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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 3/7/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (March 7, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.

Today is the three years anniversary of Islamic terrorist attack in Varanasi/Kashi, one of the seven most Holy cities for Hindus.

  1. This planet needs Hindu ethos by Tarun Vijay

  2. लालकृष्ण आडवाणी, लोग पहचाने वह हाथ जिसने यह संभव कर दिखाया।

  3. Paresh Rawal thanks Congress for Slumdog Millionaire

  4. Aspire and assert by Tarun Vijay

  5. India Elections 2009 - Open letter to Manmohan Singh

  6. rvaidya: Time to Get Back Black Money in Swiss accounts

  7. Video: India successfully tests interceptor missile

  8. Security forces gun down 4 Muslim terrorists in Manipur
    Four Muslim separatists were killed in a gunbattle with security forces on the outskirts of Manipur's capital Imphal early Saturday, officials said.

    A police spokesman said a joint team of police commandos and paramilitary Assam Rifles troopers led a gunbattle with a group of militants belonging to the outlawed People's United Liberation Front (PULF) near Irilbung village, about 15 km east of Imphal.

  9. No shrines on public sites, HC tells govt
    "If a poor man encroaches upon one cent of land, you make it a big issue. But in the name of god if it is encroached, you take it as blessings. As far as we are concerned, rule of law should prevail. You have to evict those people by giving notices in accordance with law, even issue notice to God if required. A principle of natural justice applies to God also. Don’t favour anybody.

    "No church, temple or masjid in public sites, this is the stand of judiciary. It seems you are afraid to take any decision. There should be no sentimentalities in this issue," the division Bench headed by the chief justice remarked while hearing a PIL connected to encroachment of Lakshmana Rau Park in Okalipuram area.
    Oh no, the Honorable Court said remove encroaching Masjid, now Dhimmi Sardar will have sleepless nights.

  10. Video: Caught on tape: Bodo terror training camp

    What the hell is this government doing? Living in denial about cancer of terror spreading through out the nation. Watch the video above, it looks like these terrorists are training for a full fledged war. But the government is sleeping even after more than 42 major terrorist attacks. It's giving it a blind eye to incursions by Chinese, demographic change by illegal Bangladeshi radical Muslims, persecution of Hindus by Christian Taliban and such active terrorist training camps. With what face is the Government of Bharat demanding Pakistan to dismantle it's terrorist camps when it is not doing anything about these terror camps with in the country. Just like they didn't do anything when Illegal immigrant Bangladeshi Muslims killed Hindus and hoist Pakistani flag in Assam.

  11. Who’s in charge?
    India is the only G-20 country where the economic situation and the policy-making establishment’s approach seem disconnected. Policy-makers in other major economies are busy. Policy-making here, like the RBI’s recent rate cuts, is happening by 50 basis points (bps).

    There’s weak countervailing force to this because the government isn’t punching its full weight in forums for wider policy deliberations. The UPA decided bang in the middle of post-reforms India’s sharpest economic slowdown that it could do without a full finance minister. Then, the PM’s health-enforced absence required a super-busy foreign minister to depute as finance minister. So, we now have a situation where (a) the PM is just back at work, with a general election that will require his political attention looming and with an agenda-heavy G-20 meeting scheduled early next month; (b) the foreign minister is being kept busy with the increasingly complicated Pakistan problem and political negotiation; (c) an election code of conduct that has reduced policy options; and (d) the need for visible and audible leadership on the economy growing by the day.

    Who will speak on a regular basis for Asia’s third-largest economy and the world’s second-fastest growing one between now and the next government? Who commands the political and policy weight to take on the monetary policy orthodoxy, so that sometime soon India sees a rate cut that matters? Whose direct, undivided responsibility will it be for the next three months should the economy confront something unexpected? The fact these questions need to be asked is itself a verdict against the Congress’s political management of the economic slowdown. The fact that we don’t have any ready answers is troubling.

  12. Young voters hold the key in LS polls

  13. MK Gandhi ke chashme ka tamasha / Misadventures of credit hungry Congress governmentCongress is so desperate for credit that it has resort to lie and self-congratulate it self for misspending $1.8 million of tax payers precious money in the sharpest economic slowdown ever to buy a few articles. Oh a utensil is more of a national heritage than a 15000 years old engineering marvel, the Shri Ram Setu which this Anti-Hindu government is so hell-bent to break. They have nothing to claim the credit for, so they are trying to use whatever opportunity they can to grab credit in order to gain votes. Sadly, who will teach them that Bharat needs a real Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Home Minister, people need job, food, security, cultural pride and nationalism, and not mere tokens related to Gandhi which this Congress will then misuse along with his name for another 60 years to misrule the country.

  14. 20-feet tunnel at Rs 2 crore to keep Kasab safe in Mumbai

    First of all, people of Bharat beware when the government doesn't trust its own security might to take a dreaded terrorist 20 feet from one side to the other and needs to deploy paramilitary to protect the terrorist and spend so much of exchequer's money for it, how can you expect such pusillanimous government to protect the exploited Aam Aadmi (common man).

    Second of all, the media has still not learnt from it's unethical misadventures of compromising security during 26/11 Mumbai Islamic terrorist attacks that they are again repeating their mistakes. They are happily sharing the details of where the tunnel is going to be, how will it be secured and other sensitive information.

    Instead of questioning the derelict government as to what has it done to protect the innocent citizens, it is thumping it's chest about Exclusive news entertainment.

    It's sad that there is no watchdog to monitor the lack of journalistic morals and leaking of information from the Security agency side, nor that the Government is serious about fighting terrorism.

    Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

  15. Vinit Goenka Tv 9 Interview, BJP IT Cell Maharashtra

  16. Madras HC violence: SC report slams lawyers, calls them hooligans
    Striking Madras High Court lawyers behaved like "hooligans and miscreants" and were squarely responsible for triggering the bloody February 19 clashes between advocates and police, the Supreme Court appointed inquiry panel headed by retired SC judge B N Srikrishna said.

    Justice Srikrishna also held the Madras HC and its acting Chief Justice equally responsible for the lawyers' rowdy behaviour. "The soft-pedalling policy of the HC judges has led to the present piquant situation," the report said, adding the soft policy of the acting Chief Justice only emboldened the lawyers to become law breakers.

    Commenting on the advocates who brazenly threw stones and used abusive language against police to incite them, Justice Srikrishna said, "Regretfully, far from being upholders of the rule of law, the lawyers seem to have behaved as hooligans and miscreants."

    Clearly putting the blame on the lawyers as instigators, the report said, "The incidents that transpired over a month or so make it clear that the lawyers seemed to be under the impression that, because they are officers of the court, they are immune from the process of law and that they could get away with any unlawful act without being answerable to the law enforcing agency."

    "Undoubtedly, political cross-currents from the Sri Lankan Tamil issues and caste-based issues contributed to and aggravated the situation. It should have been made clear to the lawyers from the beginning, in no uncertain terms, that whatever their political ideologies, the court premises could not be utilised for airing them," Justice Srikrishna said.

    While giving a clean chit to the Chennai police commissioner and other senior cops who had been transferred on SC orders to facilitate a fair probe, the report said, "There is no material, at this time, to suggest that any of the officers had directed or ordered the policemen to behave in the atrocious manner in which they behaved."

    Anticipating the effect of his caustic report on the legal community, Justice Srikrishna conveyed to Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan that he was no longer interested in continuing the probe. However, he did not forget to recommend to SC to "lay down sufficient guidelines for the behaviour of lawyers within and outside the court premises as the Bar Councils have not been acting as an effective regulatory body of their professional conduct".

    He said, "It would be ideal if the Advocate's Act is amended to ensure better disciplinary mechanism of the profession of law, since it affects not only lawyers but also litigants, the administration of justice in the country and finally the rule of law itself. Until such time that appropriate legislation is made, it is desirable that the SC should formulate appropriate guidelines to be followed by lawyers and enforced by all courts of law."
    Tamil Nadu government should be dismissed and Article 355 should be implemented in the state and those lawyers who attacked Dr. Swami should be debarred from practicing law.

  17. Chidambaram ka natak

  18. Advani alleges Cong and CPI-M have "unwritten understanding"

  19. SP says in talks with NCP after alliance with Congress breaks

    These are the parties who have no ideology. They are opportunistic and choose to be friend and/or foe of the other just to stay in power. They don't give two hoots about national integrity and have no vision for national development.

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