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Monday, June 15, 2009

Communal Congress's Anti-Hindu discrimination

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Check out the Discrimination against the "unjustifiably demonized" Hindus by Congress. Communal Nonsecular Congress's diktat to companies: Hire Muslims or we will make you! Wait for a few days and get ready to pay jaziya also while you are at it. Which Hindus already are paying in the form of wasteful and unethical Hajj subsidies. These Anti-Hindu jerks can go to any extent in the name of false affirmative action and their hypocrite pseudo-secularism. Please read "History repeats itself: Hindus in Pakistan agree to pay jazia to Taliban".

Hire more Muslims, Congress government tells businesses

This coming from same Salman Khurshid who was Muslim's lawyer in Shri Ram Janambhoomi - Babri Encroachment Dhancha case.

Of course this fake affirmative action of shoving bad quality human resources down tax payers throat for personal vote bank divisive politics doesn't result in anything better for the nation. But as long as the Prince can party hard when he wants, wherever he wants. Then who cares if the nation is under war by Islamic terrorists while the nation is left to be guarded by those who are indiscriminately chosen not on the parameters of equality but Anti-Hindu prejudice and Muslim favoritism. Check out one of many such instances yourself,

Did affirmative action result in 26/11 Police failures?
A two-member committee that investigated the police response to the 26/11 terror attacks has singled out then Mumbai police commissioner Hasan Gafoor for his complete failure to provide leadership in the hour of crisis.

Gafoor was replaced on Saturday by D Sivanandan, chief of the state intelligence department. TOI had earlier carried reports on how the committee headed by veteran bureaucrat Ram Pradhan had given the Mumbai police a clean chit, saying their actions during 26/11 had to be viewed in the context of the "war-like situation".

The committee, however, said Gafoor completely failed to implement the standard operation procedures laid down in the Bombay Police Manual in letter and spirit. Through much of the attack, Gafoor stationed himself at one spot near the Oberoi and asked crime branch chief Rakesh Maria to take charge of the control room. Gafoor did not show qualities of leadership, the panel said. Above all, Gafoor's attitude created an impression among subordinates that they were not part of the high-level police team tackling terror.
Read more at "Gafoor failed to lead Mumbai cops during 26/11: Panel".

India is “secular” because...of Indian Hindus but some Anti-Hindu bigots like Syed Shahabuddin, Convenor, Babri Masjid Coordination Committee (BMCC) don't believe so. He was quoted in "Sunday" on March 20, 1983 as saying,
"Hindus profess secularism because they are cowards and are afraid of Muslim countries."
Please read "Coming to terms with our past" by Mr. M.V. Kamath for more.

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