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Friday, May 29, 2009

Video: Step-by-Step Guide to Election Fraud

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In US, an election fraud happens and people make a documentary to expose it.

In Bharat (misnomer: India), an election fraud happens and people particularly Hindus are attacked and beaten by police for demanding by protest their Democratic Rights and Civil Liberties.

Policemen cane charging Kashmiri Hindus refugees belonging to Jammu and Kashmir Nationalist Movement (JKNM) to prevent them from marching towards the camp polling booth at Muthi while they were protesting against the denial of their voting rights - in Jammu on Thursday, April 30, 2009. Photo by Raman Raina, courtesy Shehjar. Read report "Hindus denied Voting Rights" here.

The very fact that these Indian Hindu citizens are called "Refugees" in their own country is a blot on the so-called Indian Democracy. We don't need a voting fraud to prove it. But anyways, Please watch the following documentary "How Ohio Pulled it Off" which shows how easy it is to hack Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). It shows testimony given by various Computer Scientists, NASA's Ex-employee, etc testifying that electronic voting cannot be trusted and votes can be flipped easily. NASA's Ex-employee actually shows how it is done.

But in Monarchy ruled Bharat, its just another day. Everything is fine because the empress won. Its a Democracy on paper but not followed in letter and spirit.

Please go to BanVotingMachines.org, Black Box Voting and CountTheBallots.org for more.

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