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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 2/19/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (February 19, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
  1. Myanmar Mission of the Council of Nagaland Baptist Churches (CNBC) Missionaries set Hindu temple on fire
    According to the complaints of Hindu Nagas, the Christian missionaries from Tamenlong in Manipur in collusion with their Barak Valley activists have been converting the Hindus of Ujan Tarapur through allurements and threats.

    Christian missionaries preach many things and quote the Bible in particular to say, “We do not hurt other denominations.” And behind the facade of this Biblical adherence lies the ugly face of their activities to take resort to illegal and fraud for conversion of the innocent and simple minded people by force, inducement and questionable means. It is now more than clear that it is these missionaries who create conflict and stoke the flame of religious bigotry and communal passion. Glaring example is Kandhamal.Laxamananda Saraswati was murdered because he had become a formidable force in the area against forced conversion of Hindus. His popularity and following in the area was rapidly increasing, scaring the Christian zealots.

    The pseudo secularists and the media of that mindset blamed the VHP and the Bajrang Dal for the Kandhamal situation without making any ground study. Let them come to Barak Valley of Assam and have independent and objective look at the nefarious and provocative designs of the missionaries to convert the Hindus.

  2. World's smallest Hanuman Chalisa

  3. Johann Hari has Hindu Phobia

  4. Advani's the MAN by GVL Narasimha Rao

  5. An auto ride to remember: Get phone, paper in Karnavati (misnomer: Ahmedabad) autos

  6. PM Manmohan Singh is a night watchman: Arun Jaitley
    Participating in a debate on President's address to the joint session, BJP's Arun Jaitley accused the UPA government of compromising the nation's security, both internal and external, and of frittering away the gains of economy clocked under the NDA.

    Jaitley came down hard on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, accusing him of failing to provide inspiring leadership when the country was in the grip of a serious crisis. The former union minister, who wished Singh, convalescing from a heart surgery, a speedy recovery, pulled few punches as he hammered home his argument that the PM could not lead because he was not the first choice for the top job. "The prime minister is merely a stop gap arrangement in a stop gap job. The PM of the world's largest democracy cannot be a night watchman," he said.

    On foreign policy, he accused the government of failing to read the situation in Pakistan as well as the hostile intent of the neighbour. Jaitley attacked the PM for describing Pakistan as a "victim of terror". "By the time they woke up to it, Taliban had moved within 100 km of Islamambad, five hours of driving from India," he said.

    CPM's Brinda Karat was equally trenchant in her attack on the government, calling it directionless. She said the President's address had glossed over serious issues like farmers' suicide and women's reservation bill. "This address has no direction because the government itself is completely directionless," she added.

    She focused on government's steps in the field of economy -- including the recent decision to allow FDI in all sectors through a Cabinet decision and the alleged scam in telecom licensing -- as she accused it of promoting the "worst form of crony capitalism".

    Jaitley's speech also appeared to outline BJP's campaign for coming polls, with the leader focusing his attack on the triad of issues of economic mismanagaement, internal security and on what he called foreign policy failures.

    The former minister said that UPA government delayed changing the anti-terror law for the sake of vote bank politics. "It conveninently forgot that terrorism is religion neutral. Some terror groups are inspired by religion but all terror groups attack the sovereignty and integrity of India. Everytime you surrender to vote bank politics, you strengthen Taliban," he said. Jaitley also spoke of the growing spread of left-wing extremism to back up his charge.

  7. Dr. Subramanian Swamy assaulted in Madras High Court by Anti-Hindu racist Pro-Terrorist-LTTE lawyers

    Such Anti-Hindu Anti-Brahmin racist bigots should be debarred from practicing law and sent off to Sri Lanka to live with LTTE terrorist whom they love so much. They should be booked under treason and sedition charges!

    • Advocates assault Subramanian Swamy
      Later in the evening, the Bench passed an order that was merely a recap of the incident. They directed the Registry to place a copy of their order before the Acting Chief Justice for appropriate action.

      In their order, the judges said that an unruly mob consisting of many advocates entered the court and shouted slogans in support of Sri Lankan Tamils.

      Some members assaulted Swamy.

      Similarly, some other members assaulted the police constables.

      Some threw rotten eggs inside the court hall and shouted filthy slogans. The slogans included `Brahmin dog down down’

  8. Utter lawlessness and chaos in Madras High Court: Not safe even inside the Court Hall because of so many unruly, lawless advocates -- V.SUNDARAM

  9. CM 'pained' over attack on Swamy, remarks against nation
    Party general secretary and Finance Minister K Anbazhagan said in a press release here that Karunanidhi is "pained" that he is not able to initiate action (as Chief Minister) despite being a witness to all these incidents and appealed to all those concerned not to resort to any action that would give the "slightest of strain," or "mental stress" to him. Such incidents would do no good to the health of Karunanidhi, who is recovering from a spinal chord surgery at a hospital near here, Anbazhagan said and asked those resorting to such actions to refrain from doing so as it would help the DMK leader recuperate faster.
    Look at this communal nonsecular party's logic which keeps its Anti-Hindu bigot leader Karunanidhi over National Sovereignty and Citizen's Security. They are asking the radicals to pause their activities as their 84 years old leader is sick and such incidents make his (mis)rule uncomfortable. Instead of resigning from power for total breakdown of Law & Order and for five shameful incidents of burning Indian National flag in the state they are shamelessly holding on to the power! No, instead they want the Anti-Hindu Anti-Brahmin racists to hold on till the venomous Karunanidhi recuperates to spew hatred against Hindus and pressure pusillanimous Central Government again to break some other Hindu heritage like 20000 years old Shri Ram Setu.

  10. H-1B visa ban for bailed-out US firms irrational: Montek
    While I agree with Mr. Ahluwalia that US is unnecessarily moving towards protectionism without relaxing its immigration norms but Mr. Ahluwalia should remember he is Planning Commission Deputy Chairman of Bharat and not US. He should rather remind spineless Manmohan Singh of another one of his sham promise of negotiating a treaty with US to refund the Social Security and Medicare of Bharatiya Nationals which runs in thousands of dollars per person. That money should go back to Bharat and stimulate its economy. This government should worry about Bharat and not so much about US, just like its farce Nuclear Deal.

  11. Third trial begins for US 'terror cell'
    Oh no, why doesn't US realize that if these terrorists are convicted, puppet Manmohan Singh will loose his sleep again. Here is US, which will sentence these terrorists (God bless America for doing that) for 70 years in prison for hatching a terror plot to blow up Sears tower, Chicago, IL which never even saw the light of the day (Thank God) but then there is pusillanimous terror friendly Congress led UPA Government of Bharat which doesn't even have guts to hang Mohamed Afzal for attacking the Bharatiya Parliament, the same incident that they misuse to pass the buck on terror issue by attacking BJP.

  12. Congress corruption: Andhra CM Samuel Reddy worth Rs 10000 Crores and his son has connections with Satyam scam

  13. Sea route may be used for nuclear attack: Navy chief
    “The container would be the most likely means for terrorist organisations to illegally transport a nuclear weapon,” Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta said.
    Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

  14. Banned terror group HuJI still active in Bangladesh
    Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

  15. Maratha activists hurl stones at Maharashtra CM Chavan's chopper

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