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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Through the biased prism of Indian media

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I came back after doing pooja and celebrating our holy Hindu festival of Holi all happy and content only to be disappointed as always by reading and/or watching latest news.

Varanasi violence: Magisterial probe ordered
The trouble erupted after some Muslim youth saw splash of colour on the wall of the Gausia mosque and started pelting of stones on the nearby Hindu locality.
Magisterial probe ordered about Varanasi violence

Two killed, several hurt in police firing
A mosque opposite the Hanfia Gausia Madarsa is situated in the mixedly populated Bazardiha area. The local Hindus organize Matkaphod Holi near the mosque after arriving there in Holi Baraat. According to reports, before the baraat could arrive there, some splashes of colour were noticed on the wall of the mosque after which hundreds of youth of the minority community came out on the road. This irate mob of minority youth initially quarrelled with some boys playing colour there. At that time only five constables and a sub-inspector was present on the scene. Sensing the gravity of the matter, policemen immediately reported the matter to their senior officials.

In the meantime, the irate mob of youth indulged in massive brick-batting and forced the police to flee from the scene. But, before they could enter the locality of the other community, heavy police force arrived there. Seeing it, the mob intensified their brick-batting, in which inspector, Bhelupur, RP Singh and several other policemen also sustained injuries. On the appeal of senior policemen, some elderly Muslims tried to intervene but the mob refused to listen to them. SP City Vijay Bhushan said the use of tear gas yielded no result and the mob started firing on the police.
14 dead in various incidents in the state on Holi day
Communal clashes, violent exchanges between sects and communities, old enmity, minor disputes assuming violent proportions and custodial death -- the festival of colours kept the Uttar Pradesh Police (UPP) on its toes all through Wednesday. Violent incidents claimed at least 14 lives in separate cases reported from all over the state. Details available with the director general of police (DGP) headquarters here said the communal clashes were reported from Varanasi, Azamgarh and Ferozabad districts.
After reading this shocking news in horror, I watched in sick amazement and total aghast the Congress party's sitting Member of Parliament (MP) from Kashi/Varanasi/Banaras, Rajesh Mishra showcasing his party's patent "Secularism" by distributing money to nonsecular, radical and fundamentalist group of talibanized Muslims, popularly known as "Minority community" in media & political circles. Please watch him paying cash to rioters on video here. He bribed out those "Secular" muslims who were hurt in the communal riot that they started by pelting stones (an action so ingrainedly part of their Stone-aged political cult identity) and throwing bricks at "nonsecular"/"unsecular" Hindus who dared to celebrate their holy festival of Holi in one if the seven holiest cities for Hindus in India. How dare did Hindus celebrate? Don't they know that they don't have right to worship in India. Sick!

Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

Hindus haven't learned anything from Shri Amarnath ji Sangharsh, a nationalist struggle by Hindus for their civil rights and liberties to land and worship which was denied by the very same Congress in order to appease separatist and terrorist Muslims in Kashyap Mar (misnomer: Kashmir). The same Congress which said it sees no difference between Indian flag carrying nationalist Hindus demanding their right to worship and Pakistan flag carrying nonsecular radical Muslim traitors who were denying Hindu's right, burning Indian flag, shouting "Pakistan Paendabad" "Jive Jive Pakistan" and "Ragda Ragda Hindustan ko ragda". For more please read, "Is there an Indian media mindset?", "Call the bluff of Kashmiriyat" and "It is Non-Cooperation Movement again after 88 years".

I bet you if you are a Hindu and a nationalist who cares about the motherland Bharat mata then you will get goose bumps after watching Hindu behene (sisters) shouting "Bum Bum Bhole" demanding what it is their Constitutional Right, denied to them by damn politicians pandering to secessionists.

Watch Rajesh Mishra "dole out" money on camera to these radical communal Muslims. Election's Model code of conduct can go to hell. Which it did may be because of Congress's new stooge Navin Chawala who was installed as Chief Election Commissioner lately, another constitutional post devalued. Please read "CEC N Gopalaswami blames Navin Chawla of bias", "Biased Election Commissioner Navin Chawla must resign" and "Be singularly unscrupulous to be magnificently successful in any Sonia Congress Government" for more.

How helpless is Election Commission even when the proof is on camera it is not acting fast enough? But this doesn't disturb me as much as the fact that the media has again played a role of hatefully biased step-mother by suppressing the news because it's favorite Muslim or rather Minority youth were involved in Varanasi attack on Hindus. So much vitiated with prejudice is the section of media's mindset that they even tried to justify this communal riot started by muslims as reaction to malnutrition and ghettofication of the community, for which those muslims are themselves to be blamed. If they don't want to be part of the mainstream, what more can Hindus do. Bharat as a nation and Hindus can open the doors of opportunities for them but you can't expect us to drag them or push them through it.

After the vicious attack on Hindus in Varanasi, there were no usual calls for Talibanization by Renuka Chowdhury, there were no debates on Anti-Hindu channels on the topic of Indian culture & Secular fabric under attack by extremists, there have been no vilification campaigns started by media and Human rights groups against Mayawati and her Uttar Pradesh government for not protecting the Human and Civil Rights of Hindus like they do to Mr. Narendra Modi's government in Gujarat at a drop of a hat, there are no seeks for exclusive interviews and quotes of "experts panel" like Teesta Setalvad, Shabana Aazmi (who should be ashamed of her Anti-Hindu biased attitude even after working in an awesome movie like Antarnaad), Suzanne Arundhati Roy, Aamir Khan, Javed Akhtar, Cedric Prakash, etc. etc. Dhimmi sardar and his master despot have not lost sleep over vicious attack on Hindus and secular fabric of India by Muslim fundamentalists.

What added to my disgust was the bias attitude of a so-called leading newspaper of India. On Sunday (March 3, 2009), it ran a big article on the front page of their newspaper ridiculing a minor incident of some people civilly protesting to express their concern on permanent installation of Charlie Chaplin's statue on the land that belongs to Someshwar Mandir (God Shivji's Temple) without permission. I don't know the complete details about it because none of the news media actually cared enough to find out as to why their sentiments were hurt. They all are just too busy debasing the victim's concern to protect his/her sentiments. But even if we assume that their sentiments were hurt then as per law of the land and constitution they have a right to express their concern against it and get court order to stop it, even if executive or legislature chooses not listen to them. Please watch "श्री राम सेतु / Shri Ram Setu evidence" and "Shri Ram Sethu: What the apex court said" for more.

A minor unbiased news report on the incident might have sufficed. But no! Like other biased section of media, this newspaper went all the way to put it on the front page as if it was an earth shattering news, gave it communal colors by ridiculing Hindus for demanding their constitutional right by civilly protesting to protect their sentiments and blamed the whole incident on BJP in order to give it a political angle.

They even went as far as saying it is an assault on Freedom of Speech. Oh wow! Local people rejecting the idea of a permanent statue of an unknown foreigner (for locals) on a Temple land for some movie is an assault on freedom of speech.

Where were such shouts when a Pakistani Muslim woman was beaten black and blue by a group of Muslim Extremists in front of hundreds of careless people in a Mall in Malad, Mumbai. Why was she thrashed? Because she made a mistake to think that she was in Bharat where truth and freedom of expression prevails so she dared to sport a tattoo. If this is not talibanization then what is?

Where were such shouts when Muslims were protesting in Mumbai against the song "Marjani" in Shahrukh Khan's movie "Billu Barber"? Apparently these Muslim fanatics claimed that this song hurts their religious sentiments as it shows Muhammad in bad light. As far as I know there weren't any direct or indirect references to Muhammad in the song and it was about some woman. Then how far fetched of a claim is this! It isn't surprising that media chose to suppress these fanatic's stupidity. But hey, it's Indian democracy, these radicals can shout, break & burn national property and still get compensation for it by the government. So guess, who opportunistically jumped in the baseless controversy in order to take side of these fanatics? Divisive Raj Thackery's Maharashtr Navnirman Sena (MNS), possibly to claim its share of "Being Secular" pie. No matter how absurd the cause may be, shouting for Muslim issue means "Being Secular" in India. Locals civilly protesting against a foreigner's statue of permanent nature and BJP supporting them in their quest for democratic constitutional right doesn't look as bad now, huh.

But the biased section of media will run a gazillion columns and editorial like this one "Intolerance just won't ebb in BJP-ruled Karnataka" by Asha Rai.
Has BJP's nine-month rule in Karnataka created an atmosphere in which just about anybody with a very narrow, bigoted view of culture and religion, finds it not only easy to air their extreme and highly harmful views in public but also to act on it, to the detriment of society at large?
So as per you, if people democratically protest in order to air their concern about the permanent demographic change in their locality, it will considered their intolerance but because it doesn't match your idea of so-called celebrating a foreign skin who had nothing to do with the location Udipi, more importantly because he is a Christian, makes you tolerant. Isn't that how British were allowed to come in and rule in disguise of East India Company. Concerned Hindus protest is intolerance but your bigoted views of Hindus to deride any of their concerns is religious tolerance. Thank you for tolerating Hindus in the same country as you.
With amazing regularity, petty and prejudiced acts that rip at the social fabric of society are hitting the headlines.
These petty acts are hitting headlines because you are making them a headline. As per section of Indian media, not giving permission to install a non-Indian's statue on a Temple land is a jab at Social Fabric of Society but an Anti-Hindu bigot Karunanidhi who holds a public office slandering Hindu God Shri Ram as drunkard, communal missionaries converting innocent Hindus by hook and crook and printing abusive books on Hindu Gods, pope declaring on Indian soil his views of converting so-many number of Indians to Christianity, Muslim zealots denying land to Hindus for worship, illegal Bangladeshi taking over Assam by changing population demographics, Missionaries killing a Hindu leader Swami Laxmananda Saraswati and desecration of Hindu God's Idols and setting of Temples on fire in Silchar by Christian Taliban, etc. are not a barbarous attack on Social Fabric of Society.
Even as the reverberations of the Sene attack were yet to die down, a Kerala MLA's daughter and her Muslim friend were beaten up.
I may have, out of some weird reason given some benefit of doubt to this extreme column by Ms. Rai but I have to dismiss this article as just another misadventure by a pseudo-secular zealot out there to malign Hindus because my views about the article are confirmed by this misleading line above in which she attributes the attack on Kerela's MLA daughter and her "muslim" friend to Hindus. If only she cared to read a little more of some real unbiased non-commentary non-entertainment news that she would have known that this attack that she is misattributing to Hindus was allegedly done by DYFI, students wing of CPM which has claimed the responsibility for 'abducting' MLA's daughter. Please read the news here.
The assault on the daughter of an MLA and her friend at Mangalore has taken a new turn with the Democratic Youth Federation of India claiming responsibility behind the incident.

The DYFI is the students wing of the Communist Party of India-Marxist. The daughter of CPM MLA, Kunhambu and her friend were assaulted and abducted by a group of men on Friday, while they were travelling in a bus at Mangalore.

The DYFI while claiming responsibility for the attack also said that they were only trying to protect the modesty of the girl.

Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa has termed this incident as a conspiracy hatched by the Congress and the Janata Dal-Secular to tarnish the image of his government. I have also asked the police to take strict action, he also added. He has also chaired an all party meet to discuss the growing incidents of violence.
This proves the credibility of this so-called columnist and her bias for Dr. B S Yeddyurappa's led BJP government of Karnataka.

Where was their (biased section of media) freedom of speech when celebrated author and woman guest in India Ms. Tasleema Nasreen was attacked by Muslim extremists and fundamentalist of religion based nonsecular political party for Muslims, MIM, et al for voicing her concerns about the wretched state of Hindus and their persecution in Bangladesh? Where was their fake cry for protecting Indian culture after deplorable attack on her and when she was hounded out of the country by Congress led UPA government and it's allies? First time ever in Bharat's over 21000 years of vedic history a guest and that too a woman was thrown out. Please watch "Hindus genocide in Bangladesh, Bengal, Kashmir" for more on suffering Hindus, "the minorities" in Bangladesh and India.

Where was their freedom of speech when The Statesman newspaper's office was attacked by a huge mob of nonsecular radical Muslim fundamentalists and they got it's editor arrested for merely reprinting Johann Hari's excellent article "Why should I respect these oppressive religions?"? It's another thing that Johann Hari has Hindu Phobia.

Where was their freedom of speech when Minister for Minority Welfare and Haj in the Mulayam Singh Yadav government, Haji Yaqoob Qureishi in Uttar Pradesh went ahead to make a communal nonsecular decree to pay Rs 51 Crore in order to entice a criminal act to chop the head of Danish cartoonist?

Where was their freedom of speech when London Bridge was burning down...?

Where was their freedom of speech when Geert Wilder was threatened for presenting his point of view?

Using hateful extreme words like prejudice and bigots doesn't make their own biased point valid. Their actions are speaking louder than words. As per their secularism and interpretation, Hindus don't have any sentiments, so they can't be hurt and if BJP stands by Hindus then it is communal. But when Congress distributes money to the radical extremist Muslims after they attack Hindus for celebrating latter's holy festival, it is not an attack on social fabric of their version of "tolerant" society.

Their bias is as stark as the believed black spot on the moon. While it is their right to have to pander to any ideology and propagate it with any ethical means. But it is our right to point out the unethical immoral journalism which is harmful to the credibility of the fourth pillar of democracy: free press.

While on one hand the savage and sanguinary attack on Hindus in Varanasi by Muslims was only deserving enough to be featured as a minor news bulletin of about 40 words hidden on the ninth page of printed newspaper but this hairsplitting news to nitpick on Hindus for voicing their concern deserved front page Sunday headline in one newspaper.

While comparatively the news of Shashi Tharoor joining Muslim Rightist communal Congress seems to be so important for the newspaper that it is mentioned with photo on the front page and on the same page number 9 with mere hum about Varanasi attack.

BJP activists attack 'Christian' Chaplin statue
The government is backing the protesters. Home minister V S Acharya, who is in Udupi, told TOI that locals had every right to show their concern. He dismissed reports that BJP workers had objected because Chaplin was a "Christian and not Indian". "It is all fabrication, and a communal colour is being given to it. The local people have valid objections that a statue of 67 feet and of a permanent nature cannot be established." He also claimed permissions had not been obtained.
The attack on Hindus by Muslim fanatics was not secular enough to be mentioned in the media and just passed away with censored mention in just 15 articles on Google News while Indian media is so concerned for the foreigner Christian charlie chaplin that there are at least 62 articles on Google News for the dead man's assumed right.
"In the last year, episodes of communal intolerance have been shameful events for Karnataka. It's not only because Chaplin's statue is being opposed, it's because these elements are unconstitutional. The constitution allows you the freedom to express your religion. Then how can these extra-constitutional bodies take over?" asked Girish Kasaravalli, noted Kannada film-maker.
You answered your own question Mr. Noted Film Maker Kasaravalli. It's the democratic constitutional Right to Freedom to express one's religion that these people are exercising. But it seems for you the constitution suddenly seems to say Freedom to express your religion only if you are a non-Hindu.

What is "censored mention" in section of media? The usual, replace Muslim with Minority crap. So where they should say Muslim youth or Muslim community attacked Hindus, they would say clash of Minority youth or Minority community with Hindus. As if it is given that it was Hindu's fault by default and people from no other religion exists in India to be mentioned as minority other than Islam. It seems for them attack on Hindus by Muslims means evil Hindus out to get everyone who is not Hindu particularly Muslims. It must then be a wonder how the motherland Bharat survived over 21000 years before these secular fundamentalist came to culture poor Hindus.
However, local BJP legislator K Lakshminarayana was unapologetic about supporting fellow partyman Suresh Batwadi's fatwa for the removal of the statue. "If the locals are against such a statue, I am also against it. Why should one bother so much about Charlie Chaplin, who was not even an Indian? Who is worried about the Guinness Book of Records for the statue? If we really need one, we can think of installing a Hanuman statue."
Yeah, good luck getting a Hindu God's statue installed in India! Just wait for the time when you will get tagged communal by these apologist pseudo-secular extremists just for declaring yourself Hindu.

Look at this misleading headline "BJP activists attack 'Christian' Chaplin statue" the section of media is using. The statue has not even been installed yet and they make it sound like BJP has attacked some real Christian statue and destroyed it already. You just Google Search "Christian chaplin" (without quotes) you will get 2,140,000 results with this same headline & same biased story regurgitated but you Google Search "muslim attack hindus varanasi" (without quotes) you will get 49,700 results with no relevant result pointing to the wanton attack in Varanasi.

It's amazing that some newspapers have "censored mention" about the ferocious attack by Muslims in about 6-7 different articles on their website but chose to print minuscule moiety of it in the main newspaper which reaches the larger audience. I have no opinion on why they did so as it is their right to run their business as they want and pander to the ideology they want. But it is clear that they don't like Hindu Rightist and/or anyone having to do with it including the BJP. In other words they are communal and nonsecular themselves which they so casually tag any incident if it relates to the rights of Hindus. When will a section of Indian media stop being the Judge and Jury and stop delivering their verdict and opinion on how Hindus should live? When will they start reporting the news with out passing it through their prism of Anti-Hindu bias and stop being entertainment commentary news channels? When will they stop Editorial slandering of Hindus?

Now if the constitution says every citizen of India is equal then why is it for the media and politicians that some are more equal than others? Why then these people divide India by tagging citizens as Majority and Minority? They are not fair.

Because if they were fair, there would have been another issue of these newspapers with similar headline Muslim attack Hindus on festival and congress panders the vote bank to report about the corruption by Congress MP Rajesh Mishra to influence the voters by distributing money to those who let alone be expected to mutually respect others but who can't even tolerate living with the demonized Hindu or so-called Majority community.

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