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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tears of Bareilly - Muslim led riots burnt Hindu houses

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On March 3, 2010 Muslim-led riots broke out in Bareilly/Bareli/बरेली, Uttar Pradesh, Bharat (misnomer: India) as thousands of Muslims attacked Hindus and burnt their houses & shops. Police acted as a mute spectator. Why did the Muslim riots break out? What was the reason? Because on Muslim's Prophet Mohamed's birthday a Jihadist Radical Imam Tauqeer Raza Khan allegedly made Anti-Hindu hate speeches to incite violence & was arrested. Later on Union Minister Prakash Jaiswal of conservative Muslim Congress party's order to UP Chief Minister Mayawati that communal Jihadi Imam was released. Which resulted in even more Muslim riots as Islamic extremists got a moral boost that Congress & Mayawati Government gave into their communal pressure.Following are many ground reality videos "Tears of Bareilly" shot by witnesses as conniving main stream Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) media conspicuously blacked out reporting about this extremist Muslims led riot.

Jihadi Riot in Bareilly, Where are the Media Giants?

Thousands of Islamic terrorists riot in Bareilly

Bareilly burns amid Barelwi triumph
It is now two weeks since parts of Bareilly was placed under curfew. The trouble that started when a Juloos-e-Muhammadi procession (a procession taken out to mark the birthday of Prophet Muhammad) insisted on marching through a communally sensitive locality escalated and seems to have ignited the simmering animosity between Hindus and Muslims in this sleepy, small city in Uttar Pradesh.

Bareilly has nearly 34% Muslims but, within the city, the proportion is much higher. Within Muslims, it is the Barelwis, who are, and have traditionally been, the numerical majority. Deobandis and other reformist traditions within Indian Islam are a minority here although their numbers are growing.

Perhaps the matter would not have escalated to the extent that it did, had the police been perceived as being even handed. First they arrested Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan, one of the most important Maulanas of the Barelwis in India. Resident in Bareilly, Tauqeer Raza Khan is a direct descendant of Ahmad Riza Khan, who is revered by the Barelwis throughout the subcontinent. Some Muslims claimed this proved the partiality of the police as they did not arrest any other ‘prominent’ person from the Hindu community.

May be the importance of Tauqeer Raza dawned upon the police much later -- or the political pressure from above saw to it that he was freed. But the damage had been done by then. The problem got murkier because parties as varied as the Congress, the BSP and the SP want to court Tauqeer Raza. The result is going to be polarization between the two communities, and the net gainer, amidst all this, would be Tauqeer Raza himself.

It is important to know some things about him. Some years ago, he came out of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and formed a new board, styled as AIMPLB - Jadeed (or modern) under his leadership. Of course, there was hardly anything modern about this Board; it was as retrograde as the AIMPLB. The Maulana also runs an organization called Ittehad-e-Millat (Council of Muslim Unity), although given half a chance; he would pronounce those not following his interpretation of Islam as being not Muslim enough. Thus Deobandis and the Ahle Hadis are not Muslim enough and it is not permissible for Muslims to pray behind imams (prayer leaders) of such denominations. Can there be a better way to create Muslim unity? The Maulana is also infamous for offering a Rs five lakh reward to anyone who killed Taslima Nasreen, allegedly for giving a bad name to Islam.

And yet, at the same time, Tauqeer Raza and his group, the Barelwis, are a besieged lot. Some months ago, in a meeting of prominent Barelwis, Tauqeer Raza gave a call to all Barelwi Muslims to ‘liberate’ their mosques and madrasas from the clutches of the Deobandis. It is a fact of Indian Muslims, that while the Deobandis are the numerical minority, they enjoy disproportionate power. Prominent Muslim bodies such as the AIMPLB are dominated by the Deobandis and various governments have courted them with an eye on the Muslim vote. Locally, the Deobandis are much better organized and through their network or madrasas and movements such as the Tabligh Jamaat, they are winning over considerable sections of the Barelwis Muslims.

The Barelwi leadership thus has much to feel threatened about. With more and more Muslims becoming Deobandis, there is a real danger that the source of patronage from believing Muslims will decline which would make the Barelwi leadership obsolete. Within Bareilly itself, mosques have become the sites of an ideological battle with the Barelwis accusing Deobandis of usurping their mosques.





Muslim Riots flare again in Bareilly after leader Tauqir's release

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