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Monday, May 11, 2009

Narendra Modi on Rahul Gandhi's love for Afzal Guru

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In the following video, Gujarat and Bharat's best Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi talks about Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi and Congress's lies and excuses for not hanging terrorist Mohamed Afzal Guru. In the video, as obvious, stricken with their bias for Congress, the channel host quickly called Congress spokesperson who gave even more excuses by blaming the BJP. Now, someone should ask Congress who are giving an excuse by pointing finger at BJP, their patented art, that if BJP didn't decide on those cases then what was stopping Congress from taking action in past 5 years? Also, how come Congress didn't have any qualms or laxity in hanging that Indian Sikh who murdered General Vaidya by deciding on former's mercy petition within 15 minutes as mentioned by Mr. Modi in his speech?

You can't excuse your mistakes just by pointing at others mistakes. If you (Congress) are so pious then why not set a good example yourself for once (for a change)?

Modi slams Rahul for Afzal Guru remarks
"The Congress-led UPA is indulging in votebank politics and hanging Guru does not suit its interests," Modi said, a day after Rahul Gandhi defended his party saying Afzal will be hanged when his turn comes.

"Out of 29 persons who are on death row, cases of 26 have been processed and only three cases including that of Afzal Guru are pending, Modi told an NDA "Maha Rally" at PUDA ground in Ludhiana, Punjab, which witnessed a major show of strength with party stalwarts and alliance leaders attending it.

Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally at Mohali in Punjab last evening had said Afzal Guru was twenty second on the list of those to be hanged. "There is a huge line and there are others before him. When his number (turn) comes, he will be hanged."

Modi launched a blistering attack, saying "During Congress regime there is a huge line for everything, be it for getting ration cards, gas connections... Congress General Secretary (Rahul) says Afzal is in queue. Never before have we heard that even for hanging a person, there is a queue. This is unfortunate for the country".

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