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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 2/11/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (February 11, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
  1. Subramanian Swamy moves apex court for early verdict on Ayodhya

  2. The ‘taking over’ of Thillai by the corrupt politico-judicial conspirators of Indian secularism

  3. The new proselytizers by Tarun Vijay

  4. Corruption is eating India’s vitals as Sonia the defacto P.M. rules

  5. Next prospective PM LK Advani connects via popular websites incl. international media

  6. Congress government Union Minister Mahavir Prasad booked in murder case
    In a major embarrassment to the Government at the Centre, Union Minister Mahavir Prasad has been booked for alleged conspiracy in a murder case, a senior police officer said on Wednesday.

    The case was registered on the directions of the Allahabad High Court under section 120 B IPC (conspiracy) against the Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Industries in Gagha Police station here last night, Senior Superintendent of Police Aditya Mishra said.

    Two other accused, village head of Ujjarpar, Rajesh Singh and one Gauri Shankar have been booked under sections 302 (murder), 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence or giving false information), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of public peace), 506 (criminal intimidation) and the SC/ST Act.

    According to police, one Subhavati of village Ujjarpar, the native village of the minister, had move a local court for lodging cases against the accused.

    She had alleged that the village head and Gauri Shankar were involved in the murder of her husband on January 28 and charged the minister with helping the accused.

    She moved the High Court after the local CJM's court rejected her plea.

  7. Now, Election Commissioner Navin Chawla in land row

    Someone is getting paid for being partisan.

  8. No nation in the world insults its soldiers, but the UPA government has earned the infamy of doing precisely that

  9. Pseudo-Secular Anti-Hindu Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) media humiliated again

  10. Slowdown claims 1.5 lakh job opportunities in Maharashtra

  11. Justice costs Rs 6,327/min in Delhi HC
    If you just fought a case in the Delhi High Court and felt the hearings were all too brief, here is why. With a staggering number of 3,32,141 cases that came up before the High Court during 2007-08, each case barely received five minutes of hearing (4 minutes 55 seconds, to be precise), HC's annual report released on Tuesday reveals.

    And, each minute of court's time cost a staggering Rs 6,327 to the exchequer.

    Even an adjournment without hearing doesn't come cheap. All listed cases cost the court an average of Rs 1,300, even if many got adjourned immediately. The report, which was released by Chief Justice A P Shah, claims it disposed of 56,612 cases, including 47,017 that were filed in that year alone while HC worked with 32 judges, much below its sanctioned strength of 48.

    While pointing to the "crushing load" on the courts, the Chief Justice said at present rate of disposal, it would take 466 years for the High Court to clear its backlog of cases entirely. He, however, said, "We have been able to reduce the cases of arrears from 79,818 in 2007 to 74,599 in 2008".

    The total expenditure incurred by the court last year was Rs 42.45 crore for 213 working days. "The average cost of listing each case before a judge worked out to Rs 1,297 and the average court expenditure per minute by the court was Rs 6,327 or Rs 19,93,180 for each working day," the report said.

    The court's disposal rate was faster than the rate of filing of fresh petitions, due to which the number of pending cases came down in 2007-08, it added.

  12. Don't attack us please, UK ads to say on Pak TV

    UK doesn’t need to go all the way to Pakistan to please the terrorists, they need to look in their own back yards. Check out this,

    In the video above Muslim extremists (even small kids) are openly supporting terrorists like Osama in their hate speeches outside Danish Embassy in London.

  13. ratzy wants more money: Catholic Church sells Tickets to Heaven

  14. Rape convict cracks UPSC
    A rape convict who cleared the civil services examination while serving his sentence, has won partial relief from the Delhi High Court on Tuesday, which said he had "redeemed himself in jail" by qualifying for the top job.

    A division bench comprising Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice Aruna Suresh refused to acquit Ashok Rai alias Amit and said he will continue to remain a convict for the crime of raping one Sushmita (name changed), who committed suicide in 2003.

    Rai will now be released from jail as he has already been behind bars for a period of five years and six months, with HC seeing this incarceration as "meeting the ends of justice"

    Rai used to take chemistry tuitions and started giving extra classes to Sushmita in 2003. According to her suicide note, the tutor drugged her in one of the coaching sessions and then induced her into having sex with him. Later they regularly had sex as Rai promised the duo will soon tie the knot. Sushmita maintained it was when Rai asked her to take contraceptive tablets that she sensed she was being "used", but felt trapped as she was madly in love with him.

    Things worsened when Rai allegedly asked her to have sex with a third person from whom he wanted a favour.
    This person, a sexual convict, drugged a woman to have sex with her and then continued to mislead her in name of marriage to take sexual advantage of her. He is such sick minded that he allegedly demanded her to have sex with others to benefit him a favor. After such despicable past he is now said to have redeemed his dues with just 5 years in jail and by clearing a civil services exam. With so many MPs and MLAs with serious criminal background (mis)representing the people of Bharat in Parliament, with another Union Minister Mahavir Prasad of Congress booked for murder just today, I think the country can afford having one less Babu than to have such rapist convict and a sexual predator as a Bureaucrat in the government already filled with corrupt officials. Convicts of such gruesome crimes should be barred from Politics, Government, and Public Service job.

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