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Friday, June 26, 2009

Siddhivinayak Temple Trust's Corruption

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Whatever Daan (selfless donations) Hindus make in the Temples for its protection, preservation and development instead gets redirected for Hajj & Bethlehem subsidies, thanks to Extreme Muslim Right-Wing nonsecular Congress government. Please also read "DMK on its way to destroy chidambaram temple". A Non-Profit Organization called Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is protesting against corruption in Siddhivinayak Temple Trust in Mumbai. HJS is conducting awareness drive on each Tuesday at Siddhivinayak Temple. Do listen to the views of that young lady at 1 min 33 sec.

This so-called "Secular" Government of Muslim Rightist nonsecular Congress has no qualms in unethically and immorally controlling the funds and administration of Hindu Temples while it does not interfere in or questions the workings of any Mosque (Masjid), Madarssa, Church, Gurudwara, etc. Hypocrisy and Discrimination Galore!

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