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Monday, March 30, 2009

Supreme Court tells Muslims "Stop Talibanization"

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This is probably one of the best judgment I have seen in while from Bharatiya Courts (with all due respect). They have finally called a fox, a fox and not sheep. This bunch of communal nonsecular radical Muslim extremists is trying to Talibanize Bharat (misnomer: India) and every branch of constitution whether defense or executive or education or judiciary in the name of fake Nehruvian Secularism. Bharat is facing the Third Jihad and still living in denial about it. First they tried to communalize the Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) Armed Forces by demanding such ridiculous and discriminating religious entitlements and now educational institutes are also being targeted. What else can we expect? When the country has a so-called Dhimmi De-Facto Prime Minister who with solemn blessings of De-Jury Prime Minister & Empress communalized the whole respectable Indian Army by forcing a nonsecular discriminatory head count of Muslims only, made one of THE most communal statement ever that Muslims have first right on India and also brought in law to force Indian Tax payers to Pay pension to terrorists. Such Talibanization is bound to happen. Kudos and three cheers to Bharatiya Courts for finally pointing out the obvious which is a grave threat to National Security and Integrity.

As obvious none of the pseudo-secular media are carrying the great judgment. But wait for it, soon all the usual rudalis (paid criers) with their 'expert opinion' will come on screen to vilify the Bharatiya Judiciary over-playing their Debase-The-Hindu-Majority Appease-The-Minorities victimhood card. And the Anti-Hindu Prejudiced section of Indian media jaundiced with their Dhimmitude will go bonkers with it. Why? Of course because all the news has to pass through the biased prism of Indian media. Thanks to the Daily Pioneer, Mr. Chandan Mitra and his team who have not been affected by pseudo-secular fundamentalist jaundice and it's the only newspaper today that presents the news As-It-Is.

SC disallows Muslim student to sport beard. By R Balaji, The Daily Pioneer
Rejecting the plea of a Muslim student that he should be permitted to sport beard in his convent school, the Supreme Court on Monday observed secularism cannot be overstretched and that “Talibanisation” of the country cannot be permitted.

“We don’t want to have Taliban in the country. Tomorrow a girl student may come and say that she wants to wear a burqa, can we allow it?” Justice Markandeya Katju, speaking for a Bench headed by Justice Raveendran, observed.

Asserting that he was a secularist to the core, Justice Katju, however, said religious beliefs cannot be overstretched. “I am secularist. We should strike a balance between rights and personal beliefs. We cannot overstretch secularism,” the judge known for his incisive remarks said.

Justice Katju passed the observation while dismissing the petition of the student. Mohammad Salim of Nirmala Convent Higher Secondary School, a Government-recognised minority institution in Madhya Pradesh, has sought quashing of the school regulation requiring students to be clean-shaven.

Challenging a Madhya Pradesh High Court verdict that had earlier dismissed his plea, Salim submitted that every citizen was entitled to follow his religious principles and that no one should restrain him from doing so in a secular country like India.

Salim’s counsel Justice (Retd) BA Khan argued before the bench that sporting beard was an indispensable part of Islam.

But Justice Katju was apparently not impressed with the argument and quipped, “But you (Khan) don’t sport a beard?” the judge asked the counsel.

The apex court then said that a minority institution has its own set of rules and rights provided by Article 30 of the Constitution and the same cannot be breached by any person.

“If there are rules you have to be. You can’t say that I will not wear a uniform I will wear only a burqa,” the bench observed.

The court further said if the student was not interested in following the rules then he has the option of joining some other institution.

“You can join some other institution if you do not want to observe the rules. But you can’t ask the school to change the rules for you,” Justice Katju observed.

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