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Friday, May 1, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 5/3/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (May 3, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
"Mr Singh has proved a hopeless decision maker as Prime Minister."
- Financial Times, London, April 15 2009
Ask Mr. Manmohan Singh why Bharat (misnomer: India) does not have a full time Finance Minister for past 210 days (7 months) when it is going through the worst recession in 60 years with 1.5 crore job losses?

"The Government has assaulted and weakened every constitutional office: the Election Commission, Governors and Parliament."
- Outlook, March 2 2009
  1. Dreaming a bad dream by Tavleen Singh
    As someone who believes Indira Gandhi was India’s worst Prime Minister it shocks me when I meet people who think she was the best. Mostly these are illiterate villagers who sometimes think she is still alive because they have just received a house under the Indira Awas Yojana. Or some other sop under another scheme named for her. She was a clever politician,

    Mrs Gandhi, and it was in her time that schemes paid for with taxpayers money were named after her or her Daddy. Congress governments have continued the practice because it is a clever way of using our money to pay for their propaganda. Simple, rural people can be forgiven for being fooled but what are we to make of educated young voters who vote online to declare Mrs Gandhi as their Dream Prime Minister?

    A poll conducted last week by an English daily found that 13 per cent of those polled said Mrs Gandhi was their Dream Prime Minister. Sardar Patel polled the same number of votes but since he never had the job there is nothing to discuss. As a responsible political pundit who has written about Indian politics since the month in which Mrs Gandhi declared the Emergency I believe it is my duty to explain to young first time voters why it’s time they started reading their history books with a more investigative eye.

  2. Friends of BJP event in Indraprasth (misnomer: Delhi) is on Sunday, May 3 2009

  3. लोकतंत्र के लिए सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी (आईटी): LK Advani blog's post

  4. Election 2009: Referendum on Modi by Sandhya Jain

  5. 400 Crores Sugar Scam by Congress to fund its Elections campaign

  6. US State Dept: India THE most Terror afflicted country

  7. Delhi Madrassa cleric/Imam arrested for sodomising 10 year old

  8. Dr. Subramanian Swamy's research on Raul Vinci's past

  9. BJP's Initiative for Rural India & Farmers

  10. LK Advani’s address to voters on Doordarshan

  11. Cong campaign in Delhi cruel joke: BJP

  12. Biased CNN-IBN worried about Modi as PM

  13. Congress Bureau of Investigation lets off Quattrocchi

  14. Advani forces Government to reply in SC on black money

  15. No solution to Ayodhya issue possible through talks: VHP

  16. Swine flu scare: All Indian airports to screen passengers

  17. Human Rights Coalition Rally against Radical Islam at Times Square

  18. Do the job yourself, Sonia by Aditya Sinha

    Mr. Sinha is asking a foreigner to rule the nation. Wait a minute, she already is misruling it.

  19. Truth about Rahul’s MPhil

  20. Rahul Gandhi, spin doctor

  21. Third phase confusion

  22. W’end Links: Modi, Liberal Nationalism & Mighty Men’s Conference

  23. Can those who take the oath to uphold justice and are paid by the tax payers become agents of the high and the mighty? — Dr. Mrs. Hilda Rajan

  24. Testing a hypothesis

  25. Rahul Gandhi Stands Exposed - Untold Stories Of Rahul Gandhi

  26. Italian “Nation – In – Law” freed, Indian “Son” jailed. This happens only in “Sonia’s India”. Huh!

  27. BJP attacks PM on Quattrocchi

    So Mr. Dhimmi PM, as per you every one except Hindus especially Muslims and Quattrocchi are "harassed" in Bharat. Well, the reality is the other way around Mr. Weak PM.

  28. Modi calls Manmohan Singh a weak PM

  29. Why flog a dead horse called justice by Sudheendra Kulkarni

  30. Now, CISF raises IGI terminal issue: T1D has added to workload, chaos

  31. "What do these issues have to do with elections?"

  32. Dharma of Investigation

  33. Political vendetta

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