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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sony releases new game on God Hanumanji for PS2

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Thanks to San for bringing this to everyone's notice. Sony is coming out with a video game on our revered God Hanuman ji on their Playstation 2 console and it looks awesome. But Sony's head for Indian operations is a jerk to deride God Hanumanji by calling him a mythological character and then in the immediate next sentence seeks the auspicious blessings from the very same revered God. They have no qualms in making a profit from our Religious sensibilities as in their own words they say, "We have created the console game to capture the hearts and minds of India's current and aspiring game players and their families. Indian mythology has more richness in terms of story-telling and events.". But they will shamelessly or ignorantly debase it by calling it a mythology and will not give due respect and credit for it. May be because "Based on Hindu Religious Characters from Scriptures" kehne mein to inki ma marti hai!

Surprisingly, there is more buzz about this in Pakistan based News and Forums than Indian, may be because Pseudo-Secular Indian media wouldn't want to associate with respectable Hindu Gods.

Anyways hope Sony comes out with the game soon and with better graphics. Looking forward to play it. ॥जय श्री राम॥ ॥Jai Shri Ram॥

Details about the game:
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