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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Indian Express praises Congress's nonexistent achievements

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Right, Left for Centre by Saubhik Chakrabarti, Indian Express

Praises and Praises for non-existent achievements. This is an article coming from the same newspaper which thinks saving national honor is terrorism, so one has to take it with a pinch of salt.

The first big mistake that the writer Saubhik Chakrabarti makes in this article on this pro-Congress newspaper is that he calls Congress as "Centrist". How can you call a communal nonsecular Muslim-Rightist dynastic monarchic undemocratic political party as "Centrist"?

Second big mistake he does is to continue to mislead people about the farce nuclear deal as a great, the only achievement as per him in 5 years, of Congress led Utterly Pathetic Alliance (UPA). Instead of telling the people truth and lies behind the nuclear deal he is calling this act of India's signing off its sovereignty as big achievement of this derelict government. What about that Bush's secret letter to US Congress on India's Nuclear Deal? Hence, celebration for what?

Third big mistake is that he doesn't even care to mention terrorism and national security as total failure of this callous government which has turned India into a soft state on terror as per US. With 42 major terrorist attacks and civil & human rights abuse of Hindus, the demonized majority community, and desecration of Hindu Gods, Temples, national heritage like Shri Ram Sethu and distortion & toxification of history on the rise, it still doesn't seem alarming enough for it to be mentioned on this article.

No mention of Farmer suicide nor any mention of unprecedented corruption by Congress, DMK and their allies. No mention of communal nonsecular appeasement of Muslims and deny of right to worship to Hindus (like in the case of Shri Amarnathji struggle).

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