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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Arun Jaitley hits back at indolent Chidambaram

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Arun Jaitley hits back at Chidambaram
Hitting back at P.Chidambaram for his comment attacking BJP on IPL issue, BJP’s national general secretary Arun Jaitley questioned Chidambaram’s performance as a Finance minister and Home minister.

When asked to react on Chidambaram’s statement attacking the BJP on IPL issue, Jaitley talking to the media in Ahmedabad said, “well i think mr. chidambaram should concentrate on the job that has been assigned to him. When he was a Finance minister we heard words but not actions. Our investments were not safe when he was a finance minister. Now he is the Home minister and we are again hearing words and not action. Earlier our investment were not safe when he was a Finance minister today we are not safe. That’s his own performance. I think he has one and a half months job left and he must concentrate on his job.”

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