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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Live in denial and things will improve automagically

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Karmanye Vadhikaraste.....

Verdict 2009: Live in denial and things will improve automagically

Of frustrations, Denials & Disappointments... & Hope beyond

Verdict 2009 is out and I am frustrated too. I can't believe this. Things are just not adding up. We, at least I was blindly believing whatever, not to name any names, BJP senior karyakartas, campaign managers and spokespersons were saying about the ground realities, through Youtube videos, Daily Pioneer (I feel its the only unbiased newspaper in Bharat) and various Blogs. I was certainly not believing what majority of Indian media was saying because it is clearly 100% Pro-Congress. Why else do you think most of them got Padma Shri and a bailout package? Even damn NPR in US was interviewing Yogendra Yadav as a renowned psephologist, I mean give me a break. So then who was lying and/or was completely oblivious about the ground reality: media or BJP karyakarta?

The point is it can't just be media (although its a main cause certainly) and it certainly can't be Mr. Modi as some within the BJP are blaming to be which is completely ridiculous as the guy has done miracles in terms of development in Gujarat. Lets not be like Congress. If it wins then its because of Sonia & Rahul magic but if it loses then people are stupid, communal and it was because of Sardarji.

I guess the reason for BJP's loss is because of its party infighting, over confidence, no counter argument except silence of approval when defamed & slandered as "communal" or "persona non grata" for Muslims by media & congress openly on various TV debates, not being able to reach the masses effectively in time, confusion over successions (democratically not monarchically), lack of portrayal of young faces and most certainly biased CEC Navin Chawla. Please don't take me wrong. BJP is definitely more democratically structured than Congress's heir apparent monarchic structure. Its the ego of its own people which is not in BJP's control.

I mean seriously, 20 seats for Congress in UP now being credited to useless Rahul, the guy has not made even a single useful statement or speech in 5 years. He was partying till 5 AM on the night of 26/11 terrorist attack for God Sakes. Samuel Reddy voted back into power in Andhra. DMK wins in TN. Naveen in Odisha.

This just doesn't add up. I hope these were fair elections and no manipulation/rigging or EVM malfunctions happened, although I doubt that no malfunctions happened. I mean seriously, you want me to believe that Election Commission of India has strict Quality Control guidelines when their website for Electoral Name Checks was not working from the first day and Election Results website was down within first hour of going Live. May be they should outsource it some private Indian company because latter is certainly not going to get any business from overtly protectionist US, thanks to Obama. An action which will be countered by Sardarji's awesome one solution for all: Live in denial and things will improve automagically. Amazingly it is working out for them quite good. I am sorry BJP but this formula doesn't work for us because we are not "seculars" as we believe in Karm, Bhakti and Gyan Yog.

But seriously, what has happened is no less than a nightmare to say the least.

On a positive note,

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।
मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोस्त्वकर्मणि॥
- श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता २-४७

We did our Karm but the results are not in our hands. May be we didn't do our Karm better than the others. So we have to continue and build BJP again ground up in all the states. And seriously please hold on to the Assembly states that you are in right now, please don't goof up like Rajasthan and try to get in the states that you are not in, even if it means sitting in opposition. It may take time but BJP can attract/recruit young blood as there is no dearth of that.

Make the states that you are ruling an example model states like Gujarat that people will be forced to elect development over vote bank and advertise it in time, positively and please don't loose those states.

Please clear the misunderstanding people have about BJP like Kandahar, Parliament, Communal face, association with hooligans of SR Sene, no young blood, etc. more aggressively to the masses. Please continue with LK Advani forums & blogs as one of the medium for feedback from those who are privileged to access Internet in Bharat (number of privilidged masses ain't going to improve much under corrupt Congress in next 5 yrs) and outside. Please continue with connect with the masses exercises like Friends of BJP events, Bloggers for BJP and Advani@Campus. We started these very late. Had this been started more than a year ago, it would have had some very positive ripple effects. Certainly continuing with it now will have positive ripple effects for future. So please don't abandon them.

Too sad its certainly going to be an uphill task to save Shri Ram Sethu and Sanatan Vedic Dharm/Sanskruti. But we have done it in the past and by God's grace we will do it again. Just focus on development and cultural rejuvenation (civilly) in the states that you already have and don't let them go because of party infighting or corruption.

However, the first thing that BJP needs to do is to pull up its socks, don't let the sense of demoralization set in its Karyakata and Supporters/Voters like they did in 2004. We were so shocked and demoralized what had hit us that BJP was not on political map as it didn't accept the ground reality for over a year. Please send clear messages and put up offensive brave face and continue to build party base. Congress has proved lie said a thousand times becomes the truth and that is what BJP needs to do but the opposite. Say the truth a thousand times and people will eventually see it in clarity. We should have started Manmohan is weak campaign over 2-3 years ago. But no worries, now be so aggressive, hit them where it hurts. They have done that to us too. But make sure your message reaches larger audience and in positive manner. This is the era to be aggressive, offensive and assertive to counter the Christian-Muslim Rightist Congress by being a party for all. Make sure you tell people this because people want to hear it just to be sure as they are too dumb to notice it. But please don't let your party workers be demoralized and your core voters/supporters be disenchanted by this defeat. That would break the very back bone of the party. Some are saying BJP has lost its Urban voters which were its core vote bank, we have to work very hard to earn their respect back.

And watch out for this guy Navin Chawla with hawk eyes and please find out what did Congress know that we didn't about the ground reality.

Thank you Advaniji for all your selfless and tireless contribution to Bharat and Sanatan Dharm. May God Shri Ram bless you, us and May God Shri Ram always bless Bharat.

Please also don't think that since God Shri Krishna said "Karmanye Vadhikaraste..." so we should just take this result as it is, sit on our * and forget about it. Doing no Karm is also a sin and Nishkaam Karm (Adhyay/Chapter 3) doesn't mean doing no Karm.

I have been doing a lot of hard thinking and I couldn't sleep last night. BJP should get those EVMs checked by some third party.

How is it possible that if there was such a high under current in favor of Congress where we and most of the media were supposing it or its Allies will definitely loose in states like AP and TN but they won almost all the seats back or even more than before? Even after so much corruption by Samuel Reddy and A Raja. Money was also used to influence the voters.

20 seats in UP with almost no party infrastructure is almost unbelievable... this one is hard to digest. Even in Gujarat they one 11 seats including important Rajkot, the bastion of BJP. Are you kidding me? What were these people thinking while voting or is it EVM again? Please find out.

Chidambaram lost and then won his seat back after recount? Earlier he didn't loose by 1 or 2 votes. It was a difference of over 20000 votes on an electronic machine. If EVM can be wrong in that case then why not in other cases also?

How is that Kapil Sibal and other spokesperson including NDTV were projecting almost exact figures that Congress won? Clearly they knew something that BJP didn't. I can understand if it was a ballpark difference of 20-30 seats here or there but almost exact/accurate numbers? Kapil Sibal himself was having such a hard time in Chandni Chowk against Mr. Gupta but he still won again.

EVMs are not allowed even in most of US elections because they can be hacked or reprogrammed. Or if it is used, there is always some paper trail as a hard evidence. But in India, nothing. EVMs are nothing but magic of bytes. How can you be sure that the party that you voted for actually got the vote? Please read Rajiv Srinivasan's views on it: http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2009/05/election-results.html

Some will say, if we had to manipulate or rig the result then we would have gotten complete majority or 300 seats. That's absurd because that would attract even more attention. So you would rather keep the result subtle but enough to claim majority.

Look at it this way, only those allies that Congress claimed in the end during the elections that they are its allies got majority or won again. Like DMK and TMC. Rest lost. And lost Badly.

If we all got it right that Left is going loose, SP is going to loose, RJD is going to loose, why couldn't we get that Samuel Reddy of AP is going to win with even more seats than before.

If we let this one go without a fight. Think about it. With Navin Chawla at helms, every other election can be rigged the same way. The odds stacked against BJP will be much high and even more than what they are now since they have tasted the blood (figuratively).

How can you win a duel when the referee (EC) is from the other team?

But if these results are really genuine, which I seriously doubt, then someone was completely misinformed and lied to his Commander-in-Chief and to us who supported and worked in our capacity for Dharm (Morality, Ethics, Righteousness) in this battle.

Looking at all this it seems Congress didn't loose anywhere because of Anti-Incumbency. Seriously, what are Indians made of steel or they have no standards that nothing affects them?

Rajeev Srinivasan said this in his post and I agree:
the electorate is not stupid to vote in the kkkangress after
a) 12% inflation and massive budget deficits that will wreck the future of the economy
b) mumbai and other terrorist attacks
c) swiss bank slush funds and quattrocchi
d) taliban on the border, nepal gone, sri lanka in genocide mode
e) continued lying to the people on i) nuclear 'deal', ii) sacks-of-money-for-votes in no-confidence-motion

speaking of sri lanka, the results in tamil nadu are quite dubious.

we wuz robbed.

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