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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Subramanian Swamy assaulted in Madras High Court

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What do you get for standing up for the rights of Hindus in Bharat (misnomer: India) especially in Anti-Hindu Pro-LTTE communal bigot Karunanidhi's state of Tamil Nadu? You get what Janata Party president Dr. Subramanian Swamy got as a gratitude for tirelessly working for the cause of Hindus and national integration. In an unprecedented and despicable show of intolerance of some Anti-Brahmin prejudiced & Pro-LTTE terrorists lawyers, a bunch of racist losers, assaulted Dr. Swamy and hurled eggs and invectives on him at the Madras High Court hall in full view of a couple of judges.

Where are the calls for Article 355 now?

Where are the calls to stop Talibanization of Madras/Chennai?

There are severe terror threats to Hindu temples in the country particularly to God Shiv ji's Mandir in Kashi, God Shri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, God Shri Krishna Mandir in Mathura and other important Mandir in South. There have been news of Tamil Nadu Government scam to grab the Temple lands. Anti-Hindu bigot Karunanidhi's government in collusion with Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi's UPA government have been systematically destroying Hindu heritage from Shri Ram Setu to slandering Hindu Gods. Of course for them, Justice means Vengeance. Recent one is that Anti-Hindu bigot Government is trying to take over prestigious Chidambaram temple. Dr. Swamy is leading the fight in all these important issues including the latest one in which he has opposed the take over of Nataraja temple by Govt.
Opposing the takeover of the administration of the famous Nataraja temple in Chidambaram in Cuddalore district from Dikshitar community by the state government, Janata Party President Dr Subramanian Swamy has said that he would implead himself in an appeal proposed by the Dikshitars challenging a single bench Judge's order paving the way for the government take over.

Swamy contended that the judgement of the High Court was deficient and pointed out that a 1952 ruling by the court had held that it is a 'denominational' temple. This was not challenged further."Hence the single Judge verdict is hit by the doctrine of Res Judicata. The court has not property apprceciated the case," he said.

The court, in its order, rejected the plea of the Dikshitar community that the 1,500 year old temple was a private one and they had 'untrammeled rights'. it also upheld the appointment of an executive officer to administer the temple. Swamy said he was competent to file the petition as he had been a former law minister and handled a number of questions relating to temples and in protection of it before various forums.

Swamy said "a petition is pending before the Parliament petition committee,regarding temple affairs in Andhra Pradesh. I have got vast knowledge of this and have to free temples from the clutches of the government."

He pointed out that there is a fundamental difference between temples and masjids and churches. In temples, after 'Pranaprathishta' is done, the place becomes that of God, while it is not so in the others.

Stating that the charges levelled against Dikshitars have not been proved, he pointed out that there are many temples under the control of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments department, against which there are allegations.

"The government should concentrate on maintaining law and order and developing the economy. Instead they are trying to manage the temple," he said.

Swamy was here to attend a function at the Ramanujam centre in Sastra University.
In such an Anti-Hindu Talibanized India, I agree with Dr. Swamy that there is a dire need for ‘Hindu vote bank’ more than ever before to protect the rights of Hindus and radically demonized Brahmins.
Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy on Monday said the only way to counter vote-bank policies blindly pursued by governments and political parties was to develop a strong and formidable “Hindu vote bank.” It was the only way to check the “continued neglect and subjugation of Hindus and Hindu temples,” he said.

Dr. Swamy criticised the United Progressive Alliance government for its attempt to “bend over backwards” to protect mosques and churches while showing “utter indifference” to protect the Hindu shrines and sentiments.

He was addressing a convention organised by the Andhra Pradesh Hindu Temples Protection Committee.

Dr. Swamy said that though there were 42 mosques in Ayodhya where no prayers were offered, Muslims were laying claim to the disputed Ram Janmabhoomi alone.

Shame on you Karunanidhi and Government of Bharat!

Such Anti-Hindu Anti-Brahmin racist bigots should be debarred from practicing law and sent off to Sri Lanka to live with LTTE terrorist whom they love so much. They should be booked under treason and sedition charges!

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  9. Advocates assault Subramanian Swamy
    Later in the evening, the Bench passed an order that was merely a recap of the incident. They directed the Registry to place a copy of their order before the Acting Chief Justice for appropriate action.

    In their order, the judges said that an unruly mob consisting of many advocates entered the court and shouted slogans in support of Sri Lankan Tamils.

    Some members assaulted Swamy.

    Similarly, some other members assaulted the police constables.

    Some threw rotten eggs inside the court hall and shouted filthy slogans. The slogans included `Brahmin dog down down’

  10. HC Bench refers lawyers attack on Swamy to acting CJ
    Taking suo motu action, the Bench, in its brief order, narrated the violent incident inside the court hall, stating that a group of advocates entered inside the court hall, raised slogans against Dr Swamy and assaulted him.

    They threw eggs on him and abused him, saying ”Papara Naye Veliye Po” (You Brahmin dog...get out of the court), the Bench, comprising Justice P K Misra and Justice K Chandru said.

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  12. HC Bench refers lawyers attack on Swamy to acting CJ

  13. Lawyer arrested for pelting eggs at Swamy
    The high court police on Wednesday night arrested a lawyer, Immanuel, in connection with the incident in which a group of lawyers hurled eggs at Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy inside the Madras high court hall on Tuesday.

    Earlier, assistant commissioner of police Khader Moideen lodged a complaint with the city commissioner of police against a group of advocates who had allegedly manhandled him before hurling eggs at Subramanian Swamy inside the high court.

    "We have photographs of the incident and we have identified some of the lawyers who led the attack against Subramaniam Swamy and the officer. We have not received any complaint from Subramaniam Swamy yet," a senior police officer said.
    Just take Suo Motto action as it is a cognizable offense, what complaint are these people waiting for? It happened in front of High Court Judges, tens of Police Officers and hundreds of citizens. How many more witnesses do you want?

  14. No law and order in TN: Swamy
    Swamy said he would continue to appear in court for cases relating to the attack on his party's Madurai office a few months ago and the Chidambaram dikshithars' appeal against the high court order allowing the takeover of the Nataraja temple by the state government.

    He said Tamil Nadu had become a state where the provisions of the Constitution, including the freedom it guaranteed, were not enforceable due to "the atrocities committed by mercenaries of the LTTE". He suspected the hand of some political and radical outfits behind the attack on him.
    Artcile 355 should be implemented and President's rule should be enforced in Tamil Nadu.

  15. Subramanian Swamy Wants Prez Rule in TN
    Addressing a press conference here, Dr Swamy said he would approach the Apex Court shortly to complain about the inability of the Tamil Nadu Government to carry out day-to-day administration, as required by the Constitution and call for imposition of President's Rule in the State.

    Citing Tuesday's attack against him in front of two Judges, he said even the High Court (HC) premises in the State was not "safe" and prayed to the court to get details about the steps taken by the Centre to dismiss the Tamil Nadu Government for the Constitutional breakdown and establish rule of law in the State.

    Dr Swamy would also ask the Supreme Court to seek details about the steps taken by the Central and State Governments for proper functioning of Madras High Court in the State.

    He demanded that 25 lawyers, who were responsible for the unruly behaviour inside the Court premises, should be arrested immediately.

    Alleging that some of the advocates who attacked him belonged to naxal groups, besides Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), PMK and Dravidar Kazhagam Parties, Dr Swamy demanded they should be debarred from attending the courts.

    He said the Indian national flag was burnt at least five times in the State in the recent times, educational institutions were closed and the people being taken for a ride under the pretext of organizing agitations in support of the banned LTTE and wanted to know the steps taken by the government to stop all these things in the State.

    The President Rule should be imposed in the State and the next elections held under the direct control of Central security forces, he added.

  16. Utter lawlessness and chaos in Madras High Court: Not safe even inside the Court Hall because of so many unruly, lawless advocates -- V.SUNDARAM

  17. Police, lawyers clash at Madras HC. For the pictures please click here.
    Pitched battles were fought outside the Madras high court on Thursday afternoon after the police arrested 17 lawyers for attacking Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy.

    Lawyers sympathetic to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on Tuesday hurled rotten eggs at Swamy inside the court in the presence of the judges and shouted anti-India slogans.

  18. Video: Police lathicharge the Pro-Terrorist-LTTE lawyers. These traitors got what they deserve, police ka danda up their LTTE ass.

  19. Video: Police, lawyers clash outside Madras HC

  20. 150 lawyers protest Madras HC violence, arrested
    Police arrested 150 lawyers in Chennai on Friday as protests continue to disrupt life in the state. The lawyers were taking out a protest march to the Tamil Nadu secretariat over the violence in the Madras High Court on Thursday, when rampaging lawyers and lathi wielding police fought pitched battles. The Tamil Nadu Bar Association president is among those arrested. Courts in Chennai remained closed today and lawyers were seen protesting outside the court premises, as well. Earlier in the day, the issue rocked Tamil Nadu assembly, leading to an en masse eviction of the entire opposition. The opposition was demanding that the question hour be postponed to discuss the mayhem on court premises.

  21. HC orders probe, courts shut today

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