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Monday, February 9, 2009

When is the right time to ask?

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Video: '26/11 wouldn't have taken place without internal help' says Narendra Modi

So here we have the "modern" "westernized" commentators of the News "Entertainment" channels with their Anti-Hindu bigoted ideologue based reportage who have to use a set of pet keywords like "attempt to politicize the issue", "poorly timed", "will undoubtedly look at his comments", blah... blah... blah... every time Mr. Modi et al raise questions. Now do you understand why I called them commentators and not news reporters. Nothing personal about them but this is the state of Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) media today in general. They give 24/7 commentary and not news.

Firstly, in this case the commentator is of course denying Mr. Modi, a citizen of Bharat, his democratic right to question the government, which is dragging its feet on the issue of terror, by tagging it as politicization of issue. Hence, as per them his concern should be ignored just because he is a politician that too in opposition, no matter how important his question is to the national security.

Secondly, they are using words like "poor timing" again and again. Well, may I ask, when is the good time to ask? Should we keep a diary with Antonia Maino or Raul Vinci to see when the royal family is comfortable and available to answer to the Diwan-Ae-Aam? With elections happening in the country every 6-8 months, when is the good time to ask? These people will always think the issue is either politicized when it is a question of national security or communalized when it is a question of Hindu rights and civil liberties.

If the Chief Election Commissioner reveals to the nation some serious acts of partisanship being committed by Election Commissioner, who has a bladder problem, they call it poor timing because it is against the Muslim Rightist political party of their choice.

When Mr. Modi talks about inclusive development, they talk about divisive communal riots forgetting about the Muslim Terrorist attack on Godhra Train which started it all. Why don't they question those who have bribed the witnesses?

Look at the shear opinion making tactic by such media. After questioning his Democratic Right to criticize the government, they extrapolate the issue by filling it with their biased assumptions that it is poor timing as now Pakistan will use Mr. Modi's critique as a way out. What BS!

Firstly, if that is the case then it means that Government of Bharat doesn't have a fool proof case of Pakistan's involvement and/or international standing to noose the hooks of that terrorist state.

Secondly, even if there is local support in Bharat that doesn't vindicate Pakistan or Pakistani citizens of their involvement in 26/11. They should be brought to books.

Thirdly, Mr. Modi didn't name anyone, so how do these news commentators know that he was communalizing the issue. Did he say that the 26/11 terrorists from Pakistan got local support from people of XYZ religion or ideology? No. Then who is communal here to see his statement as communal? You hear what you want to hear, you see what you want to see.

Fourthly, if these news commentators are so worried that because Mr. Modi has justifiably pointed out such a valid point about the local support, which the present government has so cleverly swept under the carpet of vote-bank politics in connivance with the prejudice sell-out media, that Pakistan will use this as an opportunity. Why didn't these news commentators raise the similar clamor when Col. Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya Thakur were physically mentally sexually tortured, Holy Hindu scriptures were burnt, they were brutaly beaten and were blamed with all the possible weird accusations through leak-a-day from ATS? Which incidentally prompted Pakistan to ask for custody of Col. for both his still to be publicly proved guilt and still to be publicly substantiated involvement in Samjhauta Express blast and also further demoralized the already demoralized army due to all such false accusations thrown at it like ammunition being stolen from it.

Those who help the terrorists locally or from outside irrespective of their religion or ideology are Anti-Bharat, Anti-Hindu and traitors. Period.

So why don't these news commentators do us a favor and tell us when is the right time to exercise our democratic right to ask questions and/or criticize otherwise they should just shut the f**k up and stop their Anti-Hindu bigotry! Take it easy.

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