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Friday, February 27, 2009

14th Lok Sabha ends, the worst in history

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Few MPs in House in last day of 14th Lok Sabha
It was curtains for the 14th Lok Sabha on Thursday which will go down in history as a House full of unprecedented acrimony, controversies and dubious distinctions like cash-for-vote scam and disqualification of 11 members.

The Lok Sabha was adjourned sine die by Speaker Somnath Chatterjee who recorded his dismay at the huge 24 per cent of time lost due to disruptions and "politics of intense confrontation".

The House enacted 258 legislations, including the landmark ones like Right to Information, National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, Protection for Women from Domestic Violence Act, Disaster Management Act and National Investigation Agency Act.

At the same time, the 14th Lok Sabha witnessed the unprecedented lows like display of wads of currency notes during the Confidence Vote in July last year, with three BJP members alleging that they were offered money to save the Manmohan Singh government.

The 14th Lok Sabha also witnessed 11 members being disqualified for various acts of misconduct, including corruption. Some other members were disqualified under anti-defection law for cross-voting.
Oooooh, the house enacted landmark legislations, let's have a look:

Right to Information: Nice step but only on books. Moment after it's enactment Congress led UPA government handicapped it by appointing bureaucrats as CIC, PMO cut it's wings by removing important parts of it for eg. by withdrawing ability to reveal all important file notings, denying the information by hiding behind the official's secrets act and most recently by refusing to reveal any information by Judges, PMO, Ministers and bureaucrats.

National Rural Employment Guarantee Act: Zealously marketed as Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi's pet project (mind you not Prime Minister but Super PM), this is just another farce Band Aid act to fool the innocent poor farmers et al. It's an act with most under used funds and ironically it's best implemented in non-Congress non-Left BJP ruled states.

Protection for Women from Domestic Violence Act: Bombastic, Female chauvinist and selective claimer of "Talibanization is happening" Ms. Renuka Chaudhury of Congress brought this one-sided not-so-men-friendly-due-to-loop-holes act which did nothing but to legitimize another one of blindly copied immoral western concept of "live-in" relationships. In addition to create more complex societies because now a person has to pay maintenance to any woman who claims it by accusing domestic violence, in other words living a polygamist life despite being a single, this may cause an increase in the false cases which will waste all important judiciary time and taxpayers money. It's funny that so much was the side effect of this act, most probably coincidentally, that Yash Raj Films and Karan Johar have been only coming out with movies on the topic of live-in relationships (like Salam Namaste) and infidelity (some K movie.. Kabhi Alvida something I guess).

Disaster Management Act: Oh, how well Bharat managed disasters like floods in Bihar, Islamic terrorist attack in Mumbai on 26/11 when NSG took more than 14 hours to reach the ground zero and some of the Indian media possibly compromised the operation due to their unethical journalistic practices or recently during false hijack by a deranged man when officials had no idea what to do with the isolated plane and it took more than 2 hours to open the door and passengers were talking to media through relatives.

National Investigation Agency Act: Here we come to the NIAaaaa (yawning) agency. You may not be concerned but bring us (Congress led UPA with Left support) to power and we will remove POTA, not build infrastructure, not build schools, not build colleges, not stop taxing any Mandirs, not stop breaking Ancient Hindu heritages, not build an indigenous weapons system with strong armed forces but bring us to power and we will remove POTA. What was the f**cking point of removing POTA when you had to create this half-baked bureaucratic agency half-heartedly not immuned from political influence. Why did this derelict government waited for over 42 major terrorist and naxal attacks to happen only to bring this handicapped version of act back without any proper Parliament scrutiny? Why was the fashionable Shivraj Patil, the worst Home Minister who was busy changing his clothes not sacked earlier? Why is he not being tried for criminal negligence when there was credible information about the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Mumbai as back as one year before the unfortunate day?

The report may have conveniently forgotten but we have not forgotten this following bill:

Office of Profit Bill: A tight slap on the face of constitution's founding fathers and the people of the so-called republic when the whole constitution is modified just to save and for the profit of one person who was married in the dynasty which conveniently happens to have the same last name as one of the freedom fighter of Bharat. The shameful bill has the word profit in it and it is nothing but black spot on the Khichdi constitution of Bharat. Unfortunately the meaning of Republic stands changed from "of the people by the people for the people that is not led by a hereditary monarch" to "of a person by a person for the person led by a particular dynastic monarchy in disguise of democracy".

TOI you are right. These are landmark legislations. They serve as exemplary example of what not to do for future generation of Bharat, if they happen to be Hindu and nationalist that is, and they will laugh over dinner of what fool their ancestors were to not learn from their ancestor Dhritrashtr's mistakes.

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