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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Corrupt RAW agent wanted no raw deal

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I was watching this new show called Homeland Security USA with a great awe and reverence as to how diligently American government and agencies are working day and night to protect its customs and borders. It is so heartening to see that every official that they show from a CBP officer to a TSA agent to a Coast Guard et al thinks that what he/she does, it matters. Whatever he/she contributes protects America. Its exactly what Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi talked about in his rebuttal to corrupt Congress's Rajiv Shukla's biased question at HT Summit in 2007. He said that the only way a nation can succeed is when every person believes in the nation and whatever he/she does from sweeping the roads to protecting borders, from customs to income tax enforcement, from selling security camera to IDing those who buy SIM cards, or whatever they do, they understand that it contributes towards building the nation and keeping it safe.

But then we have one, Dr. A S Narayan Rao. A senior officer working as a scientist in the technical division of RAW who was arrested by CBI for taking bribe. With 41 terrorist attacks in just four and a half years and such corrupt officials appointed to serve and protect national security, this slothful government can create as many National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Unique Identity Authority (UIA) as it wants. They are nothing but an eyewash till the time such corrupt and treacherous officials are deputed to protect the Matrbhoomi.
  1. RAW officer arrested by CBI for taking bribe
  2. Dr A S Narayan Rao, working as a scientist in the technical division of RAW, was arrested by CBI from a hotel in Karol Bagh last night when he was allegedly taking the amount from the manufacturer, CBI sources said.

    Rao had allegedly demanded Rs eight lakh as a bribe for clearing the export licence of the Chennai-based firm. Rs one lakh was the first installment of the bribe amount.

  3. RAW man held on bribe charge, says other officers also involved

  4. RAW officer sent to police custody on bribery charges
Some of the politicians are no less a disgrace either. Some of them like Chander Mohan, the 43-year-old son of former Haryana chief minister Bhajan Lal, are more busy humping in the sack than worrying about national security. He converted to Islam so that he could have more than one wife and changed his name to Chand Mohammad. He then married former Additional Advocate General Anuradha Bali alias Fiza, another convert, and proclaimed his "undying" love for her in public.
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