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Sunday, March 28, 2010

FNC presents Jihad USA Homegrown Terror

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FNC presents Jihad USA Homegrown Islamic Terror. 03/29/2008

Dr. Walid Phares introduces his newest book - The Confrontation. This Video is a FNC special that discusses Home Grown Jihad here in the USA and the War on Terror with Dr. Walid Phares as a contributing analyst. In Future Jihad, terrorism and Middle East expert Walid Phares gave a definitive account of the historical and cultural forces that led to September 11 and the rise of radical Islam. In The War of Ideas, he revealed the conflict of ideologies that underlie the War on Terror. Now, in The Confrontation, he identifies the clashes to come and provides a blueprint for defeating the forces of jihad. Moving from the ravaged villages of the Sudan to London’s Muslim neighborhoods to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, he illuminates the vast and complex world of the global jihadist movement. He offers a multi-pronged strategy, global in scope, and calls on the world’s diverse local and international institutions to come together and coordinate their efforts. Pointing the way forward, this book shows how we might reclaim a world that is safe for freedom and democratic societies. Walid Phares is currently FOX News Contributor on terrorism and Mideast. Dr. Phares is a senior fellow with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in Washington. He has been a Professor of Middle East Studies and Ethnic and Religious Conflict at Florida Atlantic University and lectures worldwide. He regularly appears on MSNBC/NBC, CNN, BBC, C-Span, Voice of America, al Jazeera, al Hurra, NPR International, and Abu Dhabi TV, among others and is a frequent contributor to US and international radio programs. Phares conducts briefings to the State, Justice, Defense and Homeland Security Departments, the US Congress, the European Union, the United Nations Security Council, and other international bodies on the Middle East, Jihadism, counterterrorism, democratization, al Qaeda and other issues. His columns and articles, in such venues as The Washington Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Denver Post, Indianapolis Star, San Diego Tribune, etc, have received much attention. He is a media communicator, and has the academic, professional, and insider credentials to offer an unprecedented analysis and prescription for the future of Jihad. http://www.theconfrontation.net/ http://www.walidphares.com/

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