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Friday, May 8, 2009

Hindus Religious Rights suppressed in UK

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Intolerant United Kingdom strikes again. Western Taliban suppressing Human and Civil Rights of Hindus by preventing them from freely following or "practicing" their Dharm/Religion.

Hindus lose legal battle over open funeral pyres in UK
The London High Court has turned down a bid by petitioner Davender Ghai, 70, who was seeking to overturn a decision by Newcastle City Council preventing open funeral pyres.

The Council has said the traditional religious practice was impractical.

His lawyers had argued a ban was incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Ghai had once said, "it is my religious right and birth right. I want to have a funeral pyre. I want my son to light my fire and not a gas flame to light me up."

"I shall appeal until the very end, in the faith that my dying wish will not go unheard," said Ghai. "A matter of such magnitude deserves to be heard by the highest courts in our land and I shall not tire until all legal avenues are exhausted."

Ghai has said he believes the practice is a religious right for Hindus, who consider open-air cremations essential to the peace of the soul.

Such cremations are sanctioned by Hindu scriptures, according to the Hindu Council UK, which supports Ghai's case. It says ancient Hindu rites stipulate that the body be cremated by means of a wood-fueled fire in an open-air facility exposed to daylight.

"We want equality, not exceptions," Ghai states on the Web site for his charity, the Anglo-Asian Friendship Society. "No one expects Hindus to marry in a church, so why are Hindu funerals shoehorned through Chapels of Rest designed like Anglican churches?"
"Traditional Religious practice was impractical", WHAT! With all due respect to the courts, who the f**k do these Brits think they are to pass judgments on Hindu religion and practices. They are down right Racists!

Oh so burning in the pyre to join back the nature as five elements, to say the very least, is impractical. But wasting a piece of land by having a $20000 lavish funeral to get buried only to leave behind a huge debt along with a headache for your friends and family is so very practical!

You think one of THE most green way (over at least 22000 years old) to depart from the mother earth for the next life is too traditional for you to swallow but you have no problem with some 1800 years old burdensome way which you think is so easy to follow.

You think wood is used for burning the pyre then what the hell is a coffin made of? Wood and Metal. All of it with a dead body in it takes years to decay and decompose taking up the space which could have been used for other better purposes.

I am not passing any judgments on these Abrahamic religious practices but if you dare hair split Hindu rights and practices then be ready to answer about your ridiculous misdeeds. What right to these so-called "western" "progressive" "21st century" countries have to lecture the oldest civilization in the world and Bharat (misnomer: India) to be "tolerant" towards evangelic and missionaries proselytizing in Bharat by hook or crook when these countries themselves are so biased, intolerant, inconsiderate and nonsecular when it comes to Hindu Rights and liberties? Hypocrites!

Shame on Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh of present Congress government for not standing up for Hindu Rights in UK. Of course Dhimmi Regent Sardar will not loose sleep on this violation of Birth Rights of Hindus or attack on Sikhs by Taliban as it does not involve Muslims or Christians as victims.

Please go to "Google News" for more information on this discrimination.

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UK: Court bans open-air cremation

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