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Monday, May 18, 2009

Tarun Vijay on History of Terrorism in the World

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Please also read "Timeline/Chronology of Major Terrorist attacks in Bharat" for complete list of terrorist attacks in Bharat (misnomer: India) especially 46 major terrorist attacks in 67 cities under Congress in past 5 years.

Mr. Tarun Vijay on how Indians celebrate their own Demise because they have no sense of History, let alone True History. No wonder Dhimmi Mullah Arjun Singh of Muslim-Christian Rightist Congress has Toxified, Secularized and Talibanized every line of doctored History taught to new generation of Indians. Who will, understandably, have absolutely no sense of pride in nationalism or any idea about their actual glorious past except only a few conveniently selected shameful incidents which will kill the self-respect of the child from the get-go. Indians are of course their own worst enemies.

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