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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mohamed will be Outcasted Slumdog in Florida

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Unlike "modern" "contemporary" Bharat (misnomer: India) where Pedophiles and Child Sex Offenders have a free hand and easy route to escape, for instance:
  1. Sexual exploitation of Nuns by Catholic Church in Kerela
  2. Child sexual abuse: Children's photos, DVDs found
    Several photographs of children and three DVDs with unknown content are among the vital evidences collected by detectives of the Gloucestershire Constabulary Child Protection Unit from the Kovalam beachside house of Patrick Matthews in the case of alleged child sexual abuse by the UK national.

    Matthews, a 62-year-old who worked as a volunteer at St George Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School in the city between 2003 and 2006 is accused of sexually abusing several boys of the school boarding.

    Earlier investigations had yielded indications that Matthews used to take boys from the school boarding to the Kovalam house.

    The investigators have recovered the following items from the house named Lakshmi House': A black folder containing paperwork of Batemans Trust (which introduced Matthews to St George School as a volunteer); Three CDs/ DVDs, Two packets of various photographs (including those of children); a letter, and a floor plan of the Kovalam property. It is learnt that Matthews had taken with him the documents of the property and a laptop which he was using during his stay here.

    Neighbours said Matthews used to bring a few boys from outside the village during his stay in the house. "The boys, who were said to be from Chennai, appeared to be in the age group of 10- 12 years. They would stay with him for two or three days at a stretch," said a neighbour. A woman down the street recollected Patri' (Patrick) as a genial man who liked to spend time with children in the village. "They (children) would flock to his place when he comes. He would give them T-shirts, candies and pencils," she said.
  3. Four-year-old raped by neighbour
    The girl was going to the market when one Manoj allegedly lured her by offering a chocolate and then took her to his room, police said. He then allegedly raped her, they said.
Such is not a case in the United States where these psychopaths are humiliated, disgusted and outcasted as Slumdogs, literally, and rightly so.

Miami's tent city for sex offenders
A Miami law is forcing many of the city's sex offenders to sleep rough under a bridge.

The area under the Julia Tuttle Causeway in downtown Miami has in recent years become the unlikely home for a growing community of about 70 convicted sex offenders.

They have ended up living in a makeshift tent city under one of the causeway's bridges because of a local law which prohibits those who have sexually abused minors from living within 2,500 ft (760m) of anywhere where children congregate, such as schools, libraries and parks.

After the local laws were enacted, Florida's correctional authorities found there was virtually nowhere else for these people to live and began dropping them off at the bridge.

Some of them have even been issued driving licences with the bridge listed as their home address.
A life of tension, fear for sexual predators living under Miami bridge. By Robert Samuels (rsamuels@MiamiHerald.com), The Miami Herald.

Sex offenders still living under Tuttle Bridge. By The Real Media.

Aww, if Mohamed was alive (Thank God he is not) then he would have been bared from entering Miami and California (Jessica's law) just as many Roman Catholic Priests would be for their misdeeds. The rich bandit would have had to live under the bridge with his fellow Child Molesters. Why? This is why:
  1. Roman Catholic sex abuse cases on WikiPedia

    There are so many cases of Child Molestation by Christian Priests that there is a whole big page on Wiki with some of those cases and their details.

  2. Aisha the Child Wife of Muhammad. By Dr. Ali Sina

  3. The Pedophile Pirate

  4. Why should I respect these oppressive religions? By Johann Hari, The Independent, UK

  5. Victim of Child Molester Christian Priest calls him a Criminal. By Theresa Conroy, The Philadelphia Daily News on December 22, 2005
    For two years, when he was between the ages of 15 and 17, he was repeatedly molested, manipulated, dominated and defiled by a Roman Catholic priest. His attacker, the Rev. James Behan, was a trusted teacher at North Catholic High School when Donohoe attended in the late 1970s.

    For more than two decades, Donohoe yearned for the day when the priest would get his just punishment. The victim, now 42, edged closer to that dream when he first reported the allegations to the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office in April 2002.

    And when Behan admitted to the crimes, by pleading guilty in February to involuntary deviate loveual intercourse and corrupting the morals of a minor, Donohoe saw the day of reckoning looming just ahead.

    It would mean "removing toxic waste from the center of my belly," he said.

  6. Priest: I Am a Child Molester

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