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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Christian Taliban strikes: Hanumanji statue demolished

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Christian Taliban strikes again. After renaming Kanya Kumari to Kanya Mariam, Chrisitan Extremists took down Hindu God Shri Hanuman ji's statue just like how Taliban destroyed Bahamian Buddha statues in Afghanistan.

Overrated World Renowned Mythical Economist and Dhimmi Regent PM Mr. Manmohan Singh wouldn't loose his sleep on this, would you?

Kanyakumari declared a Christian district
I maintain that the separatist state of Tamil Eelam will be only a Christian state like east Timor.

When you allow the church and Islam to alter the religious demography in any place, the first thing these rascals do is to destroy all vestiges of non-Christian and non-Muslim presence in public spaces.

- Radha Rajan
Photo Courtesy: VivekaJyoti

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