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Friday, May 15, 2009

When Indians SCREWED India..Again! Desi Bush re-elected

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Photo Courtesy: Barbar Indians

I am absolutely shocked and appalled at the verdict that people of Bharat (if its not rigged that is) may have delivered in General Elections 2009. Even more than Verdict of 2004. I could understand that in 2004 they didn't know how to compare NDA's comparatively stellar governance to anything else unless they try someone else. So they might have voted Utterly Pathetic Alliance (UPA) led by Muslim-Christian Rightist Congress into power. Just like people of Bihar didn't know what was development until they voted BJP-JD(U) alliance into power ending LalLoo Yadav's 15 years long dictatorial streak.

But now even when the comparison between NDA and UPA was as stark as a full moon in clear sky. Bharatvaasi have still given over 190 seats to congress even after its ridiculous manifesto full of divisive Muslim vote bank appeasement entitlement promises, dynastic nepotist monarchic politics, worst recession ever in 60 years, Shunya infrastructural development, over 45 major terrorist attacks, no finance minister for 150 days, openly Anti-Hindu stand, divisive policies to destroy and toxify education system, devaluation of constitutional bodies, unimaginable corruption, etc.

I mean even one of these issues in any sensible society will be a reason enough to throw out an incumbent government. But no, Bharatvaasi choose to give them almost full majority and almost less than 100 seats to nationalist BJP.

I am sorry to say but India’s future is doomed. There goes our dream of saving and protecting World's Historic Ancient Monument & Heritage, an engineering marvel: Shri Ram Sethu.

Has anyone noticed that ever since the Live simultaneous Exit Polls were banned from the last assembly elections in 2008, BJP has been only marginally winning in its so-called stronghold but loosing in new places unlike countless elections before that in which it on a winning roll. And Congress was on a loosing spree until 2007 assembly elections but suddenly it is back with a big bang. Something is not right here.

Why can't they ask voters to stamp the vote sheet to put in a ballot box as before in addition to EVMs. At least there is a fall back available in case of re-count scenario. But now India is doomed because there is no fair constitutional body left in India anymore. Please read "election results" by Rajeev Srinivasan for more on Rigging of EVMs.

Sad. Very sad! Truly a Black Day in the contemporary history (post so-called 1947 Independence) of Bharat only after Dictatorial Emergency of 1976 imposed by Indira Nehru Feroz Gandhi of the same Congress. But now is the time of Rome Raaj. And the nightmare begins, again.

However, on the other hand, look at it this way. Even if after all these debacles careless people still voted for Congress triumphantly, then here is another good news for these imprudent people to celebrate: Congress's victory coincides with revelation of first swine flu case in Bharat, in Bhagmati (misnomer: Hyderabad). All the more reason to merry. Right?

But seriously, WE need to continue with our selfless efforts to save Bharat, its history, its culture, its unity and integrity.

A panelist in Offstumped Live Election Results chat put it very nicely:


B Shantanu said...

Satya: You and your readers will find these observations of a Congress sympathiser interesting: http://tinyurl.com/pk49zs

Hariom said...

This is a wakeup call for all "true" hindus. It is a even to realize two things:
1. We feel proud in saying that in India -80% are hindus. Had that 80% been "true" hindus who love their religion and culture congress couldn't have dared to get more than 50 seats.
Truth is- only 20-30% are hindus who know there religion, follow them and love it. Rest have been blinded by west culture, media and so-called secularism. Awareness of hinduism have to spread among own brothers and sisters first.

2. Muslims and Christians won't ever vote for BJP. They constitute for more than 25% of population. So, if 60% of the total population vote and out of them is one-fourth is anti BJP ..no matter how hard BJP try..they are never gonna win.

These are two harsh truths to be realized for "proud" hindus.