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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 2/8/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (February 8, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
  1. Kanchi Shankaracharya ji on Ayodhya and Muslims

  2. Kalyan Singh: Babri Qila, a symbol of disgrace

  3. Bangalore serial blasts case cracked

    Congratulations to all Bharatvaasi and Anti Terrorist Cell (ATC) for solving the case. Nine terrorists have been arrested. Hey you, Anti-Hindu media, do I hear the word "Muslim terrorists", "Islamic terrorism"? Do I see an image with 786 or Quran on it? F**king Anti-Hindu nonsecular communal bigots.
    The Bangalore serial blasts case has been cracked.

    Seven months after the terrorists attack on the city, the Anti Terrorist Cell has revealed that the serial blasts of July 25, 2008, were carried out by associates of key Lashkar-e-Tayiba operative Riaz Bhatkal, who continues to remain elusive.

    Investigating agencies have in their custody nine persons, including a father-son duo. The four men in the custody of the police are Mohammad Sami, Safrudeen, his father Abdul Sattar, Munaaf, Zakaria Abdul Jaleel, Muhammad Faizal, Mujeeb and Badaruddin. Eight of the arrested men hail from different parts of Kerala while Sami hails from Bijapur in north Karnataka.

  4. Mangalore’s real shame - Talibanization of National Media by Offstumped
    The cat is out of the bag on the much hyped abduction of the daughter of a Kerala based CPI-M MLA from a bus near Mangalore.

    The Times Now makes this stunning disclosure that the accused were no un-Hindu hoodlums but instead they were members of the DYFI, the CPI-Mafioso’s student wing.

    Now that the 24×7 media has been caught with its pants down can we expect

    #1 Renuka Choudary to shut up and spare us her moral sanctimony.

    #2 CPI-Mafioso to explain what its student wing was doing “saving” the MLA’s daughter to come clean on the real story of the “abduction”

    #3 National media to tender an unqualified apology to the rest of us for their false reportage

    With preconcieved notions and deeply held prejudices coloring reportage on events in Mangalore it perhaps would be in order to demand of the media to show sufficient cause for why it should not be subject to a code of conduct to check this disturbing trend of “Talibanization”.

  5. 'Naxals trigger 100 blasts every year'

  6. India not helpless to deal with terror: Pranab

    Congress led UPA government is so much in denial and negligent towards the cancer of Islamic terrorism that when it addresses Pakistan in its speeches like this one by Mr. Mukherjee, they don't even dare to take its name. On one hand you are indicting Pakistan saying you have proofs of their involvement in propagating terrorism and waging war against Bharat then on the other hand you are talking in riddled language "that country which is using its soil against us should know... blah... blah... blah". What a wimp! And Bharatvaasi expect such people to protect them.

  7. ॥ॐ नमः शिवाय॥ Get well soon Vajpayee ji, the best Prime Minister of Bharat after 1947.

  8. One family has ruined everything in India: Modi

  9. Stop making irresponsible statements: Yeddyurappa to Renuka

  10. Nathuram Godse's chronicles

  11. Splurge but discreetly please by Swapan Dasgupta
    Yet, let us not underestimate the hardships. Confronted by eroding profitability and even losses, companies are shedding jobs and putting a freeze on new employment. Indian workers in the United Arab Emirates have had their contracts terminated and nearly a lakh of them are expected to be repatriated by April. Export-oriented industries such as gems and jewellery, textiles and IT are in crisis. The automobile and construction industries have gone into a tailspin because of falling demand. Lakhs of small investors have had their savings wiped out or seriously eroded by the precipitate fall of the Sensex. There are many thousands who have defaulted on their credit card payments and home loans. In purely human terms—as opposed to the cold economic statistics preferred by our decision-makers—India is in the grip of trauma.

    The astonishing feature of the present crisis is that both the Government and a section of the elite are living in wilful denial. That admitting to bad news just prior to the General Election can be politically damaging is, of course, one reason for this ostrich-like approach. Consequently, there is a silly exercise under way to talk up the economy. TV channels are replete with absurd Soviet-style advertisements of happy peasants and contended workers undertaking Bharat Nirman. Rahul Gandhi is busy taking David Miliband on an exotic poverty tour of his constituency while being photographed on other days holding up the bar dressed in smart casuals. Renuka Chowdhury, who loves aggressive indignation, has even suggested a “pub bharo” movement to counter the sinister moral police. Her prescription for Indian resurgence: Drink boisterously.

    Meanwhile, there are ominous reports of the ill-conceived NREG programme running short of funds and the Defence Minister’s shamefaced admission that barely 20 per cent of the money available for defence procurement has been utilised.

    There is a growing mismatch between what the Government and the opinion makers — most of whom appear to be rooting single-mindedly for a Congress victory in May — are advocating and the mood of the country.

  12. Kalyan Singh, sonburnt by Chandan Mitra

  13. No one can shake BJP's faith in Lord Ram: Rajnath

    Hindus will vote only for those who will build Shri Ram Mandir and talk about Hindu's rights. That Babri Qila was an encroachment which was, as Kalyan Singh called it, a symbol of disgrace and it got what it deserved.

  14. Pakistan lets loose Dr Evil by Kanchan Gupta

  15. Despite 26/11, we’ve to live as good neighbours: Pak

    Bharat should bomb this terrorist state and settle the score once and for all. Oh wait, I forgot Congress is ruling the nation.

  16. Time for administrative reforms by Tavleen Singh

  17. Taking dynasty out of democracy by Sudheendra Kulkarni

    Mr. Kulkarni points out Dynastic Nepotist Congress's new poll plank ‘Ateet ke neenv par/Bhavishya ka nirmaan’ (Building a future on the foundation of the past). Yeah right, if people of Bharat keep on voting back this dynastic communal Congress, they will remain cursed to stay in ateet (past) only. Bharat's ateet which is mostly still Bharat's aaj (present) is what this Monarchic Congress party's new heir apparent Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi was showcasing to foreigners by taking them on poverty tour of Bharat for few photo ops and such blatant exploitation will continue like it has for past 50 years under Congress.
    ‘Why Democracy Is Struggling in Asia’ was the cover story of a recent issue of TIME magazine.

    The magazine’s otherwise bleak survey of democracy in Asia had a good deal of praise for India. The praise is no doubt well-deserved. When our country elects the 15th Lok Sabha in May, we can be sure that the transition of power will be smooth and New Delhi will not witness any protests or blockades. The military will be firmly under the control of the elected government. And no Government in India will dare resort to censorship of the kind routinely seen in China. Witness how the UPA government beat a hasty retreat last month after its own ill-conceived move to control the electronic media’s freedom was widely criticised.

    Yes, we can be justifiably proud of our democracy. But if take a closer look, we will be able to see the infirmities and deformities within our system. Some of our present rulers have done everything to devalue institutions of parliamentary democracy. Some of the salient issues associated with the Rashtrapati’s election in July 2007 still remain unresolved. The Election Commission has become the centre of an unprecedented controversy. And we have a prime minister who is not even directly elected by the people. He prefers to play second fiddle to an extra-constitutional authority that has nominated him.

    Now the Congress has projected Rahul Gandhi as its future leader and prime ministerial candidate. ‘Ateet ke neenv par/Bhavishya ka nirmaan’ (Building a future on the foundation of the past) say Congress posters showcasing Rahul. The very first principle of democracy? equal opportunity undiluted by birth-related privileges? has been violated by this blatant hardsell of dynasty. The assumption that a member of the Nehru family need not have governmental experience or any record of service to the nation to be projected as the future prime minister of India is an insult to the logic of democracy.

    But many will ask, “Hasn’t America elected Obama, a single-term senator, as its president? What is wrong in Rahul, a single-term MP, becoming India’s PM?”

    The comparison doesn’t hold. In fact, it negates the case for Rahul as PM. Obama was “not privileged” when he entered the race. In contrast, Rahul is ‘overprivileged’. Obama came with the handicap of race, religion and class, which he overcame with a brilliant campaign that focused on issues that were anchored in a powerful message of change. Rahul comes only with the proverbial political silver spoon. He has so far not articulated his views on any issue with any degree of originality. And what plank of change can he offer? Change from Dr Manmohan Singh’s plank in governance? Change from his mother’s plank in politics? If Rahul does have an agenda of change, he has mysteriously kept it under wraps. Rahul’s rise to the top is a triumph of the slavish mentality, not only on the part of the Congress but also of a section of the media that has refused to do its job of questioning, scrutinising and criticising.

    While an obsession with dynasties has certainly blighted democracy in India, the blame cannot be placed at the doors of the Congress alone. It is slowly creeping even into the BJP at lower levels. My fear is that a time may come when ordinary, committed and hard-working political workers with no pedigree will have no place at the top in most parties.

    Democracy in India is also required to battle other threats, the most toxic among them being the growing hold of money power over the political, governmental and electoral processes. The amount of money spent by each candidate and party in recent state assembly elections was of a magnitude that makes a mockery of democracy as people’s rule. The harsh truth is getting harsher: the poor may vote, but only moneybags rule. Even after the passage of the anti-defection law two decades ago, our MLAs and MPs are being lured to switch sides and thwart people’s mandate. All this has a direct impact on the quality of governance and development. For example, at the time of the Cash-for-Votes scandal in Parliament last July, a regional party from Jharkhand was bribed to support the UPA government and its leader was installed as the chief minister of the state. It was a move so unpopular that the CM tasted defeat in last month’s by-election to the state assembly. Democracy in Jharkhand has been repeatedly molested in the past five years, often with the collusion of the Governor. Not surprising then that Jharkhand continues to be one of the poorest states in India, in spite of being one of the richest in terms of mineral and natural wealth?

  18. HC quashes DDA to recover 89K

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