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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Report: Hyperlink to Hinduphobia. Online hatred against Hindus

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HAF holds the Copyright of this report. Please contact them if you want to purchase a copy. I guess they forgot to add the names of Anti-Hindu biased Indian media and their prejudice to the list. Please read "Editorial slandering of Hindu symbols by CNN-IBN" and "NDTV to honor Anti-Hindu bigot MF Hussain".
Extremist websites with hate against Hindus and Hinduism are the focus of this document in the conviction that if left unchallenged, these websites will perpetuate hatred at best, and breed violence at worst. This report provides an overview of the methods used to demean Hinduism and the individuals and organizations responsible for the content. Whether by maligning Hinduism as “devil-worship” to promote a fear of Hindus and their beliefs, demeaning Hindu scriptures and deities, or falsifying Hinduism’s teachings and principles in order to claim the religious superiority of other traditions, these individuals and organizations seek to undermine tolerance and pluralism. This is the first report to systematically document hate against Hindus on the Internet, an issue of serious concern to Hindu-Americans and Hindus globally.

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