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Monday, March 16, 2009

Leftist CPM corruption: Bribe voters with fake Cheques

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Model violation: Left’s Rs 25,000-rain cheque
If issuing a cheque to a potential voter is an alleged violation of the model code of conduct, what about a rain cheque?

That’s what happened at an election meeting of CPM’s Dum Dum Lok Sabha candidate (and sitting MP) Amitava Nandi last week, leaving behind an angry, distraught mother.

Bus employee Gopal Rajbanshi, a member of CITU, the CPM’s trade union wing, was killed in 2007 in an alleged gang-war by members of a rival CITU faction. Two years and no arrests later, the CPM suddenly remembered his mother Krishna Rajbanshi on March 13 and decided to call her onto the stage at an election meeting attended by Nandi. There, in full public view, she was handed an “envelope” presented to her as a “cheque for Rs 25,000.”

This was brought to the notice of state chief electoral officer Debasish Sen who said he ordered an inquiry and has sent his report to the EC.

When 'The Indian Express' met the mother, she was furious. “The cheque-distribution ceremony was a fraud,” she said. “There was no cheque, no cash. When I came home and opened the envelope, there was only a letter.”

If Antonia Maino's Congress can bribe voters, Samajwadi Party can bribe voters and Govinda of Congress can bribe voters, all of them to influence voters then why should the Leftist Communist Party (Marxists) stay behind?

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