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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Narendra Modi answers to Chidambaram

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Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi gave Home Minister or Finance Minister or whatever portfolio Mr. P Chidambaram holds, people it is so hard to keep track of these Antonia Maino's loyalists because they keep on juggling around in different Ministries, a good piece of his mind:
"Don't force me to react, or it will be difficult for you to handle what I say,"
Looks like Mr. Chidambaram forgot who he was taking panga (calling for a duel) with but must have gotten a good jolt to come back to reality. Rather than showing bipartisanship, higher standards, and unity by welcoming Mr. Modi's suggestions to investigate what all internal help of any kind (logistical, manpower, ideological, etc.), if any, was given to 26/11 terrorists he had to politicize the issue to score few cheap points by ridiculing thrice elected head of one the most prosperous state in Bharat.
"You should ask Narendra Modi whether he and Pakistan are in contact with each other,"
Did he ask Pakistan before he became a staunch proponent of the communal non-secular economic theory by which banks must set apart 15% of all loans to Muslims?

Can one day pass when Antonia Maino's minions will shed their condescending attitude and think of nation as one. Not 15% and 85%.

Modi, Chidambaram locked in war of words over Mumbai attacks
on Tuesday night, Modi said he was quoted out of context. "I meant to say that if Pakistan executed such a massive operation then it would not have been possible without a local recce. There must have been some networking. The Indian Government should also probe that angle," Modi said.

Reacting to Chidambaram's remarks, Modi hit back asking him what kind of "friendship" he has with Pakistan that the Centre has not completed fencing work on Gujarat border.

"I ask Mr Chidambaram, why you have not completed the fencing of Gujarat border with Pakistan. What kind of friendship you have with Pakistan," Modi said.
Can Mr. Chidambaram, who has never been a Chief Minister of any state, please answer that? Can he please enlighten Bharatvaasi and the world as to what specific steps has UPA taken after 26/11 to PREVENT terror strikes again? Their farcical NIA and overnight amendments (without due scrutiny by Parliament) are all post new attacks solution. There have already been 4 terrorist attacks after 11/26/2008 radical Islamic terrorist attack in Mumbai. Doesn't look like these changes helped. So, no hollow talks please.

26/11 probe: Modi vs Chidambaram
Prakash Javadekar strove to support Modi saying, "I have spoken to a lot of police officers who were in Mumbai on that fateful day. A lot of senior officers have confirmed what Mr Modi is saying and it is very logical that there cannot be an attack from Pakistan without any local support. No one doubts that it was a Pakistan perpetrated attack."

Javadekar retorted back saying, "Not us, but Antulay who is acting as Pakistan's lawyer. He created unnecessary furore and suspicion. Mr Tiwari is levelling bogus charges at us. Everyone says it is a Pakistan-sponsored, Pakistan-perpetrated attack, a conspiracy hatched in Pakistan by official agencies and carried out by Pakistan. But things don't happen in vacuum."

When Narendra Modi makes such statements, it seems as if he is playing the ideological card - blaming the minority community, asking who is stopping the Government from taking action and saying that the Government is engaging in votebank politics.

Javadekar responded to this saying that no one had named any community and the local support could have come from anybody. "Pseudo-secularists always have religion in mind. We have criminals in mind and we want them punished," he stated.

Dr Sreeradha Datta entered the debate at this point saying, "If you look at the proportions of the attack, it would not have been possible without some kind of logistical support from within India. These kind of actions cannot take place by people just walking into a particular state and doing what they did."

Javadekar said that this was not votebank politics. "Votebank politics is when the Prime Minister doesn't lose sleep over the condition of the victims of terror, but loses sleep over the agony of the parents of the son who blew himself up at the Glasgow airport. Congress President Sonia Gandhi says to the Hyderabad Police don't persecute one community. We want to know how can there be a quota for criminals? If you pick up a Muslim boy then you have to pick up Hindu boys, OBC and SC/ST boys too? This is bizarre."

He said that Modi had, after the Delhi blasts and Ahmedabad blasts, gone to the Prime Minister himself and told him about the confession of terrorists who were behind the blasts.

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