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Monday, February 23, 2009

Media ridicules VHP's demand for fatwa against terror

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Issue fatwa declaring India friend of Islam: VHP
It may be a poll-related gimmick but it's a clever one. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has sent a letter to 13 prominent Muslim organisations in India with a curious request — that they declare, in a fatwa, India to be a "friend" of Islam, or a Dar-ul-Aman, therefore making jihad against India and Indians invalid.

The Dharm Raksha Manch, a congregation of Hindu leaders, also asked the Muslim leadership to declare that Hindus were not "kafirs" and therefore should not be targets of jihad. The letter has been sent to the All India Milli Council, Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband, Tablighi Jamaat, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind and All India Organisation of Imams of Mosques among others.

The letter asks the ulema to "issue a fatwa declaring that India was not Dar-ul-Harb", i.e. a country against which Muslims must launch a religious war, rather "India was Dar-ul-Aman, a land of peace where all Muslims can practise and propagate their religion uninterrupted".

Certainly, the Laskhar-e-Taiba, in its writing and speeches by Hafiz Mohammed Saeed, has declared on numerous occasions that its goal was to reclaim the Islamic lands of India — apart from Kashmir, this would include Hyderabad, Junagadh etc. This was the inspiration behind the name Deccan Mujahideen, a front for LeT. India, according to many Islamist leaders, is a legitimate jihadi target.

In their vitriolic emails, the Indian Mujahideen, which claimed responsibility for the Delhi and Ahmedabad blasts, had also used the reference of scriptures to justify attacks against Indians.

Ashok Singhal, head of the VHP, said the letter had asked Muslim scholars to clear misconceptions. "The Dharm Raksha Manch is particularly concerned that Islamic scriptures have served as the inspiration behind these attacks, and concerned that the same might occur again in the future," he said.

"We are expecting the said organisations to respond to this appeal in a positive manner. We firmly believe that till the time Islamic leaders do not condemn religion inspired violence, terrorism in this country will not come to an end," Singhal said. "If Islam is a religion of peace, as they propagate, then we expect them to issue a fatwa clearing these views," he added.
How in the world can this be a poll gimmick? You know, you guys are such a scoffer. You make me sick with your overtly Anti-Hindu "must be because he is muslim" skeptic bigotry. So the terrorist organizations like SIMI on their websites, in their pamphlets and Indian Mujaheddin in it's emails quotes from Koran to rant Anti-Bharat Anti-America hate speeches declaring religious war against the "infidel" Hindus but instead it is VHP which is tagged communal, as per you, for asking Mullahs/Imams to clear the air by declaring this violent Jihad against Bharat as invalid. Bravo! Kya logic hai! What a logic!

If a fatwa from these 6th century lifestyle lovers can stop even one terrorist attack and save innocent lives then who wouldn't be up for it? Who in the world cares whether it is for political gain or not? If it can save even one innocent life, it's worthed. Let me remind you because pseudo-secular fundamentalists out there always have a sudden stroke on amnesia to conveniently forget what doesn't toe their line of preposterous cynical arguments. Let me remind you that this government spends Rs 180 Crore to protect each Maino-Gandhi but only Rs 158 Crore to protect One Billion Indians every f**king year. Since, Indians can't expect the spineless PM under despot Antonia Maino to protect them, as clear from 42 major terrorist attacks in so many years, hence if a petty piece of paper called fatwa can save many lives, I think it's a cheap bargain and Indians should take it.

The real question is would these organizations issue such fatwa? Will they show by issuing such fatwa that they mutually respect Hindus? Would they show by issuing such fatwa that they are Religiously Tolerant and believe in Bharat's Secular (panthnirpeksh) constitution? Would they show by issuing such fatwa that they don't approve of such violence against humanity on the basis of their religion?

Well I don't know the answers to these questions. Do you? Would you question the motive of these Islamic organizations with the same zeal with which you ridicule Hindu organizations, if the former will deny issuing this fatwa? Look into your conscience before questioning the motive of those who are at least trying, however small the contribution may be, to save that one life from the hands of the terrorists rather than sitting on their lazy ass well protected under their Rs 180 crore security cover ranting the same parroted statements again and again for the past 5 years like "we will show our hostile neighbors who we are", "Taliban can't touch India", "Muslims have first right on the resources", "terrorists are trying to break our religious harmony and unity but we will not bow down", "we have given the evidence now the hostile nation should act", "they can't do anythings to Indians"... blah blah blah. Well they did. They came, they bombed, they shot, they mass murdered and they left. Not once. Not twice. But tens of times and you couldn't do sh*t about it.

Hell you had information about Mumbai attack one year before it and you didn't do anything to stop it. You removed POTA for God sakes, only to make matters worse and then bring part of it back, half-baked & half-heartedly, only after so many major terrorist attacks. No wonder US study says India is terribly soft on Terror.

So either do something about terrorism or make like a tree and get outta here. Peace!

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