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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Narendra Modi in Pune: Rs 50000 crore missing from treasury

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Watch below the video of Gujarat and Bharat's best Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi's stellar speech in Pune attended by over 100,000 (1 Lakh) youths. In which he alleges that a Comptroller Auditor General (CAG) report has found a huge sum of रु ५०००० करोड़ (INR 50,000 crore / 500 Billion) unaccounted for and “missing” from the ‘Central government coffers’. He talks on dismal foreign policy, no action against terrorism even after over 42 major terrorist attacks, Congress's negligence about Taliban reaching Bharat-Pakistan border just like they ignored warnings about 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks one year before the attack.

He asked Bharatvaasi (misnomer: Indians) if they have ever seen an accused of a crime demand a judge to answer his 30 questions? How disgraceful it is that Pakistan demands answers from India instead of India twisting Pakistan's arm? Sick! He revealed that there are 40 districts in India which are completely controlled by Naxals and Government can't even step in that area. From Pashupatinath to Tirupathinath is all a "red corridor" now but Congress led UPA Government has done nothing about it. He talks about Shivraj Patil's fetish to change his clothes whenever there is a terrorist attack. He was busy doing fashion parade and changed his clothes 3 times after multiple bomb blasts during recent most terrorist attack in Indraprasth (misnomer: Delhi) on 9/13/2008 and 9/27/2008. Please read a secret report on him here. For complete time line (chronology) of 20 such more attacks in Indraprasth before these two please read here. If there is one politician in Bharat who follows true Raaj Dharm, it is Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi.

Modi alleges misappropriation of Rs 50000 cr by UPA govt
Launching the Lok Sabha election campaign of BJP-Shiv Sena alliance in Maharashtra from Pune, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday evening alleged that a Comptroller Auditor General report has found a huge sum of Rs 50,000 crore unaccounted for and “missing” from the ‘Central government coffers’.

“The country wants to know from Prime Minster Manmohan Singh about this money that has simply vanished,” said Modi.

Training his guns on Singh, Modi said the country should know whether the huge sum of “missing” money purportedly mentioned in the CAG report was being used for “election purposes” by the ruling party or handed over to some “preferred NGOs”.

“Daal me kuch kala hai” (There is something fishy about this), he charged.

Targeting the prime minister, whom he described as a reputed economist, Modi alleged it was intriguing that the Harshad Mehta stock scam had happened when Singh was the Finance Minister in the Narsimha Rao government.

“Today, when he is Prime Minister, the ‘Satyam’ fiasco has surfaced. Why are such things happening when he is at the helm? Is it the result of his economic policies or something else,” Modi asked addressing a large gathering of more than 1 lakh youths.

Modi said that the NCP chief Sharad Pawar had failed to anticipate the Congress gameplan of shutting the doors on a Maharashtrian forever for the post of Prime Minister by ensuring a Maharashtrian as the President of India.

Modi said, “Pawar has walked into the Congress trap by becoming party to the move of having a Maharashtrian as the President. In doing so, Pawar has destroyed the dream of all Maharashtrians of having a Marathi person as PM.”
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