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Monday, February 9, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 2/9/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (February 9, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
  1. DMK on its way to destroy chidambaram temple

    Anti-Hindu DMK back to its dirty tricks of hate crimes against Hindus.

  2. US Experts: India a terribly soft state

  3. Protest over skier intensifies in Kashmir
    Angry crowds blocked the main road to Gulmarg on Sunday as massive protests continued to rock the north Kashmir resort town and adjoining areas, a day after police detained a Swedish skier for hurting Muslim religious sentiments.

    Henz Patrick, in his 30s, was detained after locals protested that he was using a ski slider with Quranic verses inscribed on it.

    The J&K government is mulling over Patrick’s deportation. "The law will take its own course and we will have him deported after taking up the matter with the Swedish embassy in New Delhi," chief secretary S S Kapoor said. He said some political elements were trying to exploit the issue ahead of elections.
    Welcome to Incredible India! Where in this supposed Democratic Non-Islamic Secular country people are deported for putting Quranic verse on a ski, women are beaten black-and-blue by the real Muslim Taliban in a Mumbai mall for putting a Quranic verse tattoo on their body, women guests like Tasleema Nasreen are beaten and given death threats by Muslim extremists led by an elected Muslim MP for writing about Hindu Genocide in Bangladesh but Anti-Hindu bigots like MF Hussain are felicitated for drawing only Hindu Gods, Goddesses, Bharat Mata (Mother Nation depicted as powerful woman) as naked. Where the Police is more worried about the upcoming elections and its ramifications instead of upholding the rule of Federal Non-Sharia Law of Civil Liberties and Rights of Expression. Where they let loose Muslim Extremists to burn national property and harass a foreigner instead of worrying about the overall image of Bharat as a tourist destination. It doesn't seem like the same country where our great Vedic Rishis (seers) had set one of the million principles of Sanatan Vedic Dharm: ॥अतिथि देवो भवः॥ ॥Atithi Devo Bhavah॥ (Guests are welcomed like Demigods because it may be God in Human form). But now it's Islamic Religious Intolerance Galore! This is real Talibanization of India Renuka Chowdhury.

  4. Youth brutally murdered for marrying Muslim girl by Pranmoy Brahmachari
    A kangaroo court brutally "punished" one Sailendra Prasad at his in-law's village Lakshmanpur in Berhampore as he married Manera Bibi.

    The judges of a self-proclaimed village court never agreed to their inter-religion marriage. The Berhampore police arrested the three self-styled village court judges for ordering a fatwa of death sentence to Sailendra. Sailendra from Bihar worked in Mumbai and had a close relationship with Manera by hiding his religion. When he came to Lakshmanpur village, he disclosed his religious identity in an inebriated state. Being angry for his drinking habit, his father-in-law Ansaria Sheikh and mother-in-law Fatema Bibi disclosed his religious identity to the self-styled village "judge". A Kangaroo court was set up and they forcibly disrobed Sailendra and gave a death sentence to him.

    Accordingly, Sailendra's throat was slit and he was brutally killed on July 14. His body was hid in a jute field. On July 17, the Berhampore police recovered his decomposed body but was clueless about the murder. However, the victim's wife and her parents failed to bear the brutal killing of Sailendra.
    Now this is real Talibanization, thanks to radical Islamic intolerance for Sanatan Dharm (misnomer: Hinduism) and other religions.

  5. City has not court for mock hijacker's trial

    Wow! No courts available for trial of Hijackers. Bharat is so prepared for, God Forbid, the next batch of terrorists which may come from Pakistan, Bangladesh, or internal Radical Islamic terrorists. Nice work Congress, Bharatvaasi are so safe in Gandhi-Nehru family hands. No wonder US experts called India a terribly soft state.

  6. Mythical Hindu 'TALIBANS' disappoint Media

  7. Leftist organizations behind Mangalore MLA daughter abduction

    But Anti-Hindu bigoted Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) media falsely blamed Hindus for this kidnapping.

  8. Yes! Team Advani is here.

    • Modi-Jaitley duo to be new face of BJP by Sanjay Basak and Yojna Gusai
      The BJP’s national executive, which ended its three-day session in Nagpur on Sunday, has signalled the formal anointing of a new power centre: its high-profile general secretary Arun Jaitley and flamboyant chief minister Narendra Modi, who are all set to step into the shoes of veterans like Atal Behari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani.

      While Mr Advani will lead the BJP’s charge against the Congress in 2009, the Modi-Jaitley duo would also be tacitly projected as "young turks" waiting in the wings. Also, in order to combat the Congress’ GenNext campaign led by Amethi MP Rahul Gandhi, and possibly his sister Priyanka as well, the BJP is trying to appeal to younger voters by talking of the "youthfulness" of its 80-plus prime ministerial candidate. The BJP is acutely conscious that while "the average age of the Congress’ GenNext leaders is 40", its own second-line leaders are at least 50-plus, if not older. Mr Modi therefore lost no time talking about Mr Advani’s "energy... and youthful attitude towards life...", contrasting him with "all the Congress chief ministers."

      Addressing the national council meeting in Nagpur, Mr Modi also directly targeted the Nehru-Gandhi clan. "Ek parivar ke ateet ko age badane ke liye jo shadayantra chal raha hai, usse Hindustan ke bhavishya ko khatra hai... (The conspiracy to promote one family’s past is posing a danger to the country’s future)," Mr Modi said, without, however, referring to anybody by name. He went on to say that "the family has ruled the country for 37 years", adding that if the past five years were also taken into account, "it would be a 42-year rule." Dr Manmohan Singh, he added, was an "invisible Prime Minister", and went on to attack "bina jimmedari ke malai khana (power without accountability for the family in the last five years)."

      Mr Modi had his own take on why America had elected Mr Barack Obama as its new President: Americans, he felt, were "tired of the Bush and Clinton families". He exhorted India to opt for change by making Mr Advani Prime Minister. Mr Advani, meanwhile, once again referred to the Ram temple issue in his speech in Nagpur on Sunday, and vowed that the BJP had "not forsaken the cause of Ram Mandir."

    • 'Team Advani' in place; Modi, Jaitley get key roles

  9. Sewage water in Delhi's taps? DJB unveils Rs 2,454-cr sewerage plan
    It's a civic nightmare of the most disgusting kind. When residents of Vasant Kunj found sewage water flowing through their taps last
    month, many Delhiites would have taken it as a one-off incident. But, the Delhi Jal Board has now admitted that similar incidents could take place elsewhere in the capital. The reason: The city's rickety sewerage system is leaking almost everywhere, posing a serious health hazard to the public.

    But after sitting on this time bomb for years, DJB has finally promised to set things right with the launch of a mega plan to completely overhaul Delhi's sewerage system. The Rs 2,454 crore `interceptor' scheme will put in place new sewage lines to take in overflows from existing lines as well as the un-sewered areas of the city, and direct it to treatment plants.

    The plan, unveiled before the Supreme Court, promises to clean up Yamuna as well. What's more, work begins next month and is expected to be complete by January 2012, DJB said.
    And still Dilliwalas voted for Congress again. Polluted minds I guess?

  10. Former PM Vajpayee stable, say doctors

  11. Congress’ dynastic politics threat to India’s future: BJP
    The BJP’s second-rung leadership on Sunday launched a scathing attack on the Congress for “thrusting on the country dynastic politics in the name of GenNext leadership” and claimed that “India, like the USA, is disturbed over political power getting concentrated in the hands of a few families”.

    “The youth of the country has a future in the BJP alone. The Congress makes most of its appointments based on the family legacy,” said senior party leader Sushma Swaraj.

    Addressing the party’s national council meet here on Sunday, she said: “Compare the Congress’s young leaders — Rahul Gandhi, son of the late Rajiv Gandhi; Jyotiraditya Scindia, son of Madhavrao Scindia; Jatin Prasad; Sachin Pilot; Priya Dutt — with our own leaders, none of whom have used the family legacy to move up the ladder, right from L K Advani, Rajnath Singh, Venkaiah Naidu to Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and others.”

    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi went a step ahead and claimed that “the primacy of one family posed a danger to the future of the country”. “Ek parivar ke ateet ko aage badhane ke liye jo shadayantra chal raha hai, usse Hindustan ke bhavishya ko khatra hai,” he said. He claimed that while “members of one family had ruled the country for 37 long years,” the last five years of Manmohan Singh’s rule were “power without accountability for the family”.

    We need to tell the world that we have the maximum representation of the backward class, women and young MLAs and MPs. The average age of BJP MPs, MLAs and CMs is much less than other parties’ representatives, “ he said. He also said that the Congress had no place for leaders who didn’t have the right lineage. “Does the Congress remember Sardar Patel and Netaji? We organised a massive conclave in his (Bose) memory at Haripura where he had become the Congress president,” he said.

  12. Cong hails Rahul as 'agent of change'

    Hmm... agent of change? Looks like congress is hoping for some kind of a chemical reaction by introducing this so-called agent of change. But, what changes? Its the same old wine in new bottle. It is Monarchy in the name of Democracy. For 50 years out of 60 years, Congress has ruled Bharat. Every time it was some Nehru or fake Gandhi. Is that called a change? The only thing that this allegedly college dropout heir apparent of Congress can change is his clothes to party after terrorist attacks or to take some foreigner on poverty tour of Bharat. Must have learnt that from his fashion fanatic Shivraj Patil uncle, the worst shameless Home Minister ever.

  13. Mahatma Modiji Leader of Hindu India Gujarat, Promises Terror will be Defeated

  14. What happened to Jesus after the crucifixion? -- Swami Devananda
    It also leaves open to conjecture many other things. For example is there is any real evidence that a man called Jesus as described in the New Testament story, ever lived at all?
    Of course just because Christian Mythology says so, you can't just believe it.

  15. 9 arrested in 2008 Bangalore blasts case: Police

  16. Beware of infighting or lose the chance: BJP to cadres

  17. Palika emptied, sealed for 2 hours in mock drill

  18. What to feed the athletes in 2010? Govt puts on its thinking cap

    First of all Mr. Reporter, Global Positioning System (GPS) is not used for checking the quality of food at food processing units. It is used to locate a movable or immovable articles. Secondly, with less than a year to go for Commonwealth Games, the slothful government is now waking up to "advise the Directorate of Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) to prepare an action plan.". Nice! After spoiling the river bed of Holy river Yamuna by constructing the Commonwealth Games location right on it sidelining the Environmental issues and Honorable Courts directions. Now you want "to upgrade the standard of eateries in Delhi. Sources in the PFA, however, confirmed that the action plan will go further in its bid to introduce “international standards and implement proper guidelines”." And this is not because you want to give the best and healthy choice of food to the people of Indraprasth (misnomer: Delhi) but because you have to appease the foreigners. Who cares about the locals and their health?

  19. FBI officials to be witnesses in Kasab's trial
    Pakistan trained Faheem Ansari and Sabahuddin Ahmed will also be mentioned as conspirators in the case. Fahim had done the recee of all the places attacked and handed it over to Ahmed who went to Pakistan and handed it over to LeT handlers. Fahim and Ahmed, who were arrested by the UP police for terror attack there (UP), are currently being interrogated by the Mumbai police. Police, however, believes that Ajmal did not know either of them. In the chargesheet, 14 others including Zakhir-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Abdul Kahafa Hafiz Saeed Abu Hamsa will be shown as wanted.

    Mumbai police insisted that there was no local support and attack was carried on the basis of the information provided through this recee.
    Yeah right, those Muslim terrorists from Pakistan had no local support. Sure, I believe that. Just like US had no local support from Afghan Northern Alliance during invasion of Afghanistan, all they did was a recee to know where was Osama hiding and just went in there to bomb. Also, those 9/11 terrorists had no local support either, they just came from outside, did recee, went back, asked for Osama's opinion and came back for waging Islamic Jihad. You know for an attack so precise as the one on 26/11, Pakistanis must be so smart and better combatants than Bharatvaasi (misnomer: Indians) for carrying out such a precise attack with limited information from recee done by just two people. When the staff of the hotels doesn't know about the complete layout of the hotel to be able to guide commandos inside, these terrorists did a very well executed job without any local support following the information from recee. Good journalism, you ask just the right questions, keep it up. Sick!

  20. Mulayam defends Kalyan, slams Cong: Na tala khulta, na masjid girti

    Look Mulayam Singh is openly ranting his bigotry against Hindus by appeasing to the Muslims in order to prove himself "secular". It's a shame that people of Bharat especially Hindus still vote for such Anti-Hindu bigots who are a threat to national unity and communal harmony and who leave no opportunity untouched to politicize the issue to tame their vote bank. Like Kalyan Singh said, it was just a Qila, a symbol of disgrace and Muslims should forgo of their communal intolerance and learn to live in peace with mutual respect for others.

  21. Pakistani Taliban Muslim terrorists release video of Polish engineer's beheading
    Pakistani Taliban militants released a graphic video on Sunday showing the beheading of a Polish engineer whom they said was killed because Islamabad refused to free detained insurgents.

    The tape was released one day after a spokesman for Pakistan's umbrella Taliban group said its men had decapitated Piotr Stanczak, who was seized in the volatile northwest on September 28.

    Pakistan has seen a number of kidnappings of foreign nationals in recent months, many of them in the northwest, where Taliban and al-Qaida militants have been holed up since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001.

  22. Left may back Congress against BJP

    Of course they will join hands with their near past foes Congress. As the Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) idiom goes चोर चोर मौसेरे भाई / दुश्मन का दुश्मन मेरा भाई (Thief and Thief are cousins by profession / Enemy of Enemy is my friend). What else can you expect from pseudo-secular Left and Muslim rightist Congress, they will join hands to oppose Hindu rightist BJP in the name of their farce secularism. Burning their skeletons, that they were fighting just few months ago on farce nuclear deal which brought out the ugly Cash-for-Vote scam in which MPs were possibly bought and sold like hot potatoes.

  23. In Himachal govt diary, PoK is part of Pakistan

  24. Army unattractive career option for youth, says its chief

  25. Economic growth slides to 6-yr low at 7.1%

  26. Major mishap averted at Mumbai airport

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