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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dr. Ali Sina calls India a Banana Republic

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Dr. Ali Sina during his debate with two Pakistani Muslims, Mr. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi and Mr. Khalid Zaheer, referred to the death threats that he is receiving from Indian Muslims who live in the so-called "Democratic" and "Secular" India. He called India, a banana republic where radical fundamentalist goons roam around freely, suppressing freedom of speech and giving death threats to whosoever doesn't agree with their fanaticism.

If you look at his website, there is a section where he posts all the general comments and hate mail that he receives. Interestingly, most of the hate mail that he receives is not from some theocratic Islamic state but from "Secular" India and "Secular" Indians.

Please read the complete debate here: Probing Islam
I have received words that according to a Hyderabad (India) local news magazine “Muslim Jagaran”, Syed Yousaf Bin, the chief patron of the Ulema Board, in Hyderabad has issued a fatwa against my person. According to the sources he has decreed, “if anybody kills Dr. Ali Sina, he will be rewarded with Rs.1,000,000 (Indian rupees one million)”. Syed Yousaf Bin was the person behind the fatwa against Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza.

Haseeb-ul-hasan Siddiqui, a leading cleric of the Muslim organization, the Sunni Ulema Board has also warned me and others behind faithfreedom.org of the consequences that we would have to face if we don’t close our website. “According to Islam, the criticisers of Islam should be stoned to death,” he is reported to have said.

Safdar Nagori who was the secretary-general of the extremist Islamic outfit S.I.M.I (Students Islamic Movement of India) till the organization was proscribed under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2002 has been reported to have said, “Dr. Ali Sina would be killed within a month, irrespective of wherever his hideout is.”

This is happening in the secular India. If anyone issues such blatant death threats and solicit murder in a real democracy, he would have to spend years in jail. India, the largest “democracy” of the world is obviously a banana republic. Muslim goons roam around freely issuing fatwas and offering rewards for the assassination of the critics of Islam and no one dares to call them to account.

How poorly this reflects on India and Indians who bend backwards to appease Muslims in their country! Now Muslims in India constitute only 12% of the population. But they are procreating faster than the Hindus. What they would demand when they become 20%? Another partition?

This is happening in India, which is allegedly a democracy. What they would do to you in Pakistan, which prides itself to be a fanatical Islamic country and a dictatorship if you agree with anything I say?

One million rupees are just $21,893 US dollars in today’s rate. I thought I was wroth more. But I am not complaining. Jesus was worth only thirty pieces of silver. This is way more. However, why kill me? I am offering $50,000 US dollars (more than twice what these mullahs are offering) to anyone who can disprove me with the promise to remove the content of this site and publish in each existing page one message saying, “I stand corrected on Islam. Islam is a true religion. Allahu Akbar.”

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