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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

KFC serves Beef as Chicken

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This one is for all those Carnivorous Hindus (sounds like an oxymoron but hey its the reality of today) out there. Its tough enough for us Vegetarian Hindus to survive when trying to eat at some eatery especially at fast food ones because we don't know what kind of crap like lard, etc. they put in the food but all those meat eating Hindus have to be careful too.

American Fast Food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) just came out with their new Grilled "Chicken" product. But here is the catch, its not just chicken. Its Beefy Chicken! That's right, contrary to its misleading name, this product is neither "Grilled" (as per their competitor El Pollo Loco) nor it is only Chicken that they are serving you. It is cooked with Rendered Beef Fat and Beef Powder as per Page 14 of their own ingredients list version May' 2009. Following is a screen shot from above mentioned ingredients list PDF for reader's benefit.

In utter disregard to the Religious Dietary Restrictions of Hindus, KFC is serving this product using a misleading name. Dare do that to Jews or Muslims by serving them pork or non-kosher (non-halal) meat or Shell Fish to Christians on some of their mythological special days [sic] and they will even force the dead Colonel to personally apologize to them (pun intended).

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