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Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Guy collection

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Peter fights a chicken because the chicken gave him a coupon that has expired. Excerpt (s.2 : ep.3)

Peter gets into an epic battle with a giant chicken. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.4)

Peter fights the chicken again. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.16)

Stewie is deformed after he bangs his head. Excerpt (s.3 : ep.19)

Stewie hits Brian up for the money he owes him. Where's my money? Excerpt (s.4 : ep.20)

Stewie takes measures to another level in order to get the money he is owed by Brian. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.20)

Stewie mocks Brian about the novel he's writing. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.7)

Peter and Brian watch Cosmos edited for Rednecks and Peter starts chewing tobacco. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.12)

Peter recalls the time Christian Bale yelled at him. Excerpt (s.7 : ep.7)

The Kool Aid guy makes an appearance after Peter is convicted of murder. Excerpt (s.6 : ep.4)

Nate invents the Department of Motor Vehicles to get back at the white man. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.27)

Peter offers two accounts for how the universe was created. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.27)

Osama Bin Laden can't hold a straight face during a recording of a threatening message. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.14)

Peter tells the story of Moses Griffin and how he led the Jewish people out of Egypt. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.27)

Moses Griffin lays down the ten commandments. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.27)

The story of Peter's African ancestor Nate Griffin and how he came to America. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.27)

Peter's caveman ancestor invents the wheel but can't sell it. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.27)

Tobi, an abused slave, tells his captor how to spell his name. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.27)

Nate Griffin sets his romantic sights on Lois Laura Bush Lynn Cheney Puterschmidt. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.27)

After Brian and Meg make out at a dance Meg has fallen in love with Brian so she bakes him a pie with her hair in it. Brian gives it to Stewie who pronounces the "h" in Cool Whip. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.8)

Stewie insists that Halloween is ruined (ru-eeened) when he and Brian both dress up like Snoopy. Excerpt (s.7 : ep.1)

Stewie gives Brian a walkie-talkie but gives him a hard time when he doesn't follow walkie-talkie procedures. Excerpt (s.6 : ep.7)

Glen Quagmire gives his passengers a little information before takeoff. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.8)

Peter lets Lois know how he feels about the FCC. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.14)

The FCC censors peter at his home. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.14)

Peter challenges the guys to a bet that leads to a puke fest. Excerpt (s.6 : ep.4)

Stewie interrupts Brian and Jillian in the bedroom. Excerpt (s.6 : ep.2)

Peter wears his new pajamas everywhere. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.14)

Peter Griffin's porn collection is protected by a state of the art security system. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.5)

Peter runs into Quagmire while visiting Lois in jail. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.9)

The Griffins arrive to spend the weekend at Glenn Quagmire's cabin in the mountains and discover it has some interesting amenities. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.17)

Lois can't get Peter to stop singing "Surfin' Bird". Excerpt (s.7 : ep.2)

Quagmire paints his genitals with honey. Excerpt (s.7 : ep.5)

Peter and the guys end up at a lesbian bar. Excerpt (s.3 : ep.4)

Peter's magic trick freaks Chris out. Excerpt (s.3 : ep.5)

Peter remembers the day Stewie was born. Excerpt (s.1 : ep.3)

Peter describes how the world will be different now that he wears a mustache. Excerpt (s.6 : ep.8)

Peter's mustache burns off while helping firefighters rescue a man from a burning McBurgertown. Excerpt (s.6 : ep.8)

Lois invites Quagmire over to tear up her carpet, but he misunderstands her. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.14)

Peter's home flies when he inflates a hot air balloon inside of it. Excerpt (s.7 : ep.6)

Mayor West has sent all the police away so Peter thinks he can do whatever he wants, including stealing a giraffe from the zoo. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.8)

Gepetto tries to get Pinocchio to tell a lie. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.1)

Stewie accidentally videotapes Meg undressing. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.15)

Stewie and Brian peep on Mayor West. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.23)

Stewie mirrors Hitler's every move. Excerpt (s.7 : ep.3)

A parody of Tyra turning into a lizard while talking to one of her models. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.14)

Brian warns Stewie not to vault in the living room. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.23)

Peter visits his old girlfriend Brenda. Excerpt (s.3 : ep.19)

Stewie's new teeth plot to bite his tongue. Excerpt (s.1 : ep.4)

Stewie accidentally walks in on Peter and Louis while they have sex. Excerpt (s.1 : ep.6)

Lois forces the family to go to the ballet. Stewie compares being dragged to the ballet to slavery. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.16)

Peter recalls the time he froze some nuts. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.22)

Stewie badgers Lewis for her attention, repeatedly. Lois Mom Mum Mommy. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.1)

Peter catches a bullfrog for Chris. Excerpt (s.6 : ep.12)

Stewie attacks a woman breast feeding at the park. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.21)

Peter performs for Meg's bachelorette. Excerpt (s.6 : ep.7)

Lois thinks that Bill Clinton is a bad influence on Peter and she goes to give the former president a piece of her mind. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.13)

Stewie does the "robot" for Brian. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.2)

Quagmire watches Lois go to the bathroom. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.3)

Peter jumps in the Peter-Copter to fly across town and warn Quagmire that Cleveland is coming to kill him...but it doesn't work out. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.5)

The guys try to help Quagmire rehabilitate his sex addiction by taking him to the mall where he ends up saving a girl with CPR. Excerpt (s.4 : ep.3)

Stewie tries to get Chris to give Lois the ax. Excerpt (s.2 : ep.19)

Stewie blows up a fixer-upper that he and Brian were working on. Excerpt (s.6 : ep.7)

Brian's son kills Chris' evil monkey. Excerpt (s.6 : ep.11)

Peter does something stupid in a decompression chamber. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.3)

In a drunken haze Brian made out with Meg at a high school dance. Now she is infatuated with him and he is trying to let her know that he's not interested. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.8)

The news anchors get caught in an awkward situation when they go back live on the air, without them knowing. (s.1 : ep.2)

The Griffins are on the run because the people of Quahog think that Stewie is posessed. They stop at a Mini-Mart on their way to Texas. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.15)

Stewie makes fun of Jasper's way of speaking. Video Clip (s.4 : ep.25)

Chris discovers that everyone in the family is working two jobs to pay for his private school. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.16)

Peter has worked out once and it has gone to his head. Excerpt (s.5 : ep.13)

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