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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 2/10/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (February 10, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
  1. World Heritage Thanjavur temple: State-sponsored vandalism, see photographic evidence

  2. When is the right time to ask?

  3. An Ombudsman for the Media

    I welcome Karnataka government's move to curtail News Entertainment media and make them more responsible and ethical.

  4. Claiming our Hindu identity and explaining it to others what it is all about: Rajiv Malhotra
    At a time when Hindus in general seem to be ignorant / complacent / negligent about their unique, age-old identity, and the anti-Hindus along with the non-Hindus are hell bent on diluting and, if possible, destroying that identity of India, in every possible way, including in the guise of 'bogus secularism', Sri Rajiv Malhotra, Founder, Infinity Foundation, has initiated an important discussion on the issue. This was the topic discussed in a workshop conducted/moderated by him at the recent ‘WAVES’ Conference at Orlando, and later on at the 'Hindu Unity Day' in New York, he also briefly outlined the subject matter of ‘The Hindu identity’ under the following three heads:

    1. Need for an identity

    Why do we need an identity?

    2. Hindu Identity

    What constitutes our identity / what are the hall marks of Hindu identity?

    3. Hindu interaction with others

    How do we Hindus deal/interact with the non-Hindus?

    Focusing on the important issues of Hindu identity in the present-day world, the learned speaker effectively highlights the central issue, the central source of confusion which is preventing a lot of people from claiming a Hindu identity. The sooner a conversation starts to clarify these points in the minds of the Hindus, the better, he asserts in conclusion.

    The full transcript of the talk on “Hindu Identity” by Rajiv Malhotra at the 23rd Anniversary of the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam (www.arshavidya.org) in Saylorsburg, PA, U.S.A., on Sep 14, 2008, follows a few select excerpts below.
    Please go here to watch the exemplary talk by Mr. Rajeev Malhotra on Hindu Identity.

  5. Donate generously to these good causes: CAPEEM, IDRF

  6. California Textbook Case

  7. India Development and Relief Fund

  8. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi is presented with Bharat Ratna

  9. Al-Qaida gives direct threats to BharatSleeping government, Dying citizens!

  10. Shamless Samajwadi Party-Communal Congress nexus of cash-for-vote corruption and purchased trust vote

    • CBI acting at Centre's behest in Mulayam case: SC

    • SC pulls up CBI for dillydallying in Mulayam assets case
      The Supreme Court severely criticized the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Tuesday for seeking to withdraw its earlier decision to proceed against former UP chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav and his relatives in the case relating to their alleged disproportionate assets.

      The court rebuked the CBI for approaching the central government for advice on the matter and asked the investigating agency's counsel, additional solicitor general Mohan Parasaran: "Since when has the CBI started taking advice from the government? Why didn't you come to the court for clarifications?"

      "You (CBI) are acting at the behest of central government and the law ministry. You are not acting on your own," said a Bench comprising Justice Altmas Kabir and Justice Cyriac Joseph, PTI reported.

      The court's observations came Parasaran said that the opinion of the law ministry was sought to withdraw an application filed by the CBI in which it had sought to file a report on inquiry before the apex court and not to the Centre.

      "You realise what you are saying. It is very unusual. It is because the central government gave opinion you filed the interim application (for withdrawal of the earlier application seeking to file the report on inquiry to the apex court)," the Bench said.

      "Why you filed the interim application on the opinion of the central government? It is incomprehensible," the Bench said.

    • Unbecoming Unparliamentary fracas in UP assembly over engineer's murder
      The budget session of the Uttar Pradesh assembly got off to a raucous start on Tuesday with opposition Samajwadi Party legislators Ruckus in UP assembly throwing paper missiles and hurling mikes while Governor T V Rajeswar watched helplessly from his podium with his marshals trying to fend the blows.

      The Samajwadi Party was protesting the Dec 24 murder of Public Works Department (PWD) engineer Manoj Kumar Gupta in Auraiya district, 150 km from here, allegedly at the behest of a ruling Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) legislator.

      They were joined by members of other parties, including the Congress and the Rashtriya Lok Dal, who shouted slogans and displayed banners outside the assembly.

      The legislators held aloft black pieces of cloth and threw files in protest against the murder while alleging that the law and order situation in the state was in disarray.
      Look who is talking about the law and order situation! Those who destroy national property in assembly itself.

  11. From March 1, pay more to fly out of IGI

    Like it wasn't a traumatizing experience already, now they will make people pay extra. What about those bribes people have to pay to the slothful Babus (bureaucrats, x-ray screeners, baggage handlers, etc.), will GMR refund that?

  12. LeT man accuses FBI agent of 'sexual assault'
    Lashkar-e-Taiba operative Faheem Ansari's lawyer has alleged before a magistrate that Ansari was "sexually harassed" by "a woman agent" from the Federal Bureau of Investigation while he was in custody of Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch. Ansari is an accused in the 26/11 attack.

    Advocate Ejaz Naqvi moved an application before the magistrate at Esplanade Court on Monday, demanding Ansari be taken for a "medical examination". He told reporters Ansari was made to "watch certain videos". The court issued a notice to the Crime Branch and asked it to file a reply by February 26.
    Now this is the joke of the day. A terrorist sexually assaulted by an American Woman FBI agent in Bharat. Sure, so believable. Faheen Ansari, we will believe you when Pigs will fly. Why don't you ask then? Also, since when does "made to watch certain videos" comes under the area of a sexual assault. If its true, then why didn't the courts, government, and media do anything when Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur complained that she was sexually molested and made to watch pornographic videos by ATS. Oh we forgot, may be because she is not a Muslim who have the first right India as per puppet Manmohan Singh. Also because Hindus don't have any rights in Bharat and if their Temples, if any, are openly vandalized by the state then she is just a follower of Hinduism. Why should she be left untouched?

  13. 26/11: Mumbai Crime Branch team to share probe details with FBI

    Hope they do some serious work in the US and not just take it as a vacation time off at the cost of tax payers money like President Pratibha Patil who likes to take her whole family on her official visits to foreign nations and her turn it into holidays. And then her son magically disappears and is found in the US carrying out his personal business flouting all the protocols and tax payers hard earned money.

  14. Former PM Vajpayee improving, to be off ventilator soon

  15. 2.5 Crore cases are pending, Bharat needs 10,000 more courts: Supreme Court
    Setting up more courts so that people have easier access to justice may be a good idea but it would be meaningless unless 80-85% of
    the population had at least high school level education, the Supreme Court said on Friday.

    A Bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justice P Sathasivam said establishing more courts alone would not solve the problem and cited a PIL on the death of over 4,000 tribals in road accidents in Sonebhadra district of UP where not a single victim's family got compensation.

    "The Motor Accident Claims Tribunals are there but the illiterate tribals had no knowledge of how to exercise their legal rights for compensation, being ignorant about approaching the tribunals," the Bench said responding to the suggestions on judicial reforms by counsel Prashant Bhushan on a PIL.

    To tackle the pendency of nearly 2.5 crore cases, there was an urgent need for an additional 10,000 courts, the CJI said. "But, establishing these courts alone will not give the desired result. To approach these courts for grievance redressal, there has to be awareness, which will come only when there is a rise in the education level among people," he said.

  16. Another scam by CPM in KeralaThe CPM's cup of woes seems to be overflowing. After the SNC-Lavalin blot, one of the accused in the infamous Total4U scam — a financial firm run by a 20-year-old allegedly duped investors of crores of rupees — claimed on Friday that the sons of two senior CPM ministers were linked to the main accused Sabarinath.

    Ramani Krishnan, who is the 11th accused in the chargesheet filed by crime branch, told a TV channel that the sons of at least two senior party leaders were linked to the scam. A section of the media pointed at the finger at Binish Kodiyeri, son of state home and tourism minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan.

    Ramani is also learnt to have filed a complaint against Sabarinath and some others accusing the former of trying to buy luxury vehicles and leasing them out to the tourism department using his political connections.
    Another case of Leftist corruption after CPM's Rs 374.50 crore SCN-Lavalin scam, Xenitis corruption scam of how to make Rs 125 cr for free and Nandigram Genocide.

  17. Raju brothers get VIP status, privacy in jail
    Disgraced Satyam boss B Ramalinga Raju may not be able to access his wardrobe full of designer suits and shoes, but from Saturday his stay at Hyderabad’s Chanchalguda prison will get a little better.

    Raju and his brother, Rama Raju, have been living the life of ordinary inmates since their arrest on January 9 — sleeping on cold mattresses on the ground, eating watery daal and rice and sharing toilets with other prisoners.

    Granted special class prisoner status on Friday, the brothers will now get cots, pillows, mattresses, sheets, mosquito nets, a separate kitchen and toilet, jail sources said.

    The facilities go beyond bare necessities. ‘‘They can get newspapers and can smoke cigarettes or cigars if they wish to. They can also eat meat and fish everyday provided it is brought by their family members,’’ the source said.

    Apart from separate cots, pillows, mattresses, toilet, kitchen, there are other privileges that the Rajus can ask for. ‘‘Like if they ask for a colour TV, it is the duty of the state government to provide it,’’ one official said. The only facility they are denied is access to a telephone.

    A Hyderabad lower court granted special class prisoner status to the Rajus few days ago. However, the order asked the Hyderabad collector, under whose jurisdiction Chanchalguda falls, to certify that the Rajus were used to a high lifestyle and should be accorded the same while in jail.
    I, I don't have words. So if someone is used to high lifestyle and has houses in 64 countries irrespective of what disgraceful unethical criminal ways in which they accumulated so much money, they will be extended such high lifestyle in prison also. With all due respect, Courts should throw such people in prison with dreaded criminals so that they will get remorse for their crimes instead of letting them stay in a private cell fully furnished and equipped like some five star hotel room. That would have set a good precedence rather than discriminating amongst even criminals on the basis of their financial status. This is the new caste/class based discrimination of 21st century where people are segregated in airlines, restaurants, discos, hotels, even prison on the basis of their lifestyle and financial status.

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