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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leftist New York Times, Jay Rosen, Clay Shirky, Amy Ellis Nutt, Sree Srinivasan caught on tape

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Bombshell! New York Times, Jay Rosen, Clay Shirky Caught on Tape - AtlasShrugs.com

ProjectVeritas.com investigation. New York Times Consultant and New York University Journalism professors of the self-identified media "elite" discuss strategy to legitimize Obama, help Occupy Wall Street, NPR tax loophole, defeating Perry and Bachmann. Jay Rosen says, "We are the one percent."
Yellow journalism?

Pulitzer Prize winning reporter at Star-Ledger and adjunct professor Amy Ellis Nutt at Columbia Journalism School on tape agreeing for need to 're-elect' Obama, disparaging Chris Christie as "asshole," "liar." We attempt to get comment from the Star-Ledger newsroom.
Also shown in the video is Sree Srinivasan, Dean of Student Affairs, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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