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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nathuram Godse "May it please Your Honour" Part ६

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May It Please Your Honour - Shri Nathuram Godse's legendary testimony

Continued from Part ५....

Summary of List of Documents and Annexed

(1) Dy. Prime Minister's statement dated January 12, 1948. Payment of Cash Balance to Pakistan. Late Sardar Valabhbhai Patel, then Dy. Prime Minister has in his statement exposed Pakistan's highhandedness and double game of acquiring cash balances from India and at the same time continuing the invasion on Kashmir. he has strongly defended in the statement India's stand on withholding the money.

(2) The Finance Minister's account of negotiations reaffirms. Sardar Patel's stand and sounds a note of warning that India cannot be cowed down by the campaign of hectoring, bullying and scandalizing on the pert of responsible Ministers of Pakistan.

(3) The extract "India's spontaneous gesture of goodwill" first reiterates India's stand as just but then it yields to Gandhiji's fast and declares immediate release of the cash balances of Rs. 55 crores.

(4) This in an extract from the Prime Minister's statement. It avers that after consultation with Gandhiji Government had decided to release Rs. 55 crores.

(5) The resolutions of Hindu Mahasabha at its Bilaspur session in December, 1944: They were supported by Shri N. V. Godse.

(i) Basic principles of Constitution of independent Hindusthan : which will be styled as "Constitution of Hindusthan Free State."

(ii) Historically, politically, ethnologically and culturally Hindusthan is one, whole and indivisible and so she shall remain.

(iii) The Government to be democratic and federal in character.

(iv) The Federal Legislature to be bi-cameral in structure.

(v) Election to be on adult franchise on one man one vote basis. The electrorates to he joint with reservation of seats for minorities on population basis.

(vi) Fundamental Rights : All citizens to be equal in and before law. There shall be no law, civil or criminal, substantive or procedural, of a discriminative nature.

(vii) No citizen by reason of his colour, caste or creed to be prejudiced in any way in regard to public employment, office or power or honour or exercise of any profession, trade of calling.

(viii) All citizens shall, subject to public order or morality, enjoy freedom of conscience and profession and practice of religion and protection of culture and language and no law shall be made directly or indirectly to endow any religion or prohibit or restrict the free exercise thereof or give any preference or impose disability on account of religious belief of religious status.

The Will

The will of Nathuram is in the form of a letter in Hindi, addressed to. Shri Dattatraya Vinayak Godse, his younger brother. The Magistrate put a seal over it on November 15, 1949. The Jail authorities passed on the letter to Shri Dattatraya.

Nathuram left behind only valuable property-his ashes-and instructed how to dispose them of.

Ambala Jail,

My dear Dattatraya,

You are allowed to perform last rites of my body you may perform them in any manner. But I am to express herewith a specific wish.

The river Indus (Sindhu), on the banks of which our Pre- historic Rishis composed the Vedas is the Boundary of our Bharatvdrsha i.e. Hindusthan.

My ashes may be sunk in the Holy Sindhu river when she will again flow freely under the aegis of the flag of Hindusthan. That will be the sacred day for US.

It hardly matters even if it took a couple of generations for realising my wish. Preserve the ashes till then, and if that day would not dawn in your life time, pass on the remains to posterity for translating my desire into reality.

If and when the Government lifts ban on my statement made in the Court, I authorise you to publish it.


Nathuram Vinayak Godse

I have donated Rs. 101/- on this day for its utilisation for the dome (kalasha) of the sacred Somnath temple which is under construction.


Nathuram Vinayak Godse

7-15 a.m.

Seal of The Magistrate
Source: Summary of List of Documents and Annexed by ReferenceBuddy and Mr. Gopal Godse

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