meneka Anand Nehru-Gandhi, daughter of Lt. Col. T.S. Anand and Amteshwar Anand, wife of Sanjay Nehru-Gandhi came out to support her son Varun Feroz Nehru-Gandhi who as per her has been vilified by Congress to hide its own skeletons of Anti-Sikh pogrom done by it in 1984.


Aarif said...

No no it was not a hatered speech.

Go once inside a mosque on friday, or attened a class in madarasas on indo-pak border.

What they preach is Koran's love & peace Message. hu hu....

Moron Media.

wait for Lok Sabha Results.

Kamdev said...

what Varun said i don't know. I not interested his hate speech as well. but i know one thing, we all talk about interests and rights of 15% Muslims and always ignore 80 % Hindus. Why?