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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comedy Central censors Free Speech, Mohamed now a dirty word

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Scantily clad women may be horrifying the locals in Dubai, but they're literally shaking the earth in Iran, at least according to the clerics. Source: TheReligionOfPeace.com

South Park exercised their Free Speech to play a little satire on many public figures in their 200th episode. It included Hindu God Shri Krishn, Buddha, Jesus, Moses, MOHAMED, Tom Cruise, Jeniffer Lopez, et al.

But as always who has a problem with any kind of satire and will give death threats at a drop of a hat? Muslims. Muslim extremists on a pro-terrorism website RevolutionMuslim.com called out Matt Stone & Trey Parker-South Park creators and what even a third grader can tell you gave out "death threats" to them by pointing to Theo Van Gogh, who was martyred for exercising his Free Speech. Free Speech that comes naturally to us Infidels and is cherished by us. Not to those under Islamic Sharia. You can play with semantics & call it word game but their message was clearly perceived as a death threat.

It's not like South Park didn't mock anyone else in their 200th episode. Hindu God Shri Krishn turned in to a squirrel. Buddha snorted cocaine. Tom Cruise was called Fudge Packer. Its just another comedy show, what the f**k is big deal? South Park showing my God turning in squirrel doesn't make him a squirrel. Them calling Tom Cruise a Fudge Packer because he was packing fudges in the episode doesn't make him a Fudge Packer.

What's ridiculous is that Mohamed wasn't even shown in this episode. All they showed was a Stick Figure, an UHAUL truck and a teddy bear. That's it! What the f**k is wrong with that, Comedy Central? Why are Muslims so sensitive? How low is the bar of their Mohamed & Allah that they get offended so easily?

What's interesting is the choice of showing Mohamed in a teddy bear suit by South Park. The reason for that may be because in December 2007, a British teacher Gillian Gibbons in Sudan allowed her pupils to call a teddy bear Mohammed. That's it. But not so for Muslims! Thousands of fanatic Muslims poured on street demanding her execution. The mother-of-two was sentenced a 15-day prison term and Muslims thought Judge was too "lenient".

Read more about it and watch Religion of Peace believer's pictures carrying clubs & knives: Thousands of Islamic fanatics wielding knives demand jailed teddy bear teacher is executed

Out of all this, the biggest culprit is Viacom's Comedy Central. Shame on them for suppressing South Park creator's free speech by censoring Mohamed & bleeping episode 201. They gave into death threats by Muslim extremists acting like Dhimmi under Islamic Sharia.

And as far as those undemocratic, intolerant and stupid Muslim extremists, they achieved nothing but to get Mohamed in the list of bad words that has to be bleeped on TV.

Source: South Park Revenged! I am the Prophet Mohammed I just smoked some crack and I'm ... Message To Revolution Muslim/YouTubeJihad/Mujadid blog - Zachary Chesser aka Abu Talhah al-Amrike

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