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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pictures of extreme Delhi Police brutality on Delhi gang rape protesters at India Gate

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Remember the following pictures and videos next time you vote. This could have been you or any of us. These photos and videos are an evidence of extreme barbaric Police brutality and serious Human Rights violations by Delhi Police, under the order of fascist and corrupt CONgress led Government of India, on peaceful protesters (of all age groups from 5 to 91 years old), who had peacefully assembled to demand justice for bestial gang rape victim in Delhi and other sexual assault and pedophilia victims around the country. These innocent protesters, mostly young school and college students, were brutally and indiscriminately beaten black and blue, and were subjected to a barrage of inordinate amount of tear gas and water cannons at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Raisina Hill, North Block, Vijay Chowk, Rail Bhawan, Jantar Mantar, Amar Jawan Jyoti, India Gate, Rajpath, and Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi. How Gandhian!

These were NOT 'lumpen elements' as CONgress mouthpiece NDTV claims to condone this barbaric police crackdown.

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Courtesy: SandeepWeb
Courtesy: parthesh_99
Courtesy: tajinderbagga

Courtesy: @parthesh_99

Unseen Footage; Delhi Police inhuman brutality on peaceful Baba Ramdev and other protesters at Jantar Mantar. Even animals are not beaten so mercilessly.
Courtesy: IBTL
Courtesy: satishsolanki
Courtesy: kbarthwal
Courtesy: Djjpn
Courtesy: amishra77
Courtesy: ravishndtv
Courtesy: awakeindian
Courtesy: Shiv Aroor AP
Courtesy: yadavkarnika AP
Young girls crying at India Gate protest during Police brutality while a Police woman smiles and mocks them.
Courtesy: AdityaRajKaul
Courtesy: Sudhir Tailang
Courtesy: Sudhir Tailang
चूड़ियों को अपने हाथ बदल लेने चाहियें।
Courtesy: Donkeyji
Sheila Dikshit ji, imagine in 18'C chill, if your son had to brave a water cannon like this, just for demanding justice?
Courtesy: KiranKS

Courtesy: parthesh_99
मन्नू के लिए चूड़ियाँ भेजी है एक बहन ने।
Courtesy: parthesh_99
Courtesy: indiantweeter
Courtesy: Indian Express
Courtesy: naveen1003

Courtesy: parthesh_99
Courtesy: diwakargc
Courtesy: riya043
Courtesy: alok_bhatt
Delhi police used expired teargas shells on peaceful protesters.
Courtesy: SiddharthyaRoy
Courtesy: meviplav

NewsX reporter Ridhima Tomar injured as police fire tear gas aiming at protesters

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