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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 5/5/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (May 5, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
"Mr Singh has proved a hopeless decision maker as Prime Minister."
- Financial Times, London, April 15 2009

"The Government has assaulted and weakened every constitutional office: the Election Commission, Governors and Parliament."
- Outlook, March 2 2009

Quote of the day:
Every party which is in power could put pressure on institutions (like CBI). It is a fact. -Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi

The statement by Mr Rahul Gandhi is a confession by the ruling party that it is misusing the CBI. -BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley
  1. Rahul Gandhi: How the “War Against Terror” can be won in 15 minutes
    “I am confident that this country can take on terrorism. Defeating it is no problem. If we empower those people in villages, we can sit back, relax and we will destroy terrorism in 15 minutes,” Gandhi told a press conference here (New Delhi).
    God save Bharat if God forbid this jerk becomes PM.

  2. Protest against Irresponsible article on Hinduism by 'The Hindu'

  3. Anti-Hindu Police arrest HJS volunteer for distributing pamphlet on Elections !

  4. We stand by Rahul’s MPhil story

  5. vijay r: India shining to India was shining

  6. Shy Rao, shameless Singh by S Gurumurthy

  7. ‘Q a dead issue’
    After senior Congress leaders did their best to downplay the Quattrocchi issue, it was the turn of Rahul Gandhi

    Refusing to give a straight answer to the charge that the Government was manipulating the CBI, he said it was a "systemic" fault. "Every party which is in power could put pressure on institutions. It is a fact," he said, adding every Government tried to push its people into such agencies and get work done.

    The BJP called the young Congress MP's remark a "confessional statement" of the ruling party that it was misusing the investigating agency.

    "Congress on said that every Government misuses the CBI. When there were some charges of corruption against the Indira Gandhi Government, she had said the corruption is a global phenomenon. Tuesday's statement is in that tradition. In a way this is a confessional statement by the ruling party that they are misusing the CBI," BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley told reporters here.

  8. 'Very disgraceful for highly educated officers to serve foolish leaders!' - Swami Baba Ramdev ji

  9. Congress creating fictional arithmetic, says Jaitley
    "The Congress is hallucinating. They are creating a fictional arithmetic. They think the country's politics is so simple.....I am sure by next fortnight we will give a befitting reply," BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley told mediapersons here.

    Rubbishing the Congress' claim, he said "The Congress analysis of this election lacks political maturity. One, it lacked political ethics as it betrayed the Left parties which helped it form and sustain the Government for four-and-a-half years. Secondly, the Congress went wrong on its poll chemistry by having a grab-all mentality which has affected its coalition."

    "The fact is that the Congress lacks confidence (of retaining power). It is bravado without a base," he said.

    Recalling the issue of black money stashed in Swiss and other tax havens by Indians, an issue raised by BJP leader LK Advani, Jaitley said for the last one month the Congress kept making fun of the BJP's stand.

    "But on Monday the Government formed a committee to look into it. We said one rank, one pension for defence services and tax exemption. They questioned it but now, before the fourth phase of polling, a commission has been formed in violation of the Model Code of Conduct," he said.

    "I think as the election draws nearer, the Congress frustration is becoming higher. The UPA has disintegrated and now for the Congress to start hallucinating, that the Left will support us and start praising the TDP and Nitish Kumar, I think is a meaningless exercise," he said.

  10. A confirmed scam and another that sounds like one
    A Rs 439-crore scam has been unearthed in East Godavari district following the nexus between District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) and bankers coming out in the open.

    In what could be seen as siphoning of funds, the bankers in cahoots with the DRDA officials have shown several self-help groups (SHGs) getting loans worth crores whereas in actual terms no SHG was given any loan. According to sources, there were also several discrepancies in the figures furnished by the banks and those shown by the DRDA as the latter grossly inflated the loan linkage for SHGs to grab awards and rewards.

  11. Congress Corruption: Gupta smells a scam, says Sibal favoured Chinese firm
    Chandni Chowk BJP candidate Vijender Gupta on Tuesday came forth with allegations against his opponent Kapil Sibal, Union Minister and the Congress candidate, ranging from his involvement in a weather radar scam to defending the accused of the country’s biggest scam.

    “The job was awarded to Beijing Metstar at the value for Rs 105.85 crore ignoring the lowest quotation of Rs 98. 06 crore. Beijing Metstar is not the manufacturer but only an assembler,” Gupta said, placing a copy of a letter written by Bharat Heavy Electronic Limited (BHEL) to IMD highlighting the irregularities committed while awarding the contract. He was addressing a Press conference at the Delhi State BJP office.

    The radars were also manufactured by BHEL, he said. “The tender was given to a company in China. Radars are related to the national security and safety and the country is better equipped to develop these technologies,” Gupta said. Demanding a CBI probe into the matter, Gupta said Sibal should step down from the Cabinet.

    Gupta further alleged that the Congress party is known for its horsetrading which it is again engaging in to win the elections. Speaking to mediapersons, Gupta claimed that the withdrawal of candidature of Haji Dilshad Ali, the BSP contestant from North-East Delhi, exactly two days before the polls was a clear example of the fact.

    “The Congress is anxious and it has realised that it is all set to lose seven seats in Delhi. Therefore it is not deterring from indulging in unfair practices. The nervous party is now buying candidates of other parties which is not good for the democracy,” Gupta said.

    “What has happened in North-East Delhi seat on Monday, we all know. Haji Dilshad Ali, the BSP candidate, was won over with money. Shoaib Iqbal, the LJP nominee, was also purchased earlier,” Gupta said.

    Urging the minority community to vote for BJP, the BJP aspirant also demanded a CBI inquiry into how Sibal convinced Iqbal not to contest the election. “People like Dilshad and Iqbal are playing with the sentiments of Muslims in connivance with the Congress party. Now the Muslim bhai have realised that to teach them a lesson, they must vote for BJP,” he said, adding that wherever he went during his campaigning in Walled City; he received overwhelming response from Muslim voters.

    “It was Sibal who defended Lalu Prasad, accused in the country’s biggest financial scam. Sibal also owns a house in Patna. And they claim to eliminate terrorism and corruption from the country!” Gupta said.

    Gupta further questioned the wealth showed by Sibal in his affidavit. “Sibal is saying that he has not been practicing law since 2004. How has his wealth risen to Rs 23 crore from Rs seven crore in five years?” he said.

  12. DMRC chief writes to L-G, Dadwal on stone pelting at Metro trains

    Hmm... Stone pelting on national property near pushta area in East Indraprasth (misnomer: Delhi) where predominantly illegal Bangladeshi immigrants i.e. Congress's vote bank have settled along with other thugs, chor uchakas. Any guesses, which foreign philistinism/cult do these urchins belong to that has stone pelting ingrained in their sick ideology??

  13. Thackeray salutes Muslim body for expelling Kasab's lawyer

  14. Metro BJP’s gift to city, says Mukhi

  15. 86 charges against Kasab, from war to murderAjmal Amir Kasab, the lone terrorist captured alive during the November 26 terror attacks in Mumbai, was on Wednesday charged with 86 counts, including waging war against India.

    The special court, hearing Mumbai terror attack cases, fixed 86 charges that Kasab will face. The charges include murder and possessing weapons and explosives.

    Kasab, however, pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

    If convicted, he can face death penalty for the charges framed against him and 37 others, including two Indians: Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmed.
    And shameless Congress is still living in denial that there is no internal hand behind these terrorist attacks even after Indian Mujahideen's vitriolic emails and arrest of these two terrorists of Indian origin.

  16. The Indian Express’ Political Correctness

  17. Terror alert: Security beefed up in Hyderabad

  18. BJP, CPM demand Raja scalp for Telecom scam

  19. Mulayam misbehaves with election officials in Mainpuri



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