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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Federal circular on Use of Hindi in Banks

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Thanks to Arvind Khanna for the tip. Following is an Official Circular/Notification issued by भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक/Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on the use of Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) Rashtra Bhasha (National Language of India) Hindi in Public Sector Banks. Bharat (misnomer: India) may be the only country in the world where its Federal Reserve Bank has to issue such an official memo to force its babies (Public Sector Banks) to use the National Language (status at least on books) instead of latter doing it on its own with pride.

What's funny is that the Circular itself has been released in English only and RBI's so-called हिंदी वेबसाइट/Hindi website is, to put it politely, completely incomprehensible (see the snapshot below). Not that situation is any different on any other Bharatiya Government website exception being Bharat's and Gujarat's best Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's website which is not only in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and English but its the ONLY up-to-date Government website in the world which is also in संस्कृत/Samskrtam/Sanskrit.

What I didn't like in the Circular was point 43.e) "Only International form of numerals (1,2,3,4 ….) should be used in the application forms and other literature which are printed in Hindi.". What they are saying is don't use १, २, ३, ४... Why? If you are fine with even the minute details to be written in देवनागरी लिपि/Devnagri Lipi (Script) then what's the problem in writing numerals in Devnagri Lipi? What's ridiculous is that the Circular is using Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv....), a foreign numeral system, in its bullet points while discerningly discouraging others from using the Devenagri numerals, a national homegrown oldest known numeral system in the world. The numeral system from where the English numerals and other numerals forms evolved or originated out off. Arabic numerals is of course a shameful wrongly credited misnomer. Another example of self-demeaning Bharatvaasi (misnomer: Indians).

Anyways, I am very happy that RBI has issued this circular. Better late than never. How much of it will be followed and implemented? We'll have to wait and see. And that's a long wait my friends....you know how bureaucracy works! It doesn't. ;-)

The Official Circular can be read here: "Use of Hindi in Public Sector Banks".

Properly formatted PDF of the same is available here.

Following is an excerpt from the Notification with the list of contents:
DBOD No. Rajbhasha BC. 4 /06.11.04/2009-10

July 1, 2009
9th Ashadha 1931 (S)

Chairman & Managing Director
All Public Sector Banks

Dear Sir,

Master Circular - Use of Hindi in Banks

Please refer to our Master Circular DBOD No.Rajbhasha.BC.13/06.11.04/ 2008-09 dated July 1, 2008 on the captioned subject. The Master Circular has been suitably updated by incorporating instructions issued up to June 30, 2009 and has also been placed on the RBI web-site (http://www.rbi.org.in).

Yours faithfully,

(Vinay Baijal)
Chief General Manager


Use of Hindi in Public Sector Banks




Correspondence in Hindi


Acceptance of cheques drawn and signed in Hindi


Signature in Hindi on official documents


Implementation of the Section 3(3) of Official Languagues Act, 1963


Issuing advertisements bilingually


Bilingualisation of Annual Reports


Hindi version of the term 'A Government of India Undertaking'


Bilingualisation of stationery items


Display of name-boards, designation boards, counter boards, sign boards etc.


Use of Hindi for Internal Circulars, Office Orders, Inviation Cards etc.


Issue of bilingual agenda notes and proceedings of all-India conferences


Setting up of Hindi Deptts./Sections/Cells etc.


Formation of Hindi cadre and filling up of Hindi Posts


Duties of Hindi Officers


Re-designation of Hindi Cells/Sections/Departments and Hindi Officers


Submission of quarterly progress reports and other reports


Official Language Implementation Committees


Setting up of Hindi Libraries


Publication of periodicals in Hindi


Adding of Hindi section in House Magazines


Hindi Teaching Schemes


Banking training through Hindi medium


Learning of Hindi Typewriting/Stenography by Typists and Stenographers of banks


Hindi Workshops


Printing of forms and translation of Codes, Manuals etc.


Notification under Rule 10(4) and specifying under Rule 8(4) of the Official Language Rules, 1976


Making entries in Hindi in the ledgers and registers


Submission of Inspection Reports forwarded by the officials of Rajbhasha Vibhag


Submission of reports on implementation of Official Language Policy to the Board of Directors


Capsule Course


Induction courses of the banks


Publication of balance sheets by banks bilingually


Granting of awards for books and essays originally written in Hindi on financial, banking and economic subjects


Participation in meetings of Town Official Language Implementation Committees


Naming of new bank subsidiaries/schemes in Hindi or other Indian languages


Inclusion in corporate plan


Use of Hindi in customer service

39 a) Providing statement of accounts to the account holders in Hindi by the computerised branches

b) Provision of bilingual software


Use of Hindi in the branches of Indian banks functioning in foreign countries


Honourable Prime Minister's directions for increasing use of Hindi in the official work


Work in Hindi on Computers
I) Consolidated guidelines on work in Hindi on computers
II) Bilingual Data Processing Software/Core Banking Solutions
III) Internal standing working group
IV) Use of only bilingual electronic equipments
V) Orders of the President of India on the recommendations made by the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language in the 8th volume of its Report


Miscellaneous instructions




viveka said...

i hope u culd clarify as to why my comment on your post abt hindi in banks hasnt come thru yet .... thnx

blogger said...

I haven't received any comment from you on that post before this one asking for clarification. Can you please post your previous comment again?

viveka said...

ok ..thnx for clarifying ...

i shall repost my comment within quotes and addnl comments shall follow ..

" it sad enuf that hindi ( language of middle eastern blood ) has to be our national language and now it is be enforced in banks too along with xtists introduced english .. gr8 ! ,,,, hindi is no different from any other regional language in reality , so the special status given to it is unfair .... if there is any one language that deserves to be our nationallanguage then it can only be samskritam - the mother of all languages , the most perfect language and totally bharatiya at that .... i hope u can write a post about samskritam getting its rightful place as our national language and all other languages , including hindi , accorded equal merit at second position ....
cheers! "

the khari boli dialect derived from prakrit samskrit is indian .. after the 10th century it extensively mixed with urdu and persian to become hindustani that is sold today as hindi .. infact samskritam is the mother for both urdu and via khari boli for hindi too ...
does this land not deserve to have a language of its own to call its national language .. do we need to be dhimmis and slaves depending so much on languages of islamic and christian origin ? i hope u can throw in a write up to see the validity of samskritam as the national language coz it defines wht bharatham truly is .. rt? how can one conceive as a national language anything other than the one that truly defines the nation and its ethos over millenia ?

for those who say that snaskrit is dead and all that crap ... look at israel and wht they did with hebrew ... sanskrit is way more alive and thriving ... and as nasa sed it is abt as perfect a language as u can get ...

chk out the link too ..