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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

World's smallest Hanuman Chalisa

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World's smallest Hanuman Chalisa is only a one-square-cm block in size. It is made by Raj Kumar Verma, a 57-year-old man from Gorakhpur district of eastern Uttar Pradesh. ॥जय सिया राम॥ ॥जय बजरंगबली॥
The Lakhtakiya (worth Rs 1 lakh) Hanuman Chalisa comprises 45 pages and 22 pictures of different forms of Hanuman. Verma has not only the Chalisa to showcase at the fair, but also a map of India carved with 880 rice grains with the image of Mother India in its heart. Priced at Rs 15,000, the map — when viewed through a magnifying glass — shows Vande Mataram painted in four Indian languages.
Although colonial hangover of Hindustan Times is stark in this article which still needs to explain who Hindu God Hanuman is to Hindus in Hindusthan. And not only explain who he is, but deride him also by calling him monkey-god as if is a God for Monkeys. Why Mr. Anuraag Singh? You think Hindus are monkeys? What a anglicized jerk!

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