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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 2/25/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (February 25, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
  1. S&P revises India outlook from stable to negative
    India faces the risk of having its credit rating lowered if its fiscal deficit deteriorates further, global rating agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) said on Tuesday. S&P also downgraded India's credit outlook to `negative' from `stable', citing various policies that have put pressure on the country's finances.

    ``The outlook revision reflects our view that India's fiscal position has deteriorated to a level that is unsustainable in the medium term. The government has implemented various policies that increased stress on its fiscal position,'' the rating agency said.

    S&P, however, retained India's long-term credit rating at `BBB-', which is the lowest investment grade. The rating agency said the government's total deficit — including off-budget items like oil and fertilizer bonds — will increase to 11.4% for 2008-09 from 5.7% in 2007-08.

    Due to financial turmoil and the economic slowdown, the Centre's fiscal deficit has ballooned to 6.1% from 2.5% projected in the 2008-09 Budget. The main reason for this surge was the slippage in revenue collections on one hand, and expenditure on sops to stimulate the economy on the other.
    It's worrying that Indian economy is f**ked but the government doesn't care.

  2. Is secularism dead? An Andhra Pradesh Case Sheet. By Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma

  3. Truth about Bobby Jindal
    It is almost as if his Indian supporters and Indian-American newspapers want to ignore what he truly is: an ultra-conservative Christian politician.

    The suggestion is that Jindal's conservative agenda, and his conversion to Catholicism "indicate that when Jindal, as an 18 year-old converted to Catholicism, knew well that that was the only way, as an Indian-American Hindu he could achieve his political ambitions."

  4. The media uses the new codes without any qualms: The most difficult code to crack is ‘secularism’ & ‘communalism’. By Dr Mrs Hilda Raja
    Here are some words--the vocabulary of the Congress to be precise; abetted by the media which projects on its viewers /readers the audio visuals of the new world of ‘secularism’ & ‘communalism’.

    One must as part of the learning process keep a vigil now on the UPA’s election campaign and the lies that are to be doled out as truths and the media’s dishing it out to the vulnerable electorate with its stamp of approval. Hence the learning process is a continuous one and the vocabulary is worked out at No 10 Janpath Road. The coterie is given the copies and they are fast learners in this warped perception of Indian reality.

  5. Has the war on terror provoked a clash of civilisations? By Mr. Tarun Vijay

  6. Security to Shivraj Patil, Natwar may get trimmed
    The government may soon reduce the security of three former Union ministers — Shivraj Patil, Natwar Singh and Suresh Pachouri — and a
    few retired bureaucrats after the concerned agencies conducted a fresh assessment last week.

    While Patil, former home minister, currently enjoys Z+ category, Natwar Singh, former foreign minister, and Pachouri, former minister of state for personnel, have Z category security.

    Sources in the home ministry said that these politicians would now be put in the Y category, which would entitle them to two PSOs, one head constable and four constables.

    Similarly, retired bureaucrats like former home secretary V K Duggal, former CBI director Vijay Shanker and former Delhi Police commissioner K K Paul may also get lesser number of personnel for their security. While Duggal is currently a member of the Commission on Centre-State Relations, Paul is with the Union Public Service Commision as a member.

    While Z+ protected VIPs get six personnel security officers (PSOs), two head constables, 12 constables, one escort and one pilot vehicle, the Z category ones get three PSOs, two head constables, eight constables and an escort vehicle. At present, 423 VIPs get different categories of security cover in the Capital.

    Twenty out of the 31 Z+ protected VIPs get security cover from the elite National Security Guard (NSG). Notable among them are L K Advani, Narendra Modi, Mulayan Singh Yadav, Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, Jayalalithaa and Ghulam Nabi Azad.

    NSG has deployed 638 personnel for the security of these VIPs.
    WTF, they haven't reduced these useless bugger's security yet! Their security should have been reduced as soon as they were removed. What a absolute waste of money!

  7. Salaries of SC, HC judges to increase three-fold

    What a grand show of Austerity! More of hypocrisy. We (government) will ask the corporate sector to be frugal, cut down on their salary to prevent going under or from declaring another Satyam scam which may expose links with us. Obviously we can't cut our paycheck or perks, nor can we deny three fold increases to everyone in public office except the Army, yeah who needs them. And the Congress led UPA government's denial and negligence of economic slowdown continues...

  8. A woman scorched in secular hell

    What else can you expect from Congress Politicians? When Deputy Chief Minister of a state is such a loose character jerk. But the b*t*h should have known better. She calls Islamic mythology as Dharm. She doesn't even know the difference between Dharm and Religion (panth). Of course such politicians and ignorant people FALSELY believe that Secularism means Dharmnirpeksh (no adherence to righteousness) and not Panthnirpeksh (no preference to any religion and all religions are NOT equal) as defined in the Indian Constitution. So if such politicians and ignorant people openly say that they are Dharmnirpeksh then it doesn't come as a surprise that they do such Adharmi (unrighteous) deeds of converting just to have more than one wife.

  9. Mumbai attackers' phones traced to Italy, US

    Wow, Italy's love for Bharat is unquantifiable. They have hands of involvement everywhere in Bharat. They exported the Super PM, they exported Christian mythology, they imported ancient Indian artifacts and collectibles, and now there is a terrorist connection too.

  10. Kasab even booked for entering CST without ticket
    Investigators in the Mumbai terror attack are leaving nothing to chance and they have even booked Ajmal Kasab, the lone gunman captured, for entering the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) without a railway ticket.

    Kasab and his associate Mohammed Ismail Khan had gunned down 59 commuters at CST on November 26 last year.

    Kasab was caught by police at Girgaon Chowpatty while his associate Khan involved in the CST attack was killed during an exchange of fire.

    "Kasab has been booked under various acts including Arms Act, Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, Explosives Act, Customs Act, Waging war against country and other various sections of Railway Act. Entering the railway premises without proper ticket is also one among the various offences registered against him," Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Rakesh Maria said.

  11. Delhi shame: Girl in search of job sold, raped

  12. Four-year-old raped by neighbour

    Hang the pedophile b*st*rd!

  13. Mother sells newborn to pay hospital bill

  14. Indian Americans a Model Minority?

    It's funny how Jason Richwine is using Bobby Jindal, an ultra-conservative Christian politician who doesn't think he is some part Hindu Indian at all, as model for Indian American success. What BS!

  15. Bomb hoax delays Shatabdi Express

  16. LU student commits suicide

  17. Indian students face racial abuse in New Zealand

  18. AIADMK moves SC, seeks president's rule

  19. Trai sets quality guidelines for cable operators

    About time!

  20. SC judges ready to declare assets, they tell Delhi High Court

  21. Pope faces dissent in ranks

    Oh no, the Mythology based Political empire's ruler is facing dissent. Must be giving despot Antonia Maino some sleepless nights.

  22. 'Slumdog' kids Ismail and Rubina gifted flats

    This is ridiculous. Why should the tax payers pay for these flats just because these actors are muslims? Its shameful because this poverty porn movie has done nothing but defame Bharat & Hindus and especially Mumbai's image but Congress is busy playing this dirty stint & cheap politics to get votes at the cost of exchequer's money. Only if they were this active in giving flats to those NSG commandos who saved innocents during latest Mumbai terrorist attack on 11/26/2008. But sad reality is that they are not.

  23. Jihadistan Pakistan paid Taliban $6 million for ceasefire

    Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

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